shoulder pain + Breast Reduction

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30 Years Old, No Kids, 32DDD, 5' 120lbs

Hello everyone. I have been reading a lot of reviews that helped me to understand many of my concerns about the recovery process. I am happy to share my breast reduction experience in this forum and I hope my review help others too. I got my breast reduction approval 2 months ago, it has been... READ MORE

26 years old, no kids, 34 DDDD, 5ft4", 145 lbs.

Ever since I was 13 I pretty much had D's and up. I have the worst back pain, shoulder pain, even migraines, and I used to have super bad shoulder grooves until I started wearing 2 bras in hopes that the 4 straps total would help out. I've actually had chiropractors (all male) tell me I didn't... READ MORE

48 Years Old. Pre op breast size: 38L. Canada

I have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a couple years now. My chiropractor suggested it several years ago, but it didn't sink in that I should get one until a year or so later. I finally clued in why my neck, shoulders and back where always aching and often had headaches. ... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old No Kids

I am so happy and can't wait for August to come for my operation, had no option but to take a loan just to get rid of this enormous boobs, so uncomfortable wen doing anything either sleeping running jumping exercising . Mine started growing 2nd yr in high school, I play netball but had to quit... READ MORE

44 Yr Old, Two Kids, Wanting BR for Years, Since Early 20s. - Switzerland, CH

Constant sore shoulders & neck along with deep red grooves in shoulders. Uncomfortable and self- conscious when/if I go running. Had several consultations over the years and even saw a PS a few weeks ago who has provided a quote & told me to book the date. However GP does not think they... READ MORE

37 Years Old 40H Bra Size, Large Breast Since the Age of 8 Years Old, Breast Reduction Needed

As long as I can remember I have always had large breast. Now, I am getting ready to be 38 years old 2 kids and am tired of the back and shoulder aches, not to mention bruises on my shoulders. I weigh 214 lbs now and thats down 10 lbs, but my lowest weight has been 199lbs with 235lbs being my... READ MORE

56 Years Old, 5'10", 165 Lbs., 2 Grown Children, 36G to ???

Good morning to everyone!! Just found out that my insurance approved my surgery and it's scheduled for September 6th!! I'm so excited!!! I turned in a time off notice at work yesterday that I'll be out for 'surgery' for at least a week and a half. Although my boss knows about the surgery, I... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op

I had back pain. Shoulder and neck pain. Trouble sleeping. Work was annoying I hate touching people with my boobs. Now I'm so comfortable. They weigh less. I look like I've actually lost the weight I loss because my shape is different. I love them. A little itchy. Doctor just removed the glue to... READ MORE

After 5 Years of Investigating It; I Finally Got my Breast Reduction from DDD to C Cup. Sacramento, CA

I am 45 now and have had relatively nice breasts for most of my life. I was a perky C cup in my 20's, had a baby in my late 20's, gained some weight and went up to a D/ DD cup in my 30's. After breastfeeding my 2nd child for 18 months in my late 30's, the girls were an uncomfortably large DDD... READ MORE

30 Year Old, Mother of 2, Size 40H

I've been struggling with overly large breast for about 13 years. Shoulder and neck pain, headaches, indents in my stomach, shoulders and back at the end of the day from my bra. It's time for some relief !!! I'm nervous but excited to begin this journey. I fear that I won't be comfortable with... READ MORE

19 Years Old, in Desperate Need of a Breast Reduction!

Hey Real Self friends! I'm going in for surgery July 24th, 2017! I can not be more excited/so nervous! I'm 19 years old, never had a kid, and my breasts are heading south on an express train!! all i know is i need help to feel better! all of a sudden in the past 2 years i have grown so large!.... READ MORE

61 Yrs. Old Chronic Neck, Shoulder, Back Pain and Cervical Headaches.

I've had cervical headaches for 25+ years, started having worse neck,shoulder and upper back pain after a cervical fusion C5,6,7 so I asked my orthopedic Dr. if he thought it would help. He definitely agreed it would benefit me so I did it!! I was a 36DDD and I think I'll be a small C now. ... READ MORE

A New Beginning

I am a 43 year old woman with two teenage children, and I made the decision to have breast reduction this year. This is something I have wanted to do for many years. As I have got older not only has it been the physical things like constant back and shoulder pain and rashes that large breast... READ MORE

24 Y/o Reduction 32i to a 32 D/dd?

Woooooah so I'm proper nervous sharing my story but this website and everyones amazing stories has been such a help for me I thought it was only right in doing so! Anyway long story short I'm 24 and like many girls on here I was a flat chested tomboy until I was about 16 and then I woke up one... READ MORE

23 Yrs Old, 135 Lbs, 34DDD, No Kids - New York City, NY

I guess I've pretty much had the same experience as everyone else on here: oversized boobies; back/shoulder/neck pain; absurd floppy soreness and rashes from exercising; difficulty finding well-fitting clothes; general discomfort; droop droop droooooop. (although the droop is mostly attributed... READ MORE

Amazing surgeon, changing lives!!

At the young age of 12, I was a size DD & required chiropractic/physiotherapy help for pain management of my back, neck & shoulders. I carried on life with constant headaches & pain, due to the size of my breasts. I have since had 2 children & breastfed both, going up to a... READ MORE

Finally at Age 60, Much Needed Breast Reduction

I want to thank all of you on this forum for sharing your stories. It has helped me immensely during this process. The information I've gleaned from so many of you helped me be better prepared for my own surgery. Like most of you I developed large breasts at an early age. Between the summer of... READ MORE

Finally doing something for me... at least wanting to! (42, 5'6", 215lbs, 2 kids)

I'm going for my third consultation for breast reduction surgery this coming Thursday. The first time I went it was with my surgeon of choice when my first child was one. I had started struggling with back, neck and shoulder pain and was clearly top heavy. At that time, I weighed somewhere... READ MORE

49 Yrs., 32 DDD, No Biological Kids, Can't Wait!

My story is slightly different than other people's. I was flat-chested as a kid, when all the girls in my class were developing. I prayed to God to get breasts, and he answered my prayers! I got breasts when I was 15. Well, he never stopped answering my prayers, because now I'm a DDD! I'm 5'... READ MORE

41yrs Old Mother of 3 Breast Reduction Surgery

Neck, shoulder, back pain. I was hurting all the time and was in need of a breast reduction. 40dd down to a c. Just had surgery so I will keep you posted. My surgery was done at Lenox hill ears eyes and throat. I had a wonderful doctor. I was nervous but that staff was very warming and very... READ MORE

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