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Starting Over- 36G Mom of 3

Starting over - reduction 36G I joined this site 4 years ago looking into a reduction. Long story short, I did PT, had a consult and he said I'd have to go disproportionally small to be covered by insurance. I had diastasis and didn't want my belly bigger than my boobs!!! I bagged it. Ended up... READ MORE

49 Y/o Grandma and 2 Grown Kids Having a Much Needed Breast Reduction/lift. New York, NY

I live in NY and was scheduled for a mastopexy (breast lift) last week but the hospital never put me on the schedule. I had already planned vacation time around the procedure so needless to say I was quite disappointed. I found another plastic surgeon and I have Consultation. Keeping my fingers... READ MORE

48yrs. 4breastfed kids and a 4stone weight loss destroyed 36h boobs. U.K. based. Small reduction with lift

I really wanted a lift with implants but due to the size, Weight and hang a reduction with lift was suggested instead. A few other cheaper icons were all happy to do the lift with implants but the surgeon I chose showed me photos of what would happen if I had that one. Due to the size of mine... READ MORE

After 5 Years of Investigating It; I Finally Got my Breast Reduction from DDD to C Cup. Sacramento, CA

I am 45 now and have had relatively nice breasts for most of my life. I was a perky C cup in my 20's, had a baby in my late 20's, gained some weight and went up to a D/ DD cup in my 30's. After breastfeeding my 2nd child for 18 months in my late 30's, the girls were an uncomfortably large DDD... READ MORE

30 Years Old with Two Kids.

Big breast run on my family on both sides. My mom had a breast reduction ten years ago and loved it. Mind you I'm the tallest female on both sides of my family at a whopping 5'5". By 8th grade I was a C cup and after having my kids I settled at a 40DDD. Believe me it hurt. I had rashes and... READ MORE

I'm 59 ,and I So Wanted and Needed This Done - Indianapolis, IN

I had put me off for years, seems it was always something coming up when I would decide to have surgery. In March I broke my shoulder. And it would not heal due to my breast being so heavy. And being a 36 triple f. At 5 foot 4. Was so hard on my neck . my back constantly hurt. I stayed miserable... READ MORE

Aged 50+ Chest 32H, booked in and VERY Nervous. Full Review Pre to Post Surgery. UPDATE: 100% WORTH IT!

I loved my boobs as a young woman, they were large but always quite perky and full and it was only after pregnancy and then menopause that they seemed to droop drastically and double in size to an H cup! I also have quite a narrow back - I'm a 32 band. I remember the first time I was... READ MORE

Sleeping Twins

I am awaiting for the awaken of my twin 28 Jj. My breast begin growing in the 6 grade and by 7th grade I was in a DD. In 1985 I inquired about a breast reduction but I was told I couldn't breast feed and I wanted more children so I have put off long enough and the time has come to awake the... READ MORE

33 Yr Old Mom, 2 Kids, Never Breast Fed, Big "Girls" Since They 1st Came in - Reno, NV

The "girls" have been large since they 1st came in. I can't remember them ever being small. I have 2 kids and they got larger every time. Past 8 years I have had severe rib pain, neck pain, gnarly back pain, and nasty headaches. I'm not a lazy person, I miss going on hikes and doing even the... READ MORE

36years Old 4kids 32 DD

I have always been very top heavy An having 4kids an gravity taking over I had very long boobs which made me very uncomfortable and hard to fine Bathing suit tops An bras to actually fit. Properly, Insurance covered most of mine I experience back problems. And neck problems, my over all.... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mother of 1 Ready to Get my Boobs Back

So I have been complaining about my breast for as long as I can remember. I have always had big boobs measured at a 34 DD in the 11th grade. Finally, stopped at a 34DDD after stopping birth control for good. However, after having my almost 2 year old my breast ballooned to a 34 J and very slowly... READ MORE

Inspired by my 19 Year Old Daughter to Get Rid of my Big and Saggy Boobs! - Towson, MD

I've been lurking on this site for the past couple of weeks; being able to read all of the other blogs and reviews has given me the courage to share thoughts and feelings that I've never expressed 'out loud' before. Quite honestly, I'm kind of mortified that I'm sharing with complete... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Breast Reduction

Hi there! I am posting for the first time after years of perusing because my breast reduction surgery is 2 weeks away from today! I am 18 years old, 5'1, approximately 125lbs, and have size 30G breasts. I had my first consultation with my doctor, Dr Singh from the Plastic Surgery Clinic of... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 1 Child, 36DD/DDD and Ready for a Breast Reduction! - Baltimore, MD

Hello everyone. I wanted to document my journey to my breast reduction. Since my breast started growing I have been really self conscious about them. They have ALWAYS sagged, my areolas are HUGE and they are not attractive. I remember the first me and my daughters father decided to become... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother Of 2 - Carmel, IN

I have had large breasts for as long as I can remember. Starting out, I noticed that they weren't the same size. My right breast was almost double what my left breast was. I was told that eventually they would even out and to not make a big deal about it at the time. Now that I am 30 years old... READ MORE

Living in Such a Large World. Bakersfield, CA

Since Jr high I have had large breasts. In high school I was a cross country runner that wore 2 different sports bras and ace bandaged them to hold in place. I did my darndest to hide what I had. My posture was and is not great along with me wearing larger tops just to conceal. After I had my 3... READ MORE

34 Yr Old W/ One Child & DDD Breast - Chevy Chase, MD

In less than 48 hours I will be brand new! I can't wait to get this reduction. I've been dealing with back, neck, and shoulder issue for far too long. The days of spending 60$ on a bra, and even more on physical therapy for the pain are OVER! Below are my before pics, I'll update you guys... READ MORE

33 Years Old -no Children - 36j - New York, NY - Breast Reduction

Hi Real Self, I am 33 years old and my surgery is scheduled for May 1st. Over the last few weeks I have been going through different sets of emotions ranging from excited- to extremely anxious. I am 5'6 and weigh btw 174-180 Pds depending on the day. My weight has always fluctuated and my... READ MORE

37 YO Mother of Two, Long Awaited Reduction (32F to 32D) - Hawthorn, AU

I've always said that I would have a breast reduction after having children, and I'm so pleased with the result. My large breasts have had a significant impact on me physically and psychologically, so I'm ecstatic to already be feeling more comfortable and confident. My recovery is progressing... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Best Thing Ever - Chico, CA

I have wanted a breast reduction for the past 10 years. I felt like after having 3 children and weight fluctuations my breasts were in the way of things I enjoyed. My neck , shoulder pain was really starting to make my shoulders curve inward and shirts just didn't fit. It was the best decision... READ MORE

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