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17 Y/o, 38F & Ready to Start my Life! - Charlotte, NC

Hi everyone! I am getting a breast reduction 2 weeks from today and could not be more excited! I decided to write this review because, though every review that I have read has been super helpful, most women who get this surgery are a bit older than I am or have at least had children first. As I... READ MORE

17 Years Old, FF Cup to Big C/ Small D Cup

I believe I am the typical patient in need of a breast reduction. I've been getting attention ever since I was in middle school about my large breast. I have also always felt I was never meant to have large breast. I'm not a shy or introverted person my style choice just didn't fit the way my... READ MORE

17 Years Old.. Great Breast Reduction - San Diego, CA

I'm 17 years old and I cannot wait for my breast reduction next week. I'm a very confident young girl but my breasts are my biggest insecurity, and pretty much biggest health problem(back pains) I don't have a tiny frame, but I'm quite average at 140 and 5'6. I wear about a size 6, and I spill... READ MORE

17 Years Old, No Kids 34DDD-C(?) - Knoxville, TN

I had my procedure done by Dr. Daniel Fowler at Gallaher plastic surgery in Knoxville, TN. Everything was great and Fowler did an amazing job. He spent 5 hours in he OR with me and I have had no pain (ibuprofen level) since the day of the procedure. No drains, stitches that need to be removed,... READ MORE

16 Yr's Old and 7 Months, Ready for a New Change. Boston, MA

Im 16 and a size 36 K I am going down to a large C cup. I've been this size since freshmen year of high school and I have had it. I always was the girl with very large breast's for my age since elementary school. Over the years my self esteem and confidence has gone down so much. Im very excited... READ MORE

Ill Be 16 in July and Im Ready to Live Painless. Long Beach, CA

Hi. My names Bry"Ann im soon to be 16 years old and a D cup. Since the 5 th grade 11yrs old; I have had extremely large breast. What started off as a simple C cup great into me being a 38 G in 10th grade. They give me back pains and they chafe badly to where they bleed and fungus underneath. Ive... READ MORE

17 Yrs Old, 32E, Nervous but Excited! - Toronto, ON

Well, like most people on this website, I have had larger breasts than other girls since I was younger, about 12-13 years old and have been considering this for a long time. I always looked up exercises to make my breasts smaller and tried to lose weight to reduce their size, but despite weight... READ MORE

Under Construction

I'm 17 years old, and my current bra size is 75D (a bit too small), and I've been living with big breats in a way too long period of my life. When I was 11 years old I started growing breasts. They looked normal compared to my age, height, and weight. My puberty started early, and I got... READ MORE

Im 18 ,No Kids, 38E - Baltimore, MD

I am 17 years old, I've had big chests ever since middle school During middle school I was a 36D. They just kept growing and growing. During my 12th grade year I am now a 38E, Weigh 180lbs and I'm 5'3. I have back pains which are getting worse , marks on my shoulders. In between my chest and... READ MORE

16 Yr Old Breast Reduction Only Plastic Surgeon for Me - Danbury, CT

I was a 34DDD and developing neck and back pain. I also was very self conscious about how I looked and what I could wear (or fit into). I was 5'1" about 150. The weight and size of my chest also make it more difficult to exercise, reducing my ROM. Dr. Goldman came highly recommended by my PCP... READ MORE

Best Decision I ever made!

Hi Everyone! I thought i would hop on the boat and give my soon to be experience on my breast reduction surgery in September 2014! I have been reading up on many reviews but there hasn't been many teenage stories, so I hope this can help others my age. I am 17, 5'7, 32DDD and 135 pounds. I... READ MORE


I started to grow breasts the same time most teenage girls do. They were always pretty average until I became a freshmen in high school. The first semester of highschool they were normal at a size B-C. I started to take birth control during the second semester of school and my breasts grew... READ MORE

17 Year Old 32DD 128lbs 5'6 - Beverly Hills, CA

Today was my 3rd consultation with a plastic surgeon and my last, as I have decided to move forward with my breast reduction and set a date. It is currently set for the middle of December and I couldn't be more thrilled. My boobs started to grow rapidly when I was 12, but I didn't take notice of... READ MORE

16 Years Old and Been Needing This for Years! Boston, MA

All the women on both sides of my family have always been large-busted, so when I was too it wasn't much of a surprise. But my development happened so quickly and from such a young age (34D at age eight!) that we actually had to go to the doctor to check for artificial growth hormones in the... READ MORE


Hello my name is Raven I'm 17 .... I had big breast since middle school & it's not good at ALL ! I hate having big boobs & saggy .... Through out middle school my breast grew & grew when I hit about the 8th grade I started having back pain never really told my mother didn't think she could do... READ MORE

17 and a GG

I always was the biggest around...Glad I found this place to know I'm not the only one and small compared to even younger girls. Who would know...I'm 17 almost around 34 GG. :( I am to go and have a consultation... Than I'll tell you more about my chances to get them smaller. This community... READ MORE

17 Year Old 34G - Tampa, FL

Hi everyone! Today I got approved by mu insurance to go along with my breast reduction surgery! I am super excited and will be happy once I get this out of the way. I am so sick of the constant back pain and not being able to wear the cute things everyone else can wear! I am currently a 34G... READ MORE

17 Year Old. Richmond, VA

I've always struggled with self image issues bc I had overly sized breast for someone with my height and weight. The procedure was quick and I was told how every step of it would go. The staff at Dr.Lewis's clinic were always friendly and very attentive. I love the result and I am happy with my... READ MORE

15 Year Old, Breast Reduction Surgery. Novato, CA

All i have to say is that this is more than i expected, the results were amazing i honestly was very happy this is definitely an important part of my life because i used to never take my shirt of not even in front of my parents but after the surgery i had that confiedence that now i can be shirt... READ MORE

16 Years Old, Currently a 28H, 5 Days Until Surgery - Virginia Beach, VA

So today I have exactly 5 days until my breast reduction (and lift) and I am so excited! For years I have had to deal with constant back pain, uncomfortable and expensive bras that I had to ship from the UK (because no store in the U.S. Makes my size), and always feeling disproportionate to my... READ MORE

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