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After having a breast reduction, my breast seem wide and flat shape is that normal?

I'm 5ft 4in 125lbs. My chest wall above my breast and around measures 79cm (31.10in), around the fullest part of my breast with a thin bra on measures... READ MORE

My breast still wide and got lot of volume on them after breast reduction surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had my surgery 10 days ago down from E to c after bandage were removed i could fit in a c cup sports bras but I realise that my breast still look... READ MORE

Curious to know if I could have a breast reduction done? (Photos)

Hi, 23 soon to be 24 years of age... I've always delt with big saggy breast which has always giving me some sort of pain or problem! Its always... READ MORE

How to fix flat and wide breast after a reduction and lift? (Photo)

I don't want heavy breasts back do you take out more tissue ? Then implant ? My sergury was I the end of March 2015 . I am 50 with dense tissue . I... READ MORE

I Will Be Having Breast Lift and Reduction with the Lollypop Incision. My Breasts Are Very Dense and I Squeeze into a Cup D?

My breasts are also very wide and appear bigger. I would like to go down to a B OR SMALL C. is that possible? thank you. READ MORE

Worried about flat, wide breasts if I have a reduction and lift (Photo)

I want to have a tummy tuck and breast reduction with lift done. My breasts were sized at a 38F and they were 34DD before kids. Now that my breasts... READ MORE

I heard that it is a lot harder to do breast reduction when your breast are shallow / wide root. Is this true?

I heard that it is a lot harder to do breast reduction when your breast are shallow / wide root. Is this true? I am looking in to breast reduction & I... READ MORE

Breast reduction scars are getting wider, what can I do to stop this?

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago and my scars were perfect after the surgery, but now they are getting bigger and wider. I recently found out I... READ MORE

What breast operation would be best for upper fullness with my wide set, low and sagging breasts? (photos)

I have Size C breasts which are naturally low on my chest and have sagged after two children and fluctuation in weight for years. I know I'd need a... READ MORE

How can I help these wounds heal? (photos)

I recently had bilateral axilla breast tissue removal on September 16, 2016 on September 25,2016 my incision opened and I bled for two weeks. Soaking... READ MORE

To get fullness in the upper pole, can fat injections be done, or is a small implant better? (Photo)

Had breast reduction and lift in March 2015. I feel there flat and to wide . Should more Brest tissue be taken out and a small implant be put in or... READ MORE

Breast reduction for androgynous/flat shape, not "proportionate": how to find a surgeon who gets it? Is FTM my only option?

46, 166 lb, 32G UK, dense/heavy, no kids, seeking breast reduction. Despite my wide hips, I want a shallow, self-supporting, androgynous, flat, ~A/B... READ MORE

What questions should I be asking during my pre op visit? Can I specify size and shape?

I am 52 years old, 5.1 and 140 pounds. 34G or 36F bra. I would like to be a 34C, but I don't want wide breasts after the operation, that stick out... READ MORE

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