1 month post-op + Breast Reduction

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Breasts still asymmetric after reduction.

1 month ago, i Had my breast reduction. I Had a very big asymmetry and difference. As you can see. Everything went well after the operation and the scar looks ok right now. But 1 month further, and the breasts aren't the same size AT ALL. And the nipples aren't at the same level AT ALL. I am so... READ MORE

BR and BL, 38 No Kids - Atlanta, GA

This was easily, the most nerve racking decision of my life. Up to the day before my procedure, I was asking myself: "are you really going to do this to your body". I almost contacted the doctor's office and cancelled the procedure. I believe we all go through this struggle, as it is a huge life... READ MORE

Best 30th Bday Present - New Orleans, LA

Was really nervous.. more about the anastesia than the pain. Wish I would've done it sooner. Very sore 1st 3 days. Nauseous from anastesia.. other than that procedure went well. Was scared to look at them the 1st week. Pain was bearable. Took ibuprofen after day 3. Narcotics tears ur... READ MORE

50yr Old with 3kids and Large Saggy Breasts - London, GB

After breastfeeding my youngest child, my breasts remained large &saggy. I hated their heavy, drooping appearance and not being able to wear clothes without them hanging from my bust and making me look pregnant!. I was desperate for smaller perkier boobs that had a much more youthful yet... READ MORE

Bellesoma Reduction and Lift - Sugarland, TX

I had a reduction and lift with the Bellesoma technique and it's genius! I love that I don't have the extra scar. My breasts are so much more youthful looking than my friends who had the traditional lift. The pain was minimal and well handled by the meds. His Office Manager is top notch. Jana... READ MORE

BREAST REDUCTION!!! The BEST Thing I've Done for Myself! - Atlanta, GA

Omg! So I had a breast reduction 10 years ago and it was an AWFUL experience PLUS they grew back 2x their original size. Fast forward to now... constant back aches, neck and shoulder pain not to mention spending upwards of $300 on a bra that winds up hurting my shoulders. I was a H in size which... READ MORE

Can't Believe How Much Breast Reduction Ended Up Costing! - Springfield, IL

I just got the bill from my surgery and the PS charged $14,000 and the ambulatory center charged $14,000. I live in central Illinois and these charges seem extremely high. Luckily, my insurance covered all but my $250 deductible. I love the new look though and needed to do it 35 years ago! I'm... READ MORE

So Thankful - West Des Moines, IA

Same story as everyone with development early and poor self esteem. No matter how much weight I would lose...I never went below a DDD/G. I decided it was finally time and I am so thankful I went thru with the reduction:lift! So worth it. If this is something you are considering just jump in... READ MORE

62 years old getting Breast Reduction- Fall River, MA

I am like most of you women out there. I have always thought about getting a breast reduction, but for one reason or other never did it until now. In my younger years my breasts were manageable and part of who I was, but menopause caused so many changes and as the years passed my breasts became... READ MORE

Breast Reduction After 2 Pregnancies and Breastfeeding - Newton, MA

Having this reduction was the BEST decision I have ever made for myself. I wanted one for years, but it was important to me that I have my children first. Once I did that, I had my reduction and I've never felt better! My surgery was so much easier than I had anticipated and my recovery was a... READ MORE

Minimal Breast Reduction - Minneapolis, MN

I underwent a minimally breast reduction surgery and a breast lift 6 weeks ago. My before size was 38 H. Now I am a 36 D and I cannot believe how great I feel. My breasts were so heavy that I suffered from neck, shoulder, and upper back discomfort on a daily basis. After the surgery I... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids - 14G Breast Reduction - Sydney, AU

I had always been one of those girls whose boobs you noticed. Not in a good way, but in the way that they were always there. I developed extremely large and saggy breasts at a young age and struggled with my weight. It made going through my teens extremely awkward. I was very self-conscious and... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old, Petite, 1 Month Post Op Auto Augmentation, Lift, Reduction - Thailand, TH

I've always been small with large breasts. My nipples stretched and I felt like they'd been pointing at my toes since I was 22. i had lots of stretch marks, back pain and issues buying clothes. I had my first consultation for a reduction when I was 18- this was a whole twelve years ago but... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Breast Reduction, DDD to C - Anderson, SC

I am 22 years old and I recently had a breast reduction with Dr. Moody at AnMed Plastic Surgery. I went from a DDD to a C. I had thought about having a breast reduction many times before but I honestly never thought that I would actually go through with it. I've had large breasts ever since I... READ MORE

Goodbye Pain! Breast Reduction - Atlanta, GA

I've had headaches, neck pain as well as back pain for years; I was unable to exercise due to all the pain from my breast. I thought this was something I was going to suffer with for the rest of my life, then my mother suggested to seek a doctor for a breast reduction. I researched several... READ MORE

46. I Looked Fine, Just Too Big. Now I Look Like a Train Wreck! - Utah

I have always been big and i was a 36DDD and 5'3.5". I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I opted for a reduction at the time of the lumpectomy. I'm not sure why but the plastic surgeon was three hours late to my surgery. It was scheduled for 830 but he was not available until almost... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever Made ! - Chicago, IL

Was having trouble with heavy breasts for 8 years. I felt like I was disabled and finally decided to go to doctor for breast reduction. It was the best decision I ever made getting this done . I should have done it years ago and regret not doing it sooner. I feel light and free and can't wait... READ MORE

31 Years Old 36H to 36C/D - Orem, UT

I had a breast reduction and loft preformed by Dr. Jon Bishop in Orem, UT. I went from a 36H to a 36C/D. I won't know the exact size until I have healed up some more. I have written in my blog all about my experience. BEST DECISION EVER! I would recommend this surgery to anyone who is... READ MORE

DDD Grandma Breasts Preop, 5 Kids. Saint Joseph, MO

I have no regrets having the surgery. It's one of the best decisions I've made. It's been a month and some days since surgery. No major issues, some separation under both breasts at the T which is common. Left side still healing at the separation, some blistering on the breast. Dr. said lastweek... READ MORE

A HUGE Weight off my Shoulders! - Allentown, PA

I'm a very active 34 year old mother of two boys and have had very large breasts (36DDD+) for most of my life. After several years of chronic back and neck pain, countless visits to the chiropractor, weight loss, and physical therapy, I decided a more permanent solution was necessary. ... READ MORE

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