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So excited to reduce the boobs 42h to c cup

My nurse practitioner recommended me to Dr. Quigley. I love referrals especially from doctors. I had my consultations with very few questions because I didn't know what to ask. So I'm Here on this forum now that I've received approval from Insurance with no hesitation. I started gaining... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 32gg/34H, 5'4", 138 Lbs - Birmingham, AL

I have had a large chest since 9th grade. It has only gotten bigger since having my children, who are now 6 and 8. One of my breasts is noticeably larger, I have fibrocystic breast tissue with several abnormal lumps (one benign, removed via lumpectomy), and bad shoulder grooves. The size of my... READ MORE

Inspired by my 19 Year Old Daughter to Get Rid of my Big and Saggy Boobs! - Towson, MD

I've been lurking on this site for the past couple of weeks; being able to read all of the other blogs and reviews has given me the courage to share thoughts and feelings that I've never expressed 'out loud' before. Quite honestly, I'm kind of mortified that I'm sharing with complete... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 1 Kid, Much Needed Breast Reduction

Hi, I'm in the process of getting a breast reduction. Just like most women on here I've been suffering from heavy breast most of my life. After I had my son I went from 38D to 38DDD(Victoria secret bras) and these girls are dragging me down. I am 5'3 155 lbs. I went to my first consultation... READ MORE

41 Year Old, 36G (No Children) - Looking for Relief - San Diego, CA

First off, I'm 41 and I stand at 5’5”. I have no children, and currently weigh 155 pounds. I've seen something similar to my story repeated on here by so many women. This is a bit long, but it's partly for me to just get it down, like a journal of sorts. I got my breasts as a young lady, and the... READ MORE

25 Years Old! NO Kids. 30K - Grand Rapids, MI

VERY excited to say that I received the phone call to schedule my surgery! I only had my consultation on Monday and it's Friday. I can't believe I heard back so quickly. I definitely meet the criteria for my insurance, and even though I'll so have several thousands to pay I know it's going to be... READ MORE

Breast Reduction in Progress - Cary, NC

My story is the same as many other women on this site for this procedure. I started to grow breast pretty early and have always been a large size. I am currently a 40H. I experience daily pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I am always trying to do things to hide my size but of course it... READ MORE

Can't believe I waited so long!

Boobs have always been too big for my liking since I was young and they were high and perky. After aging gravity is a bitch. Slight asymmetry is now 2 cup size difference one C one Dd. Back neck, and shoulders have always killed me. I've always wanted reduction since I turned 14 and got breast.... READ MORE

24, 36DD-34DDD, 170lbs, no kids, and Back Pain

I made my consultation appt! It's one month away. I'm concerned about what my ins will determine, because I feel like I may not be big enough based on my BMI and bra size. I'm a little curvy and pretty tall. I don't think I'm really disproportionate but I feel like I could be 2 sizes smaller and... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 2 Kids, 38J - Memphis, TN

With months of continued back and neck pain, being on pain killers and muscle relaxers I will finally have my first consultation on Jan 4th. I am currently about a 38J with the hopes for going down to either a full C cup or small D cup. Super excited but super nervous also. Not sure what all... READ MORE

Dr Sultan Hassan - Breast Reduction May 2017

I choose Elite Surgical Dr Hassan for my breast reduction surgery. I'm 24 years old, my bra size was between a E / F cup. For a good two years I was always self conscious of what I was wearing, I would always wear bigger tops to hide my breasts or wear two sports bras while exercising. I had my... READ MORE

22yo, 30J Hoping to Be a DD

Right, so I actually had another account but the log in details got messed up, so here I am starting again. I'm 22 years old, 5ft4 and around 140lbs with 30J (UK sizing) breasts. I'm sure if you're reading this you're probably not in need of a backstory, because you'll have had the same pain... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 32J(ish), Finally Beginning This Process and Full of Questions - I'd Love Any Advice! - New Hampshire

Ever since my PCP referred me to a PS for a breast reduction (5/12), I have been online looking for all information (and reassurance!) - and this site has been a huge help to me, so thank you all! I've decided to start recording my own journey, especially as how I have tons of questions (that... READ MORE

35 Years Old, No Kids

I did my first consultation and my pre-op consult i also had my mammogram blood work and EKG done, i can anxiously waiting for the big day 6/14/2017. I am currently 36G and i told the doctors that i would like to be 34B, they immediately told me that was unrealistic and I would be between D... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 155 lbs, 5'2, 30G Ready to Ditch the Back Pain and Ill-fitting Clothes

After years of pain and straddling the line between plus size and standard sizing I've decided to finally do something about it. THE BOOBS. HAVE GOT. TO GO. I've always wanted a breast reduction or even straight up top surgery/mastectomy. My breasts have always been a huge source of dysphoria... READ MORE

48 Years Old. Current Breast Size: 38L - Canada

I have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a couple years now. My chiropractor suggested it several years ago, but it didn't sink in that I should get one until a year or so later. I finally clued in why my neck, shoulders and back where always aching and often had headaches. ... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Bilateral Thorax and Abdomen Liposuction

I have been interested in a breast reduction ever since I can remember. After years of asking my doctor, he finally referred me to Dr. Michael Jacoby in Kamloops, BC. I met Dr. Jacoby for a consult in March to discuss the reduction (thankfully covered by BC medical), and the liposuction which... READ MORE

46H That Needs to Go Away

I had my consultation with Dr. Jaffer Azul on November 8th.. His bedside manners are just great. I never one time felt uncomfortable taking my clothes off around him. Judy (his assistant) is a delight. She answered all my questions and even brought me an extra blanket while I waited. The wait... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mother of 1 Ready to Get my Boobs Back

So I have been complaining about my breast for as long as I can remember. I have always had big boobs measured at a 34 DD in the 11th grade. Finally, stopped at a 34DDD after stopping birth control for good. However, after having my almost 2 year old my breast ballooned to a 34 J and very slowly... READ MORE

Joining the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!

Well I have had my first consult 4 months ago and it went great! I feel very confident with my surgeon! I am now about 2 months pre op and can't wait! There isn't much to say right now but I thought I would keep this updated as I go along. I will be having my pre op appointment soon! I... READ MORE

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