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Bellesoma Reduction and Lift - Sugarland, TX

I had a reduction and lift with the Bellesoma technique and it's genius! I love that I don't have the extra scar. My breasts are so much more youthful looking than my friends who had the traditional lift. The pain was minimal and well handled by the meds. His Office Manager is top notch. Jana... READ MORE

37 Breast Reduction and Liposuction - Devon, AU

So I have just come out of surgery. So far not too much pain, just had a bed pan wee which was weird, dreading the next one, but I guess the nurses do it all the time.. Quick question. I had my op today.mI have had a peek at my chest and my right boob seems smaller and perkier than the left.... READ MORE

Mom of Two with 8 Year Old Implants and Drooping Natural Tissue. - Hopkinsville, KY

I have met with my PS twice now and I am so ready to have my implants removed, reduction, and lift. On the first visit I was initially talking to him about implant removal only but after lots of talking I decided it was best to remove my 510cc implants and go with a lift and reduction of natural... READ MORE

He had me at "C cup"- Australia, AU

I am 42 yo and I have booked in for a breast lift and a small reduction at the end of May 2013. I have hated my breasts since the day they started forming. Now since having 2 children and having gained and lost 25kg's 4 times they are now dreadful (in my eyes). I have read many review on this... READ MORE

22 Years Old and in NEED of a Breast Reduction!

Hello! I've had large breasts for as long as I can remember and with each passing day it becomes unbearable. I've contacted a plastic surgeon and my insurance approved; however, I have to pay a deductible ($3000), which is way out of my finances...I'm in college. Will another location help with pay? READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift Combination - Cools Springs, TN

For years, I had been unhappy with the size and shape of my breasts. I could not fit into clothes, bathing suits, or t-shirts. I had to find clothing options that were wide and boxy. Finally, I decided to look into plastic surgery. I met with Dr. Papilllion. He recommended a combination of... READ MORE

34yr Old Breast Reduction and Implants - Sydney, AU

What motivated me to have a breast augmentation was that I was very unhappy with size and shape of my breasts. They were too large and droopy for me. I'm not very tall, recently lost 15kilos and haven't had children. Dr.Southwell-Keely and I discussed the options for me and we agreed that... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Bryn Mawr, PA

I feel better than I have in 40 years, so worth it. I feel so much better about myself, words cannot explain how thankful I am to Dr. Claytor. I had wanted to do this years ago but never had the opportunity, I am so grateful a friend suggested breast reduction and Dr. Claytor. He is the best,... READ MORE

Loved This Place - Olathe, KS

I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Storm....from the very friendly receptionist to my nurse Sarah everything went great. I am happy with the service that Dr. Bradley Storm provided. Everyone in the office was friendly and professional. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself and... READ MORE

Much-needed Life Changing Experience. New Orleans, LA

I want to thank the best Dr. In the world, Dr. Russell Hendrick M.D. he is the best, I wouldn't trade him for nothing . I'm looking forward to my tummy tuck in about 9 months. Dr. Hendrick took my breast from two huge melons, to two beautiful Georgia peaches. He's a Dr. that takes great pride in... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift with Implants - Scottsdale, AZ

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Flint and her staff. From consultation to post operative care all aspects of my procedure was handled with care and professionalism. The staff was friendly, informative about procedures, and accommodating to my schedule. During my consultation Dr. Flint... READ MORE

Breast Reduction in Alaska - Anchorage, AK

Dr. Manuel preformed my breast reduction in Anchorage Alaska. The entire experience was amazing. His staff were so helpful and professional, organized, prompt, reliable and helpful. Dr. Manuel was kind and open to my input. He knew what I wanted and almost perfectly matched my desires. This is... READ MORE

A Breast Reduction That May Have Saved my Life - Nashville, TN

In 2001, I found out I had an aggressive type of breast cancer (two, in fact) on my left breast. I had a mastectomy with reconstruction with a gel implant performed by Dr. Mary Gingrass. I had never met her before, so I basically took the word of my other doctors as far as a referral. We... READ MORE

Awesome Breast Reduction -Holmdel, NJ

I could never have been so happy with having this procedure done. I do not know why it took me so long to do it. I was a 36 DDD and was reduced down to a 36 C. My posture has improved, my back feels 100lbs lighter. The procedure was quick and with minimal pain. My Doctor and his staff where... READ MORE

Excited but Nervous - Plainfield, IL

I am having a breast reduction on June 17. I have wanted this procedure for over 20 years. I am 5 feet tall and 180 lbs. I am about a 38H. My coworker had her breast reduction by Dr. Burt and has been on cloud 9 ever since. I am worried because I am overweight but otherwise healthy. Dr.... READ MORE

2nd Breast Reduction - Saskatchewan, SK

I have done this procedure twice now and both times were absolutely worth it!!! My firs BR was in 2003 when I was 16 years old. I know that seems young for a BR but I was 5'2" 105lb wearing a 32DDD-32F bra size. My breasts were the only thing people noticed about me and the comments were... READ MORE

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