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42 Yrs W/ a Two Yr Old. 32G to maybe a ...B or C?

The story of how I got here is not dissimilar to everyone else's on this site. I actually started to develop later than some of my friends and was feeling left behind. I used to pray for breasts and did the Judy Blume 'I must increase my bust' exercises. Well apparently it worked too well... READ MORE

Bellesoma Reduction and Lift - Sugarland, TX

I had a reduction and lift with the Bellesoma technique and it's genius! I love that I don't have the extra scar. My breasts are so much more youthful looking than my friends who had the traditional lift. The pain was minimal and well handled by the meds. His Office Manager is top notch. Jana... READ MORE

31 yo, 34HH Reduction with Full Trunk Lipo in Chicago - Chicago, IL

I'm gearing up for my breast reduction surgery here in Chicago - 13 days and counting! My surgeon also includes liposuction of the underarm area at the same time, which I am very thankful for. I've also opted to have him perform liposuction of my entire trunk (full back and bra line, upper and... READ MORE

24 Years Old and Finally Buying the Breasts I Deserve!

Right after puberty (12/13yo) I had A cup breasts. Small manageable, and honestly I didn't really think much of them. Over the years they got bigger and bigger and bigger as I gained more and more weight. I hated my breasts, I hated my body and I hated anything that might draw attention to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/lift with Fat Transfer, Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Flank and Back Lipo. Southlake, TX

I'm a 42 year old mother of 2. My kids are 11 and 13. I am 5'4" and weigh 143 pounds. I gained a lot of weight with my kids. I went up to 180 and my bra size went from a 36C to a 38H. When both my kids started school I lost about 40 pounds. None of it was in my breasts. I know that is when I... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Implants/Not the Right Dr. for This Procedure - Doral, FL

First, I want to apologize for not doing this review sooner. After my surgery I was left with a lot of pain and emotional issues. This Dr. works at Pierini esthetics along with a Venezuelan Dr. (Alberto Pierini the clinic 's owner). She did a breast reduction and recommended me to have implants,... READ MORE

56-YO with 2-Teenage Girls, Starting on the Breast Reduction Journey - Columbus, OH

Before I had children (at ages 39 and 40), my breasts were fabulous! They were a perky "C" and they couldn't hold a pencil! Now at 56 years old, they hang like 2-deflated eggplants. Today, June 6, 2016, I had a consult with my preferred surgeon, Dr. Susan Vasco. I was thrilled when she... READ MORE

Feel 20 Again! - Stony Brook, NY

Let me start by saying GO FOR IT! You won't regret it! I always had a large chest and slender body frame....but no one could see my body because it was hidden beneath my Dolly Parton size my largest I was a tremendous FF/G. Then as I got older and had 3 children, my breast fluctuated... READ MORE

35 Year Old 4 Kids Much Needed Breast Reduction 34 H to 34c. Los Alamitos, CA

I just want to write a review about my procedure and I want to say it is the best thing that I could have ever done for myself I had really saggy deflated boobs after breast-feeding and four children later. I also want to say that Dr. Esmillian over exceeded my expectations as far as the... READ MORE

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Hello All, I am a week out of surgery and can't really say yet whether I'm pleased. I wasn't a very busty woman to begin with yet; after babies my breast "swung low sweet chariot" and I needed a change. My left breast was about a size larger than my right because I nursed mostly via my... READ MORE

51 Years Oid - Liposction Around Entire Truck, and Breast Reduction. - Mexico

I am 51, 5ft 9 in. weigh 166 - always tall and thin until peri -menopause. It has literally been kicking my #@#....... Fat deposited in the worst places, and I cannot get rid of it. I do 4or 5 MMA style workouts weekly and the fat doesn't budge. I have always hated my large breast. They are... READ MORE

Part 2 of my Journey-Bringing the Girls Back North - Manhattan, NY

Ive always had very large breast. Now with weight gain, weight lose and breastfeeding 2 children has left my breast large and very deflated. From a young age I desired smaller breast that weren't saggy, ever since I could remember they sagged. Ive had issues ranging from shoulder and neck pain... READ MORE

41yr. Old Mother of 2 Finally Had Them Reduced! - Ukiah, CA

Had always had sagging elongated breasts that continued to increase in size as I aged. I began having lower back problems in my mid 30's and the pain and problems just mounted up throughout the years. The chronic pain in my neck and shoulders was increasing to the point of my neck locking in... READ MORE

New Perky Boobies! - Halifax, NS

Hey, I just lost 95 lbs and my boobs have deflated.I have always been busty but now they are droopy. I am going to post photos when time for surgery gets closer. I am 49 yrs old a mom of 3 and grandma of 7. I am terrified of pain and really skeered for this surgery. I am only skeered of the pain... READ MORE

Ready for Change

Hi, I'm a 33 year old mom of two precious twin toddler girls. I have been struggling with my breasts since i started to grow them (about 9-10, yes, earlier then normal). When i was about 13 I had bigger breasts then my friends, and one day i was walking down the street when an older man told me... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry Correction - New York, NY

Breasts, like eyebrows, are sisters, not twins. I grew up with breast asymmetry where my right breast was bigger than the left. After years of trying to lose weight to balance out how uneven my breasts were (impossible) and being so frustrated with altering my bras and clothes to mask the... READ MORE

Should I Wait? - Chicago, IL

I am looking to have a breast reduction and lift. i am 5ft and 112;bs with a bra size of 32DD. I just had my first child (6 months) and am hoping to have 1 more in a few years time. I have kept the baby on expressed breast milk until now and am starting to ween myself off the pump. I am at a... READ MORE

It's All Happening So Fast!!! - Springfield, IL

Hello ladies! I am finally getting around to starting my Review. All you gals have been so amazing, I feel good getting to share my experience here ..& hopefully it will be an encouragement to whoever might need it. A little quick info about myself: I'm 33 with 3 children, all of whom I... READ MORE

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