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27 Years Old, 5'4", 125 Pounds, 32F/34E

After suffering with large breasts since I was a teen, I finally decided to get a consultation for breast reduction. I have terrible back and neck pain, have a hard time exercising comfortably, and I am frustrated with the struggles of not fitting into bras and bathing suits. I also struggle... READ MORE

25 Years Old No Kids the Time Has Come to Say Good by to Pain and Suffering

Well guys im so excited to say the time is slowly approaching for me to have my breast reduction. Ive been suffering for so many years due to my huge breast. Im currently a 40DDD not sure what size i will be going down to just yet but im hoping for an A cup. It only took my insurance 3 days to... READ MORE

25yrs old. 12F no kids

Hi All, I've been reading posts on this forum for about 2 weeks now, both the positive and negative and its left me both very excited and very nervous about the prospect of getting this done. I'm just waiting to find out the exact date in January i can have the surgery as it is quite a bit in... READ MORE

Aged 50+ Chest 32H, booked in and VERY Nervous. Full Review Pre to Post Surgery. UPDATE: 100% WORTH IT!

I loved my boobs as a young woman, they were large but always quite perky and full and it was only after pregnancy and then menopause that they seemed to droop drastically and double in size to an H cup! I also have quite a narrow back - I'm a 32 band. I remember the first time I was... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Campbell River, BC

I was expecting the process to take a long time. Turns out I can get in for surgery march 2. The surgeon seems really nice and answered all questions. Explained everything. I'm still not sure how small I want to go. I've always had large breasts and I like that but, the back pain etc is too... READ MORE

34H, Mommy of One

I am a teacher, so I am always on my feet. I have always had larger breast and the problems associated with them. I made the decision to have this procedure done and paid the cost out of pocket. This is just to help others out who are considering the procedure. It was tough, but has already... READ MORE

Starting Over- 36G Mom of 3

Starting over - reduction 36G I joined this site 4 years ago looking into a reduction. Long story short, I did PT, had a consult and he said I'd have to go disproportionally small to be covered by insurance. I had diastasis and didn't want my belly bigger than my boobs!!! I bagged it. Ended up... READ MORE

21 Years Old No Kids

After struggling for years with back, neck and shoulder pain I made the decision to get a breast reduction. I asked my family doctor in August 2016 for a referral, and within a week received a call from the doctor for a consult on November 18 2016, from there my surgery was set for February 2017... READ MORE


So, Today is May 30, 2017 and after years of discomfort, pain, and unwanted stares I am one step closer to my reduction. YEAH ME! I got a call from Dr. Polynice office and I finally have a surgery date. I am scheduled for surgery on July 7, 2017. I spoke to my insurance company to see what they... READ MORE

Breast Reducion - Miami, FL

I asked Dr. Gurani for a breast reducion i made shore i told him to reduced very small to 34b i was 34 DDD he said the most he could do is to C, so i was fine with me, but the after the cirugy i became a 34DD so i fell uncomfartable with the result, and on top of that, he wants to charge me... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, 5'2, No Kids, 36DDD/(F), Breast Reduction

I don't want to talk about the pain relative to having large breast, WE ALL KNOW THAT STRUGGLE! Having large breast AND being so short (5'2) is a whole other story. Let me talk about how I chose my doctor. So in 2012 my sister had a fat transfer (BBL) from this place in Fort Lauderdale, FL (we... READ MORE

28 Yo, No Kids, 138lbs, 32 H/I

Just like everyone on here I have had large breasts for awhile. I have been athletic all my life and once I started college and stopped playing sports daily, the girls really took off! I met with my PS back in January for a consultation. She took one look at my small frame and agreed this... READ MORE


DON'T DO IT!!! HE DOES WHAT HE WANTS AND MAKES SURE YOU PAY HIM IN FULL BEFORE THE SURGERY!! NOT GOOD AT BREAST REDUCTION...Staff was nice! He continuously told me they'd be a C and injected 350cc to implants so I am a DD. And then blocked me so I would not contact him anymore. Never tried... READ MORE

Can't Believe How Much Breast Reduction Ended Up Costing! - Springfield, IL

I just got the bill from my surgery and the PS charged $14,000 and the ambulatory center charged $14,000. I live in central Illinois and these charges seem extremely high. Luckily, my insurance covered all but my $250 deductible. I love the new look though and needed to do it 35 years ago! I'm... READ MORE

34H to hopeful 34C-D — 25 Years Old, No Kids, Finally Ready to Be Free from Pain

Now that I'm under the one-month mark until surgery, I thought I'd stop being a lurker on RS and make my own post! Like so many women here, I have also struggled with a large (okay, huge) chest size, specifically in relation to my small frame. I have always been so, so self conscious of my body... READ MORE

New Small Boobs in Lagos, Nigeria. Finally!!!

My consultation so far has gone really well. My surgery is scheduled to happen tomorrow morning, I am praying and hopeful that I would be set free from these boob traps. Getting this procedure done in Nigeria is quite scary, pray for me. I had planned to travel to America for the breast... READ MORE

Find Out Revision/Correction Policy AND COSTS Before! - Durham, NC

I carefully selected a great surgeon - prestigious schools, extra training, chief of everything, even does philanthropic work -- couldn't have been more impressed. His office did a fantastic job of coordinating everything with the insurance company for me. No one could tell me ahead of time what... READ MORE

62 years old getting Breast Reduction- Fall River, MA

I am like most of you women out there. I have always thought about getting a breast reduction, but for one reason or other never did it until now. In my younger years my breasts were manageable and part of who I was, but menopause caused so many changes and as the years passed my breasts became... READ MORE

42 Y/o Mother or 2 College Boys Finally Having my Reduction! Atlanta, GA

After all these years we've finally decided to just go for it and pay out of pocket to hopefully help me w/the "NORMAL" problems associated with having heavy breast for so many years, not to mention the additional benefits of the wardrobe & my self esteem! Had my pre op today and I'm so nervous... READ MORE

Scheduled round 2 after mommy makeover. Full back liposuction and arm

Heading to Miami because these doctors here in Maryland are outrageous with their prices. Some of their works are just too average for me. Hope Spectrum can help me. I like their price, because am not sure if my insurance will approve, even tho I have an awesome blue cross blue shield insurance,... READ MORE

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