170-189 lbs + Breast Reduction

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35 Years Old, No Children, 5,6, 38F, 178lbs.

After wanting a breast reduction for a few years, my procedure is finally scheduled! In just over two months, I'm hoping to be a full C cup. I was a C cup through my teenage years, then when I was 19, I blew up, and have been an F cup ever since. I'm in extremely horrible pain daily, I even had... READ MORE

Age 43 – 36/38FF/G – Nearly Painless Breast Reduction

I have decided to record my experience for future patients as many of the existing reviews on realself.com have been most helpful to me. When I scheduled my surgery nearly two months ago, it seemed too good to be true. The prospect of buying bras in a regular store sounds wonderful. Not... READ MORE

48 Years Old, 38J, Can't Take the Pain Anymore

I've been big breasted since I can remember. After breastfeeding 2 kids (now 19 and 18 years old) and gaining weight my boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger. I have excruciating back and neck pain, grooves in my shoulders, rash under boobs, self consciousness, etc. I've always hated my... READ MORE

22, Military, Competitive Athlete - Mount Pleasant, SC

I am 22, 5 foot 6 inches, 185 pounds, originally a 36G. Before the surgery I never wore a real bra, I always wore a sports bra to try to hide the fact I had big boobs. Plus, the sports bra seemed to decrease the back pain and spasms. I could always swim competitively without a problem, other... READ MORE

Starting Over- 36G Mom of 3

Starting over - reduction 36G I joined this site 4 years ago looking into a reduction. Long story short, I did PT, had a consult and he said I'd have to go disproportionally small to be covered by insurance. I had diastasis and didn't want my belly bigger than my boobs!!! I bagged it. Ended up... READ MORE

35 Years Old, Two Kids, 36DDD/F Hopefully to a C

I've chickened out once, no more!!!! I am having terrible neck pain and spasms, shoulder pains and lower back pain. I am 5'1 and 170 pounds. I've probably gained 25 to 30 pounds since the birth of my son who's almost 2. I have two children, my oldest is 11 and I breastfed both up until age 2.... READ MORE

35 Year Old with 42 H/I Cup Size, Insurance Covers 500 Grams of Removal for BiLateral Breast Reduction/Liposuction/Lift Surgery

I have needed this surgery since I was 18 years old. I finally couldn't deal with the chronic pain in neck, shoulders, hips, and back. After submitting request twice to insurance they approved it. I had 7 qualifications that BCBS of NM required: Chiro, Physical rehab, weight challenge,... READ MORE

I'm a JChang Doll

I have had huge breast my whole life. I do not remember being smaller than a D cup in the 9th grade. My oldest sister was an FF in the 11th grade so i pretty much knew that was going to be me. My boobs were always the biggest thing on me and my back would ache so bad that i literally to... READ MORE

Change My Life - Massachusetts, MA

I am a 40 year old married mom of 2 kids (12 & 8) and have been in remission from Crohn's Disease for almost 3 years now. When I was very sick, my weight went as low as 109. Currently I cannot get the scale lower than 170 lbs on my 5' 5" frame. I believe it is partly due to my less active... READ MORE

33 Years Old -no Children - 36j - New York, NY - Breast Reduction

Hi Real Self, I am 33 years old and my surgery is scheduled for May 1st. Over the last few weeks I have been going through different sets of emotions ranging from excited- to extremely anxious. I am 5'6 and weigh btw 174-180 Pds depending on the day. My weight has always fluctuated and my... READ MORE

30 Years Old 38 Triple D

Hey So I have been reading on this site for a while. I started the process in October after years of just trying to pretend I don't have giant boobs. I am 5 feet tall and about 180 pounds so over weight yes but mostly boobs. I work in child care and so my back pain and neck pain is not fun. I... READ MORE

37, 4 Kids and Huge Saggy 34H Boobs

I have wanted a breast reduction for some time now but finally had the courage to schedule!! I suffer from anxiety and this upcoming surgery has me very anxious!! I am 5'9 175 and very active. I can't wait to be able to exercise comfortably, ride my horses comfortably, and not have constant neck... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 12/8/15 - Columbus, OH

I got approved for my Breast Reduction Last month and Im so excited and scared at the same time! Im 5'5 177lbs and I cant wait to lift this weight off my chest! I only had to appeal twice and the second time I did it over the phone and ask for my surgeons office to resend the pictures after that... READ MORE

I'm 24 but I feel like I'm 74

I'm 24 y/o 5'4 170 with a 30G breast size AND IM MISERABLE ???? I feel so heavy all the time I avoid anything that will make my breast bounce like steps!! I went to my doctor who btw, looked at my shoulders and was totally all for it ( I had indentations on my sides and shoulders ) I also told... READ MORE

Truly a life changing experience.

This has truly been a life changing experience. I wish I had done this sooner, but it's ok. I'm 37 years old, with boobs like I was 19 again! I am 5'5, 170lbs and I was a 36GG prior to surgery. Right now I am about a 36DD but once the swelling has gone down, I'm hoping to be a 36D, or even a... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Lift from 38G to 38C/D - Plantation, FL

I had large saggy breasts (38G) which were causing shoulder and neck pain. My insurance covered the procedure, so they dictated how much needed to be removed in order for the procedure to be covered. I'm 5'3 and 175lbs. I've had large breast my entire life. I figured a D cup would be... READ MORE

48 Yo with 2 Kids (Now Adults) DD to B/c, I Am 5'3" 180lbs - Exeter, NH

This is my story and tips for preparing for breast reduction surgery and recovery. You should follow your doctors orders. I have always been big busted, I was wearing a 38DD when I had my surgery on 12/5. I may have been bigger than that but I am not sure as I was not professionally fitted for... READ MORE

30 Year Old Wanting Relief, Give Me Strength! - Raleigh, NC

I been debating to write a review but I need the courage. I'm 30 years old at 180lbs and am a 38G/H. I want to go down to a 38 C/D so that I can get some shoulder and back pain relief. The pain is unbearable and I can no longer take it and I can't sleep. I have to stand with my back arched... READ MORE

Breast Reduction And Lift

I am 38 years old, black woman, 5'4", 185 lbs.,I am a size 38G and have 2 boys 14 and 11 yrs old which I had by a c-section. I didn't breast feed but since having my boys I have always had big breasts. I went to go see Dr. Dan Shell of Memphis, TN after getting a referral from my doctor. I went... READ MORE

Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck Journey (To Rid Severe Back Pain & Recover my Hourglass Shape)

I have severe back, shoulder and neck pain from overly large breasts. I've had this problem since puberty. I've also had issues finding bras that fit me well since my breasts are out of proportion and one is a couple cup sizes larger than the other. I am pretty sure my skeleton has permanent... READ MORE

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