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35 Yr Old, 34DDD, No kids, 5'2"...It's finally time!!!!

I just want to first say...AMEN!!!! My surgery is finally scheduled!! If you're reading this, you are probably contemplating Breast Reduction too so I can't need to go into how inconvenient and how painful they can be. You probably also know how you hate not being able to wear certain things and... READ MORE

My breast reduction journey - 12F - Perth Australia - 27 y.o.

I'm 27 years old and have had massive boobs for what feels like forever. I got all the unwanted attention throughout school and found myself unable to embrace my breasts. As time went on, pain became a daily issue. My lower back has a constant dull ache and I find myself unable to sit or stand... READ MORE

Much Needed Breast Reduction

So first I didn't take a before picture but I did an after picture, and I am so glad I had this done to my boobs , even my Shoulders are screaming thank you , at the end of the Day I couldn't lift my arms, from the hurt of my boobs being in a bra, and the bra was cutting in to my Should's... READ MORE

Insurance Approved! 20 Years Old, No Kids, 34FF, 164 In Desperate Need of a Breast Reduction

I am like most people on here who want a breast reduction. I am sick and tired of my huge breasts and the pain they cause me. I have wanted a breast reduction for years now but I was not in a good position to get it when I was younger. Now I am looking more into the procedure and a few doctors... READ MORE

35 Years Old, No Children, 5,6, 38F, 178lbs.

After wanting a breast reduction for a few years, my procedure is finally scheduled! In just over two months, I'm hoping to be a full C cup. I was a C cup through my teenage years, then when I was 19, I blew up, and have been an F cup ever since. I'm in extremely horrible pain daily, I even had... READ MORE

48yrs. 4breastfed kids and a 4stone weight loss destroyed 36h boobs. U.K. based. Small reduction with lift

I really wanted a lift with implants but due to the size, Weight and hang a reduction with lift was suggested instead. A few other cheaper icons were all happy to do the lift with implants but the surgeon I chose showed me photos of what would happen if I had that one. Due to the size of mine... READ MORE

30 Years Old with Two Kids.

Big breast run on my family on both sides. My mom had a breast reduction ten years ago and loved it. Mind you I'm the tallest female on both sides of my family at a whopping 5'5". By 8th grade I was a C cup and after having my kids I settled at a 40DDD. Believe me it hurt. I had rashes and... READ MORE

25 Years Old No Kids the Time Has Come to Say Good by to Pain and Suffering

Well guys im so excited to say the time is slowly approaching for me to have my breast reduction. Ive been suffering for so many years due to my huge breast. Im currently a 40DDD not sure what size i will be going down to just yet but im hoping for an A cup. It only took my insurance 3 days to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction in Progress - Cary, NC

My story is the same as many other women on this site for this procedure. I started to grow breast pretty early and have always been a large size. I am currently a 40H. I experience daily pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I am always trying to do things to hide my size but of course it... READ MORE

24 Y/O Wounds Won't Close

I'm 5'11 and roughly a 38DDD (according to the one bra that fits currently). Like most women here, I've been dreaming of a BR for years. My boobs have caused me a lot of cervical spine pain, making it very hard to get through my retail shifts or even stand for an extended period of time. I also... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old 3 Kids Size H Want a Size D or Dd

Hi my name is dana and i have fiund a plastic surgeon in queens ny, that accepts my insurance thank god for that. Riggt now im so insecure about ny breast n how big tgey are it doesnt fit my frame and tge pain is unbearable ???? from neck shiulder blades down too my lower back. My posture is... READ MORE

I Hope to Be Getting a Breast Reduction Very Soon.

For last few months my breasts have grown at great rate, soon i hope to be getting a surgical reduction. This will be messy and painful i think, but i hope it will make big difference as they are getting very awkward and heavy. Surgery worries me greatly and sometimes i do not wish to do it, i... READ MORE

40yr Old from U.K, Mum of a Crazy Toddler, Lifetime Hater of Boobs :)

Finally took the plunge after turning 40 & wish I'd done this years ago! Main reason I didn't was the cost. I went private as once I'd made the decision I was going for it, it didn't want to wait. Also I didn't know if I'd qualify on the NHS. I was a 34F & after having a baby (went up to... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Reduction: 36DD Hoping for 36B/C - 58, 5'8" 155 Lbs

My story is a little different from others; I wasn't always unhappy with my size. I was 36C until my late 30s, when I had my son. Menopause kicked in around 10 years later. I soon realized there's no "pausing" at all! My boobs grew, my waist expanded, and where'd that BACK fat come from? Now the... READ MORE

Why did I wait so long!

Boobs have always been too big for my liking since I was young and they were high and perky. After aging gravity is a bitch. Slight asymmetry is now 2 cup size difference one C one Dd. Back neck, and shoulders have always killed me. I've always wanted reduction since I turned 14 and got breast.... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lipo - Bogota, Colombia

I decided to travel to Colombia for 3 weeks for a breast reduction (double D cup to a C cup). Judging by the quality of the treatment and the good price I also opted for a lipo in abs, lower back and thighs. Dr. Arevalo is an EXCELLENT doctor. He has excelent communciation skills, he has a... READ MORE

40 Yr Old

So I had breast reduction where they took out almost 500cc from each side. Surgery was in June, and went relatively well. The doctor put in drains which caused me lots of pain and discomfort. The right tube had to stay in longer because it was still pulling out lots of liquid. My breasts look... READ MORE

44 Years Old 52i. With No Kids

On the the 6/27/17 i had my breast surgery done been waiting 24 years to get them done i was a 52i all kinds ok problems ok. So the week ok 7/12/17 my left breast start to open up i go back to the Doctor how did the surgery and he says your going to be fine and he sent me home. So the next week... READ MORE

A million times Thank You Dr DeWolfe!

Nine years of pain gone in less than 6 weeks thanks to this amazing PS. Not only is Dr DeWolfe kind, he's funny and listens!!! He answered all my questions no matter how many times he must've answered the same ones. His staff is also so amazing and friendly and they always kept me posted. Highly... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 135 pounds, 30F/G. Hoping for full C or small D.

So as my title says, I am 25 years old and am about a 30 DDD or F. I started to develop pretty late (around 16 or 17) and then all of a sudden, boom, I had boobs. I was about a C at this age and then went to a D my senior year of high school. I became a DD when I was about 21 and a DDD around... READ MORE

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