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34 Years 2 Kids Breast Reduction and Liposuction

After pregnancy and breast feeding, I was looking for having my shape back. I started to look for a doctor in my country Brazil, but I had to move to London and after a big research I found Dr. O. I am very happy with the results, and the experience in Belgium has great from the beginning to... READ MORE

37 Years Old 40H Bra Size, Large Breast Since the Age of 8 Years Old, Breast Reduction Needed

As long as I can remember I have always had large breast. Now, I am getting ready to be 38 years old 2 kids and am tired of the back and shoulder aches, not to mention bruises on my shoulders. I weigh 214 lbs now and thats down 10 lbs, but my lowest weight has been 199lbs with 235lbs being my... READ MORE

Age 43 – 36/38FF/G – Nearly Painless Breast Reduction

I have decided to record my experience for future patients as many of the existing reviews on have been most helpful to me. When I scheduled my surgery nearly two months ago, it seemed too good to be true. The prospect of buying bras in a regular store sounds wonderful. Not... READ MORE

23 Year Old with Ugly Boobs

After researching and meeting with doctors for years I finally booked my breast reduction and lift for July 24th! A little over two weeks away. I'm so excited. I've aways had bigger boobs 36 DD but as I've gotten older they've lost volume/shape and have become droopy. I hate wearing bathing... READ MORE

44 years old and finally getting BR i've longed for...

I recently found out my insurance will cover this procedure for me, and since we have met our max out of pocket for the year (hubby had a surgery) I'm going for it. I'm currently a 34j (US) and ideally would like to be a C when all is said and done. I've read and followed countless stories on... READ MORE

asymmetrical TUBULAR Breasts now 7 years later I finally feel like my REAlself

8 years of feeling unwomanly and gross and hiding my breasts from the world I finally got my mouth open and told people went to doctors and asked for advice. After researching my deformity for years I knew beforehand that I needed surgery and I made peace with that, even thought I had never... READ MORE

24 Year Old Tired of Back Pain, Poor Posture, and Extra Exercise Pain - Flowood, MS

So in a little less than two weeks I will be having my breast reduction surgery. So far my experience with the surgeon and everyone has been great. I'm really excited this is happening. I didn't really realize until about a year ago how big my breasts were until I was sized and told I wore a... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Reduction: 36DD Hoping for 36B/C - 58, 5'8" 155 Lbs

My story is a little different from others; I wasn't always unhappy with my size. I was 36C until my late 30s, when I had my son. Menopause kicked in around 10 years later. I soon realized there's no "pausing" at all! My boobs grew, my waist expanded, and where'd that BACK fat come from? Now the... READ MORE

21 Year Old, 32F-32C Breast Reduction; So Ready For Smaller Boobies

I have wanted a breast reduction for several years now. In high school, I got a lot of unwanted attention due to the size of my breasts. Attending catholic school, the uniforms were already modest, and therefore there was not really much I could do in order to hide them. After my boyfriend's... READ MORE

Finally Decided to Do It - Reading, PA

I have been contemplating a BR for many years, but don't like pain, so couldn't make the decision to have the surgery. After dealing with health issues with my hubby (5 surgeries in a little over a year), I figured if he could do it, so could I. I proceeded to do some research and had a... READ MORE

Breast Reduction on the way **38DDDD/E** - scheduled for Sept.19th

I finally had my consultation I've been waiting for this consultation for 2 months I drove 1hr and 35mins to make this appt. I arrived on time at 10:45 am, my appt was at 11:00 am I arrived early to filled out a few of the papers medical history blah blah blah. I was escorted back to see the... READ MORE

33 Yr Old Mom, 2 Kids, Never Breast Fed, Big "Girls" Since They 1st Came in - Reno, NV

The "girls" have been large since they 1st came in. I can't remember them ever being small. I have 2 kids and they got larger every time. Past 8 years I have had severe rib pain, neck pain, gnarly back pain, and nasty headaches. I'm not a lazy person, I miss going on hikes and doing even the... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Breast Lift

I am a mother of 2 girls, I am 26 years old and my breasts are currently a 36DD. So I had implants 5 years ago, only less than 200cc each breast. At that time I just thought the implants were going to give me a better look to my breasts, little did I know that I was going to end up with big... READ MORE

Inspired by my 19 Year Old Daughter to Get Rid of my Big and Saggy Boobs! - Towson, MD

I've been lurking on this site for the past couple of weeks; being able to read all of the other blogs and reviews has given me the courage to share thoughts and feelings that I've never expressed 'out loud' before. Quite honestly, I'm kind of mortified that I'm sharing with complete... READ MORE

28 years old, no kids, 5'4, 165lbs, 34H dreaming of B or C

July 2017 My first entry - Research and considering stages I'm in the research/planning/still saving stages of breast reduction and expect to have the surgery in early 2018 as I have to finish saving. I would also ideally like to lose about 14-20lbs before surgery for the best possible... READ MORE

Awesome doctor, amazing experience

From first contact to the day of surgery to the post op, Dr. Baez has been nothing short of exemplary! I contacted many other surgeons when doing my research for my breast reduction and none of them had the great "bedside" manner that Dr. Baez had. He is professional, informed and most of all...... READ MORE

Awesome experience!

Amazing doctor!! Great bedside manner, extremely informative and great results. After extensive research I made a consult appt with Dr. Reish, and knew that day he was the one. Thankful to Dr. Reish for changing my life and enjoying my new breasts! READ MORE

44 Year Old Mother of Two

I've been needing a reduction for years, but was afraid of having scars, but with age you realize it's better to have a scare than to live with cronic back, shoulder,and kneck pain.I did my research and went to consultations. While doing some research on realself, I came across Dr. Harper's... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - 46 Years Old, Wish I Had Done It Sooner

I am now 7 weeks post op having had a breast reduction with Dr Richards and his team on 26th May. I highly recommend Dr Richards to anyone considering this procedure, he and his team are supportive, caring and most importantly provide exceptional standards throughout the procedure and after care... READ MORE

Breast Reduction

Oh BOY!!!! I cannot express how absolutely THRILLED I am with my results!! Floating on air! And in addition to that, I could not have asked for a more respectful, professional staff. I put in ~30 hours of research to determine the best surgeon for me, and I am glad I did because Dr. Sattler... READ MORE

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