DDD to D cup + Breast Reduction

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My Breast reduction was the BEST!!

Dr. Wells and her whole entire staff was the best!! They made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I feel so much better in my clothes and she relieved all the pressure I would have when sleeping on my back. I went from a 38DDD/G bra size to a 36D some bras a 36C. My breast reduction was the best... READ MORE

DDD Grandma Breasts Preop, 5 Kids. Saint Joseph, MO

I have no regrets having the surgery. It's one of the best decisions I've made. It's been a month and some days since surgery. No major issues, some separation under both breasts at the T which is common. Left side still healing at the separation, some blistering on the breast. Dr. said lastweek... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Very Active, 5 Feet 9 Inches, 140 Lbs, 1 Child, 34DDD to a Small D - Denver, CO

Let me start by saying how happy I am that I FINALLY got this procedure done! I've been wanting smaller breasts for years. They were 34DDD and in the way of everything! After pounding tennis courts, life and nursing a baby, I needed a lift as well. I LOVE, LOVE the result! The lift that she did... READ MORE

18 Years Old No Kids DDD/DD TO D/C - Nashville, TN

I've had extreme back pain for years and I haven't been able to sit up straight in Lord knows how long. Since having this surgery I couldn't be happier! My Dr. Was amazing and very helpful. My surgery went so well that it ended a half hour early. I'm in hardly any pain I'm just more... READ MORE

39 YO with 3 Kids Size 40DDD - The Woodlands, TX

Have had large breast from an early age hoping to get reduced and lifted to live a normal life of shopping easier for clothes a and working out. Wanting to be a large D. I have done a lot of research and have already had my consultation and preop. Will update when I have the procedure in a few... READ MORE

Breast Reduction in 2 Days! -Columbus, Ohio

Well after more than a year of researching doctors and looking at hundreds of before and after pics and 2 consultations later, I am scheduled for my breast reduction with Dr. Heck this Friday. I have mixed feeling. I am excited and extremely nervous at the same time. I hope I am making the... READ MORE

Finally Going to Do It!! 44DD/DDD and Getting 550 Gms Removed from Each Side. -Muskegon, MI

I am 48 y/o and have had 'bodacious boobies' since I was in about 6th grade. I have to be honest that in high school and my early twenties, I was proud of them! But after having two kids, gaining some weight and the inevitable gravity, I am anything but proud. I am so tired of constantly have... READ MORE

A Weight Has Been Lifted - Charlotte, NC

My motivation for surgery was more ever growing back and knee problems. I went from a 44DD to to 36D. I feel great and my body feels so much better. Thanks to the Abner Center for Plastic Surgery. Next is my tummy tuck after I loose about 20 lbs. I was sore for few hours after the procedure but... READ MORE

My Breast Exp - Atlanta, GA

I wanted this bc I have had a lot of spinal trauma & had already been through every therapy I was willing to attempt. Injections, epidurals, chiropractor, physical therapy. Most of my pain is thoracic right where the bra clasp in the back which is not a usual place bc it's suppose to be the most... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Was Worth It - Warrendale, PA

I was 19 when I had a breast reduction done. I was 38ddd and now I am down to 36d. All through high school I had the biggest boob in the school I skipped a and c I went straight to a B then to a d then dd and ended up being ddd there was some advantages And disadvantages to having big boobs. It... READ MORE

Almost 3 mo - Athens, GA

I am a 33 yr old nurse and mother of two (13 and 11). I have always had large breast. I have considered a reduction for years and FINALLY did it (12.17.12)! Insurance covered my procedure (reduction and lift) and I was left with a copay. Best decision I've made. I was a 38DDD. I have not been... READ MORE

Amazing overall experience

My overall experience with Dr. Rowe and his staff was and still is phenomenal. I have had two breast reduction procedures in the last year and I can say that Dr. Rowe is not only concerned with what you as the patient desire but what is also good for you. I started as a 28DDD spilling into a... READ MORE

21 yr old DDD+ to D

Long story short: I would do this again in a heartbeat! I have wanted a breast reduction ever since I hit a D cup in puberty, for all the typical reasons. Anyways, I had no reservations about getting this done. I will just explain the days before, the day of, and after surgery. Leading up to... READ MORE

Amazing job! Couldn't be happier!

At about 115lbs and 5'1'' with a 32DDD bra size, I have been contemplating breast reduction for quite some time. I read Dr. Parkins reviews and decided to book a consultation. Dr. Parkins and her staff did a wonderful job informing me for the procedure and were able to get me in very quick when... READ MORE

Oustanding Experience! - Santo Domingo, DO

Amazing Experience! I was very afraid of the surgery (4.5 hrs.) but It was all worth it. I was a 38DDD to 36D. My back felt the relief the moment I walked out of the facility. Thanks everyone for making me feel like home! READ MORE

So Happy with my Choice of Doctor!

I was interest in getting a breast reduction because my measurement was a 32DDD. I sought to find a surgeon in Savannah who had the skills and experience to give me the results I desired. After extensive online research I came across Finger & Associates and was drawn to Dr. Finger because of... READ MORE

Very Happy!!!!!!! Finally. !!!! Was Done!!!! Miami, FL

I always want to do this procedure. I was 34DDD. !Now 34D. IM SOO HAPPY !!! I know is to soon for to say " I feel 100 x???? Comfortable " ! But I'm ok. Some issues about healing process , I need more time !!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????!! Actually I'm a little swelling , I... READ MORE

Desperately Needed Breast Reduction! - Houston, TX

I'm 23 and I recently just had breast reduction and Dr. Sato did an amazing job! I'm 4'11 and I went from a 34 DDD to a 34 D and I am so happy with my results!!! I just couldn't be any more happier! I would defintely recommend Dr. SATO to anyone. She is super nice and does amazing work! Another... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift - Texas, TX

So far I'm very pleased with my results! Still healing and regaining my range of motion. My clothes fit so much better! I would do it again!!! The first two months of healing were not as easy as I thought. I would take off 2 weeks of work for sure. Take your time and rest. I went... READ MORE

Best Reduction is Best Thing I Have Done for Myself. - Omaha, NE

The reason I wanted a breast reduction is that I uncomfortable on a daily basis. My breast were heavy and my back and neck area were tense all the time. I would have rashes under my breast all summer long. I went from a DDD to a D cup and I feel great. Love the way they feel and look. ... READ MORE

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