Working Out + Breast Reduction

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23, 265lbs and 32k: What size would you recommend I go down to? (Photo)

Right now I working out trying to loose weight and was wondering will my breast go down if I continue to drop the weight? Also wanted to know would it... READ MORE

How Long After a Breast Reduction Can U Get in the Gym?

I'm 5'7 204lbs, and I'm up to do my breast reduction in 2 wks. I've reschedule twice to lose weight. The first time I did it and gained it back due to... READ MORE

Losing/ Maintaining Weight After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I booked for my breast reduction surgery in November. As per my doctor, I will go from G to C size (she will do what suits my frame). I've been told... READ MORE

Is 19 years of age too young to get a Breast Reduction?

I am 19, 5'6", 130 lbs, and have between 32-34DDD/E breasts. I started puberty early (at 11-12) and have had at least a D-cup since middle school. I... READ MORE

I'm Worried About Gaining Weight After my Breast Reduction Surgery?

I'm very athletic, I work out everyday for atleast an hour. I really trying to look good for this summer and I'm scared my recovery time is going to... READ MORE

I'm 5'5", 32 yo, 177lbs and losing. Is it possible to go from a 40f to a 38 c? (photos)

Hi I have my surgery scheduled for the 28th of this month. I'm still trying to figure out what would look proportional to my body. I'd love a C cup.... READ MORE

Should I wait to lose weight to get a breast reduction?

I am 53 years old, 5' 5", and about 160 pounds. I am working out and losing weight but I am planning on a breast reduction. I am a 38H and plan on a... READ MORE

had breast reduction 6 weeks ago,is it ok to hire a personal trainer? I need to lose 50-60 lbs. but I don't want to ruin results

Hi, I have about 50-60 lbs that I need to lose, I was thinking to hire a personal trainer, what do you guys think? also is it ok to put Neosporin on... READ MORE

I've just been approved by my insurance company for breast reduction! Now what?

I'm a DDD/E and I've been approved for breast reduction because it'd Medically Necessary. What should i expect when i go under? What kind of pain will... READ MORE

Will a small reduction and small implants help? (Photo)

I have a c cup but they have always seemed saggy to me. I have seen a doctor and recommendations for treatment include a small reduction and small... READ MORE

What is the likeliness for getting covered by insurance for Breast Reduction?

Age: 19, height: 4'11 weight: 96 lbs Victoria's Secret measured me a 28DD/DDD rounded up to 30DD/DDD. I have BCBS,  Have some back/neck pain .... READ MORE

Smallest Breast Reduction Surgery: I'm currently a D cup, what's the smallest I could go?

I'm considering getting breast reduction surgery. I'm currently a D cup, what's the smallest I could go? My breasts will likely shrink some before... READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover a breast reduction?

I use a 42 DD. I have been working out to lose some weight. Gone down from 265 to 230. It's getting harder over the years to continue to work out when... READ MORE

Will 36C breasts be covered by an insurance?

I am 16 years old and thinking of breast reduction surgery for when I am older. I have a very petite frame, I am 5'3" and 128 lbs. with 36C breasts.... READ MORE

Blue Green Fluid along with clear fluid is coming from my Nipples. Would I be able to have a breast reduction with this fluid?

I am 32, about 2 years ago I began to leak a Blue/Green fluid from my nipples along with a yellow/clear fluid. I have had a mammogram, they found... READ MORE

I'm a 38G and want a Reduction to around a C, can I lose the weight AFTER surgery?

I weigh around 210 pounds at 5'2 and i am intending to lose weight. What i see on this site is you all recommending losing the weight BEFORE surgery.... READ MORE

I have uneven breasts. I was wondering if working out my larger breast size would reduce that breast?

I have large breasts. My largest size is 36 H. And i have of course uneven breasts and this is not just a little difference this is a good 2 1/2 - 3... READ MORE

How long will I have to wait to start working out vigorously again?

I go to an intense and physically engaging school. It is dance oriented. The break is 4 weeks long every 3 months and I'd like to do this in between... READ MORE

Why have my areolas become Itchy and numb after my breast reduction surgery?

I'm 8 weeks post-op after breast reduction surgery. I am extremely happy with my results. However, my areolas have become very itchy and at times... READ MORE

How soon after my breast reduction can I go back to taking phentramine?

My current meds are 1 to 2 oxy/acetaminophen a day cephalexin 500 MG 2x day arnica & bromelian for swelling Before my surgery I was working out with a... READ MORE

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