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Life Changing Experience

I had a breast reduction and could not be happier with the results. Dr.Leipziger was amazing through the entire process. I went to several doctors for consultations, but I could immediately tell Dr.Leipziger was the right doctor for me. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and after my... READ MORE

Brest reduction

On August 28th I had a best reduction /lift. Prior to my consultation with Doctor George Kouris I met with his lovely secretary Susie and his exceptional nurse Sheila. After completing my paper work I met with Doctor Kouris and from my first initial contact I knew I had chosen the perfect... READ MORE

Joining the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!

Well I have had my first consult 4 months ago and it went great! I feel very confident with my surgeon! I am now about 2 months pre op and can't wait! There isn't much to say right now but I thought I would keep this updated as I go along. I will be having my pre op appointment soon! I... READ MORE

A New Beginning

I am a 43 year old woman with two teenage children, and I made the decision to have breast reduction this year. This is something I have wanted to do for many years. As I have got older not only has it been the physical things like constant back and shoulder pain and rashes that large breast... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - Campbell River, BC

I was expecting the process to take a long time. Turns out I can get in for surgery march 2. The surgeon seems really nice and answered all questions. Explained everything. I'm still not sure how small I want to go. I've always had large breasts and I like that but, the back pain etc is too... READ MORE

Oversized Double D

I was tired of headaches , back and neck hurting shoulders hurting. Due to restricted movement I gained weight Ladies this is totally worth it!!! The worst thing for me was the drain tubes on each side only because I'm a side sleeper. I took no pain medication after the procedure I had some... READ MORE

Finally at Age 60, Much Needed Breast Reduction

I want to thank all of you on this forum for sharing your stories. It has helped me immensely during this process. The information I've gleaned from so many of you helped me be better prepared for my own surgery. Like most of you I developed large breasts at an early age. Between the summer of... READ MORE

32yr Old 32J to 34B

At a 32J at the time of my surgery; so far, I have never seen anyone with a larger, more disproportionate chest size. Aesthetically, I wasn't upset at the way they looked necessarily, but they were so heavy they caused a great deal of shoulder, neck, and back pain, caused winging of my shoulder... READ MORE

BR and BL, 38 No Kids - Atlanta, GA

This was easily, the most nerve racking decision of my life. Up to the day before my procedure, I was asking myself: "are you really going to do this to your body". I almost contacted the doctor's office and cancelled the procedure. I believe we all go through this struggle, as it is a huge life... READ MORE

41 Year Old, 36G (No Children) - Looking for Relief - San Diego, CA

First off, I'm 41 and I stand at 5’5”. I have no children, and currently weigh 155 pounds. I've seen something similar to my story repeated on here by so many women. This is a bit long, but it's partly for me to just get it down, like a journal of sorts. I got my breasts as a young lady, and the... READ MORE

46H That Needs to Go Away

I had my consultation with Dr. Jaffer Azul on November 8th.. His bedside manners are just great. I never one time felt uncomfortable taking my clothes off around him. Judy (his assistant) is a delight. She answered all my questions and even brought me an extra blanket while I waited. The wait... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made! - Los Angeles, CA

I wanted a breast reduction from the time I was 12 years old and developed large breast in what seemed like overnight. After years of clothes not fitting, unwanted attention, wearing two bras for support, and various embarrassing moments at the age of 24 I made the decision that I wanted to go... READ MORE

I was blessed to get Dr. Esta, so happy!

It's been only 3 days since my breast reduction and I am so impressed by Dr. Esta Bovill. I had a bit of trouble with my recovery from anesthesia so they kept me in the hospital 2 days to be sure I was ok. I can already see what a perfect, sculptural job she did on my breasts and I am much... READ MORE

BREAST REDUCTION- 20 years old, 5ft, 34E to 34C.

Hi! RealSelf has helped me SO much throughout my surgical process before AND after so I couldn't help but share my personal story and experience in hopes to help some of you :) I'm 20 years old, 5ft and about 126 pounds and was a 34E. Since 8th grade I've had very very large breasts for my... READ MORE

37 YO Mother of Two, Long Awaited Reduction (32F to 32D) - Hawthorn, AU

I've always said that I would have a breast reduction after having children, and I'm so pleased with the result. My large breasts have had a significant impact on me physically and psychologically, so I'm ecstatic to already be feeling more comfortable and confident. My recovery is progressing... READ MORE

4 Days Post Op and Already Loving my New Chest!

I went from about a DD/DDD to a B/C. The results are better than anything I could have imagined. I am only 4 days post op, but I already feel confidence in my new frame. The doctor prayed with me and even go-pro'd my entire procedure so I am able to help others make the decision to get this... READ MORE

Best surgeon around!

This review doesn't even do justice with how much I appreciate Dr. Poggi and his amazing staff!! In middle school up until my second year in college (last year) I was known as the girl with huge breast. I had thought about getting a breast reduction but I was super afraid of having a surgery. ... READ MORE

Amazing experience!!!!!!!

Dr. Klein is amazing!!! Every time I told someone I was getting my surgery done and they asked who, when I told them Dr. Klein they said they knew I would be in good hands and they were right! This is an amazing office, the staff makes you so comfortable. Dr. Klein even called to check on me... READ MORE

Life changing experience with Breast Reduction

Throughout my life I have had larger breasts I have always used proper bras for support and I have been quite active throughout my life. However reaching the age of fifty my neck, shoulders and back became intolerable I was dependent on medications and fortnightly osteopath appointments. My self... READ MORE

52 Year Old So Tired of Big Boobies! Plymouth UK

Hi ladies, I have been on here reading everyone's reviews for months now and been wanting a reduction for 30 years. I have had big boobs from the age of 14, I am 5' 3" and always been very petite (I am carrying an extra stone at the moment, too much cake and not enough exercise plus menopause!)... READ MORE

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