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Second BR. 34DD/DDD to 34D/DD - Tokyo, JP

I'll have my breast reduction on 30th April . I'm 5.1ft and 125lb and my bra size is 34F/FF. ShockAbsorber can minimize my girls pretty well. It is so rare to get BR in Japan and I had difficulty finding good doctor. Also, there's almost none good imformation about BR in Japanese websites. So... READ MORE

44 Year Old Mother of Two

I've been needing a reduction for years, but was afraid of having scars, but with age you realize it's better to have a scare than to live with cronic back, shoulder,and kneck pain.I did my research and went to consultations. While doing some research on realself, I came across Dr. Harper's... READ MORE

43 Years Old , One Daughter in College and So Excited to Finally Downsize my 34DDD/E to Hopefully a B Cup.

Let me start off by saying how much I love this Site. I have learned so much about breast reductions. I have wanted to do this for over 10 years and finally I am doing something for me. I am very active and love running , crossfit , boxing etc... It has finally come to the point that working... READ MORE

So Far....i Am Thing I Have Done for my Health - Phoenix, AZ

I am 37 years old...38 in June. I was a late bloomer and got a training bra when I was in 8th grade just so I wouldn't be the only girl without some type of bra on.FLAT AS A WALL!!! Freshman year I was finally a b cup. By senior year I was a double d and weight was about 175. I moved out of... READ MORE

35 Years Old, No Kids, 30 G

Recently approved for a breast reduction through my insurance, after being denied years ago for not meeting the requirements of my previous insurance company. I am 5'5" and 133 lbs and a size 30 G bra. At my consultation with the plastic surgeon I said I'd like to be a full C cup after surgery.... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Two Kids, 36DDD/F Hopefully to a C

I've chickened out once, no more!!!! I am having terrible neck pain and spasms, shoulder pains and lower back pain. I am 5'1 and 170 pounds. I've probably gained 25 to 30 pounds since the birth of my son who's almost 2. I have two children, my oldest is 11 and I breastfed both up until age 2.... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Kids, 32gg/34H, 5'4", 138 Lbs - Birmingham, AL

I have had a large chest since 9th grade. It has only gotten bigger since having my children, who are now 6 and 8. One of my breasts is noticeably larger, I have fibrocystic breast tissue with several abnormal lumps (one benign, removed via lumpectomy), and bad shoulder grooves. The size of my... READ MORE

44 Years Old Female, Mother of Two Boys with Low Self-confidence.

Neck,shoulder, upper back pain and very low self-confidence. Clothes didn't fit right, I couldn't never find the right bra, tired of the wearing bra with wires poking my breast. Exercise was painful. I couldn't laid down on my stomach and I used to sleep with pillows under my arms.Now I don't... READ MORE

35 Year Old with 42 H/I Cup Size, Insurance Covers 500 Grams of Removal for BiLateral Breast Reduction/Liposuction/Lift Surgery

I have needed this surgery since I was 18 years old. I finally couldn't deal with the chronic pain in neck, shoulders, hips, and back. After submitting request twice to insurance they approved it. I had 7 qualifications that BCBS of NM required: Chiro, Physical rehab, weight challenge,... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 3 Kids, It's Time for a Much Needed Breast Reduction

I had my pre-op today and reality finally set in. I'm having my breast reduction on June 30th. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm looking forward to having smaller breast.... Breasts that I can work out with and not have pain from them moving around... even with two sports bras. I... READ MORE

39 Years Young 3 Children 17, 7, and 5. 34 E 5'2 Feet Tall 145 Pounds

Have been wanting to do this for years! Always been large chested loved then when I was younger bit after have 3 kids and breast feeding they got even larger, longer, and so heavy and saggy. I became very self conscious and always wore a bra bed..during sex... always. I waited over a year... READ MORE

36 Year Old, 2 Kids, 38J - Memphis, TN

With months of continued back and neck pain, being on pain killers and muscle relaxers I will finally have my first consultation on Jan 4th. I am currently about a 38J with the hopes for going down to either a full C cup or small D cup. Super excited but super nervous also. Not sure what all... READ MORE

41 Yrs Old, Have Always Had Large Breasts, Finally Able to Have Reduction

I've always been large breasted since I was 11. Being 5'5" and weigh about 150lbs and wore a 36DDD bra. I suffer from frequent migraines, back and neck pain. I met with Dr. Lefkowitz and felt so comfortable and at ease that I booked my appointment that day. I had my procedure yesterday and when... READ MORE

42 Yrs , 3 Kids, 36h/I (Hoping for a C or D)

I blossomed early and had DD boobs by the time I was 14. I nursed all three of children, each time they would grow as large as cantaloupes. When I was younger I could exercise and stay slim, and could keep the between D and DD. I became chronically ill and no longer able to exercise.... READ MORE

36 J Very Dense Breast Tissue and Tummy Pouch, 32 Yo

Breast reduction, Tummy Tuck, and small amount of lipo on flanks Many surgeons treat breast reductions as purely functional surgeries. In other words they remove as much tissue as necessary or as dictated by insurance and then stitch you up faster than they should. As a result, I see a lot of... READ MORE

44 Years Old, 2 High-school Kids, Finally Getting BR I've Longed for

I recently found out my insurance will cover this procedure for me, and since we have met our max out of pocket for the year (hubby had a surgery) I'm going for it. I'm currently a 34j (US) and ideally would like to be a C when all is said and done. I've read and followed countless stories on... READ MORE

38 2 Kids 34h Delighted

Well had it done yesterday after stalking this page and all I can say is omg delighted abit sore but spending 2 nights in hospital I would say I'm a c cup but feel so light and no neck pain. Very nervous going to theatre but no need amazing staff it took 4 hours then a morphine drip and all the... READ MORE

BR and BL, 38 No Kids - Atlanta, GA

This was easily, the most nerve racking decision of my life. Up to the day before my procedure, I was asking myself: "are you really going to do this to your body". I almost contacted the doctor's office and cancelled the procedure. I believe we all go through this struggle, as it is a huge life... READ MORE

39 Years Old.

I had a breast reduction on May 24th 2017, the recovery has been long and hard. I am 5 weekw post op and since the 3 week, i have a surface tear under my right nipple. It seem to be moving up a bit. I've seen my surgeon and he said no infection, and it should heal nicely with soap and water. ... READ MORE

35 yrs, 1 child, obese, 42N - not sure which amount to list, billed $50,000 or paid $2,438.39

Like so many others, I went from nothing to giant with puberty. As I recall I went from nothing to at least a C. By middle school I couldn't find anything that actually fit, so I'd buy a much larger band size to get a bigger cup, then take it in to fit at the band. Yay for sewing skills. I... READ MORE

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