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35 Years Old, 3 Kids, It's Time for a Much Needed Breast Reduction

I had my pre-op today and reality finally set in. I'm having my breast reduction on June 30th. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm looking forward to having smaller breast.... Breasts that I can work out with and not have pain from them moving around... even with two sports bras. I... READ MORE

1 Month Post-op! 33 Yr Old from DDD (Lots of Sag) to a C!!

I am almost 1 month post-op(tuesday will be 1 month)! I have waited for this for years. Lots of discomfort and severe neck pain. Bulging disc in neck that stayed flared up and stiff. Constant headaches. Went to several doctors for treatment/test to at the end being told that getting the weight... READ MORE

44 Yrs Old, 36DDD, 5'4", 145lbs - Optimistic!

Hi! I'm a week post-op and feeling good so far. I'll retroactively describe my surgery experience in other posts. Below are lists of "wish I'd knowns," what I got to prep for surgery, etc. I've attached two before pictures. I chose BR for the same reason so many on here have described: Neck... READ MORE

Bellesoma Reduction and Lift - Sugarland, TX

I had a reduction and lift with the Bellesoma technique and it's genius! I love that I don't have the extra scar. My breasts are so much more youthful looking than my friends who had the traditional lift. The pain was minimal and well handled by the meds. His Office Manager is top notch. Jana... READ MORE

25, No Kids, 36HH to C/D 200lbs 5'6" - New Jersey, NJ

To tell you guys a little about my many of you I've always had large breasts but within the past 2-3 years I've been having pain in my upper back and shoulders due to the weight of my breasts. I went to have a consult with a plastic surgeon in January 2016 who said I would be a... READ MORE

Beginning of a New Life...Starting with Me....Finally!

Hello All, I've got express my deepest appreciation for all of you on this site for your awesome support of each other, the information you provide, and the reviews. I'm a 44 yr old woman whose recently left a 20+ year relationship and I'm finally looking after me for once in my life! I've... READ MORE

20/no Kids/ 34DDD/E to a Full C Cup/CANADA BC - Kamloops, BC

October 6th was my date of surgery and everything went SO great. My surgeon was an absolutely lovely women who took care of me. Waking up from surgery I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders ( literally lol) I was a little sore but they gave me some medication to help with the discomfort. She... READ MORE

42 Yrs , 3 Kids, 36h/I (Hoping for a C or D)

I blossomed early and had DD boobs by the time I was 14. I nursed all three of children, each time they would grow as large as cantaloupes. When I was younger I could exercise and stay slim, and could keep the between D and DD. I became chronically ill and no longer able to exercise.... READ MORE

40 Year Old- Waited 25 Years for This Day! New York, NY

I'm a 40 year old school teacher, mother of two. My whole life I was uncomfortable with the size of my breast. This was the third time in 8 years I went for a consultation hoping my insurance will cover this so needed procedure. My prayers were finally answered and in two weeks I received a... READ MORE

Mothet of 3 - Port Orange, FL

Here I am ladies surgery went great I have not feel a lot of pain butt a little burning sensation when I first woke up I realized that I was feeling much more lighter my chest was much flatter only woke up with little pain that much oh my God the stuff they're wonderful as soon as I told him I'm... READ MORE

Love my New Breast Thanks Dr.Proffitt - Mobile, AL

Hi my name is porshe austin I'm 22 years old from Mobile, Al. Before I went to see Dr.Proffitt I was going to different doctors about my breast because of back problems I was having. I had got turn down by my insurance two times. So I start doing some research and I came across Dr.Proffitt and I... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 1 Kid, Much Needed Breast Reduction. Austin, TX

My surgery is this Friday and I'm so freaking excited and nervous. I'm currently a 32DDD/E and I'm hoping HOPING to be down to a B cup! I will update after my surgery! So far I've gotten my medication and my surgery bras as I was instructed now it is just a waiting game. I've been waiting for... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old with 2 Teens Bra Size 38L. Oak Lawn, IL

I've been wanting a BR for years. I was just sick & tired of my breasts being heavy, long, thick and huge. I went to my Doctor and expressed my frustration and pain. She gave me a referral to see Dr Niki Christopolous at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL. I met my PS on 8-4-15 and my reduction... READ MORE

28 Y/o Breast Reduction - Savannah, GA

Hello real self sisters! I currently had a breast reduction with Dr Curtsinger, Luke J. I've always needed one, so my doctor finally referred me to one of the best board certified plastic surgeons. I arrived at 0645, which my surgery was at 0730. The CRNA came in and stuck some medicine in my IV... READ MORE

Age 23, 144lbs, 32G+ & Evicting Them Thangs

I am 23 years old, 5'4", 144lbs of solid muscle (jk) and am a 32I (US equivalent) at the very least. Like many of you, I don't really have a solid bra size because I was born with bowling pins attached to my chest instead of boobs, so whatever size those are. Every day I hoist them into the same... READ MORE

Breast Reduction in Bangkok Thailand

Hello and thank you to everyone for posting their stories. I am booked to have Breast Reduction on 21.06.2015 with Dr Montien in Bangkok through a medical Travel Company based in Australia. This site has been a wealth of information and instrumental in my decision to finally commit to the... READ MORE

39 Y/o Mom of 3 with Constant Back Pain - Albany, NY

Doctors had been advising me for years that I should probably consider a breast reduction. I was always hesitant because I did not want to undergo any type of surgery. A friend of mine underwent a breast reduction. She convinced me that it was probably a good idea that I do so as well. I am... READ MORE

21 Years Old 1 Daughter Breast Reduction This Month - Milwaukee, WI

Since about 8th grade I have always had huge breast by the time I reached jr year of high school I was already wearing a 36 DDD. When I turned 20 I had my daughter and my breast reached a 36 H. I was devasted with the way my clothes looked my frame is a medium but to fit correctly I needed my... READ MORE

Almost 6 months Post Op!!! - Plainfield, IL

I have been large chested since the beginning of puberty. During high school it didn't seem so bad, then in college I realized that they were such a pain (pun intended!) I got marred and had children soon after college so I just dealt with them because I figured I didn't really have time to take... READ MORE

27 yr old, 1 child in need of some upholstery

Hi everyone, I was hesitant to share my story prior to surgery, however I decided to share my journey because I'm only 4 days post opt and I feel amazing about my decision and I can honestly say it's because I know I made right decision in choosing the doctor for my procedure. I am extremely... READ MORE

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