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time off work + Breast Reduction

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23 Years Old, 155 lbs, 5'2, 30G Ready to Ditch the Back Pain and Ill-fitting Clothes

After years of pain and straddling the line between plus size and standard sizing I've decided to finally do something about it. THE BOOBS. HAVE GOT. TO GO. I've always wanted a breast reduction or even straight up top surgery/mastectomy. My breasts have always been a huge source of dysphoria... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 34J, Hoping to Relieve Back Pain! - Portland, OR

My breast reduction is next Thursday (9/15), and I'm so excited! I have constant back pain which a year of physical and massage therapy hasn't resolved. I'm really hoping this will make a difference. I've have big boobs since I was very young, and they have always been such a nuisance. They... READ MORE

46 Year Old - Reduction, Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift

I'm 46, 5'5 and 140. I'm a very droopy 36DDD and my breasts are NOT dense. I'm very curvy. I have a small waist and larger hips. Because of this, I never minded my 36DDD since it balanced my bottom. About 3 years ago I developed IBS and gained a lot weight while struggling to find foods which... READ MORE

32 Year-old, No Children, 32G Breast Reduction (Now 32D!)- Sacramento, CA

I'm 5'2" and my weight fluctuates from 145 to 160 depending of the season. I don't have children. I've worn a C cup or greater since I was 12. My bra size was a 30 to 32F earlier last year. It is now 32G. Since I took courage from reading the posts on here, I decided to contribute in the hope... READ MORE

24, Drastic Weight Loss and I Want Them Gone! 34DDDD/G to a Hopeful 34C

Hey all!! I've been lurking on the boards and reading everyone's experiences and looking at photos and decided I should probably finally just pull the trigger and share my own story! I'm 24, 155 pounds, size 6 jeans, and a 34DDDD. I am a mother of one. Prior to having my son, I was 18 years old,... READ MORE

2 years later-Glen Ellyn Illinois

I started this process of getting a breast reduction surgery approved by my insurance, BCBS. I met with four plastic surgeons in the last 2 weeks of October, and eliminated two right away. I had the other two PS submit claims and go from there. I have a preferred PS of course. I am waiting to... READ MORE

53yrs Old 40G

10 days after surgery. My breasts are beautiful! Yes, there is pain. You must take the required time off! (2 weeks for me) I saw Dr Welch on 7 Th. day post op and she was very happy with my healing and answered all my questions. Also, the morning of surgery I had tears in my eyes and she gently... READ MORE

50 Yr Old, Mother of 2, Bye Bye to Big Girls

I am very thankful for all the insight with these reviews. It has helped in many ways to read about the different experiences. I had my surgery on Dec 6 the day before was my 50th Birthday, happy birthday to me is what I said. I had been wanting this for a long time. Was tired of the neck,... READ MORE

So Ready to Get Rid of my 38 M (MASSIVE)...... - Plano, TX

As I sit to read so many post of all the ladies progress and journey it have truly inspired me to join the small or should i say normal Breast Committee. I remember being a C cup when i was about 20 yrs. old and after giving birth to my 3 boys which is now men so now my C cup has rapidly move to... READ MORE

Looking Forward to Being a Member of the Ittybittytitty Club : ) - Orlando, FL

Breast reduction has been something that I have thought about for the past 30 years or so but never thought it would be possible unless I paid for it. After many years of suffering from degenerative disc disease and arthritis in my spine ,I thought it was time to explore this option. I was... READ MORE

34 Year Old One Kid Breast Reduction. Glasgow, GB

Ok so today I have now started my time off work. I'm thinking how to occupy my day as tomorrow is op day and I'm first on the list at 8am. I'm really anxious and have butterflies in my stomach. I'm just terrified I won't wake up or something will go wrong. Hope I will be a bit more settled... READ MORE

20 Years Old 34DDD Going Down to 34B!! 105 Lbs - Bryn Mawr, PA

Hi everyone! My BR surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th. At first, I was not approved by the insurance (AETNA) but they challenged that ruling and a week later it was approved! The insurance will fully cover it. I am excited to finally be able to wear cute little bikinis and crop tops... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 150 Pounds, Size 34G! Houston, TX

Today was the first step towards my new self! Finally was able to schedule my Consultation with Dr. Hsu on June15 with Memorial Plastic Surgery. Will post more after my consultation. Questions: Any suggestions on what to do before? Also I'm curious to know about how everyone was able to... READ MORE

Finally Did It! - Chesterfield, MO

I'm new here, so hello to everyone! I had a BR with lift on 12/21/15. I'm 2 weeks post op today. Went back to work today, I'm a nurse. I must say, the first couple days post op were hell. It got better and a little easier each day after. Tomorrow is my second post op visit, I believe they are... READ MORE

25 to Life. Manhattan, NY

Constant lower back pain. Pain between my shoulder blades and neck. Sweat and breast discomfort. Always re-adjusting my breast to sit comfortably in my bra, which caused indents on my shoulders and a hump behind my neck. Inability to sit for long periods, stand for long periods and lay down as well. READ MORE

My journey to small boobs!

I never thought of writing a review before but this website has helped me so much with pre op anxiety I figured I should contribute. I first tried to get preappeoval for a reduction 7 years ago at age 22. The dr said they weren't large enough and didn't even attempt to submit to insurance. I... READ MORE

45 Year Old Breast Reduction & Bra Bulge & Flank Liposuction. Hyannis, MA

I was medication for about 10 years that caused me to gain over 30 pounds, before the medication I was a large C/small D cup. I also had accumulated a decent amount of fat on my back and flanks/hips. The large breast caused a significant amount of pain in my upper back, it was difficult to... READ MORE

47, One Child, 80kg, Waited 20 Years Too Long for This! Sydney, AU

I have been reading reviews and appreciate them so much that I finally decided to post mine. I have always had large breasts and even at my lowest weight of 67kj I would only squeeze into a DD. Gravity kicked in around 40 and even more so after 45. Looking at my photos I have actually been in... READ MORE

Gift to Myself - Cincinnati, OH

I am mid 50's, and was 40 DD or F. Although I had spent years of being generally unhappy with the prominence of my breasts, it took an Ah-Ha moment of the potential pain and soreness relief to finally push this procedure to the forefront for me. I took one week off of work, though I was able to... READ MORE

55 Yo, Very Active, in Need of Some Relief, 36H to a B - Sudbury, ON

I taught dance for many years, now I love Zumba, yoga, started group walking and step dancing, which is tap, and my back is always sore and my hot flashes are the worst! I'm so uncomfortable, I just want some relief. I decided to lose a little weight at the beginning of this journey so my pre... READ MORE

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