vertical scar + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction by a PERFECT Surgeon - Daytona Area - Port Orange, FL

I was extremely nervous and researched for years to find a physician I was 100% comfortable with before having my breast reduction surgery - I even spoke with Dr. Michel C. Samson multiple times to ask him various questions, look at photos and just make sure he completely understood what I had... READ MORE

43, DDD, to a C and Loving Life!!! Houston, TX

I have wanted this surgery since I was in high school. The vertical scar kinda scared me tho. Until I saw Dr. Hordeski method. It is a reduction with a lift. He rebuilds your breast in shape of cone, and uses skin from bottom of breast to build and internal bra that loops thru pectoral muscle. I... READ MORE

Better Than I Could Have Imagined - Sugar Land, TX

I had been considering a breast reduction for several years and in particular the last 2 years. After years of fluctuations in weight due to 2 pregnancies and personally, my breasts had gone from a 34/36D to 36 G/I. I found Dr. Horndeski from a random Google search and felt comfortable with his... READ MORE


Hello RS Community I have found this site so helpful that I too am going to try to help others with what I am about to undertake. Like many here, my breasts have been a source of anxiety and pain for too many years and I am finally doing something that I wish I could of done earlier. I will... READ MORE

Thinking of Perking Up the Boobies! -Birmingham, AL

I'm now researching the non vertical scar breast reduction and lift. I'm doing some research on Doctors now. I'll post some pics. of the ta-tas shortly. If anyone knows of a great surgeon let me know. I scar pretty easily so I am preferring the new technique without the visible scar. I may... READ MORE

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