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The Laser Bra Technique - Beside the Branded Name, is It in Fact a Better Way to Lift, Tighten and Reduce Breast Volume?

I've seen the pat response that the Laser Bra is marketing. I'm less interested in the application of a laser during this procedure but am... READ MORE

Typical Volume After Breast Reduction?

I am having a breast reduction in 6 weeks. What is the typical breast volume remaining once the procedure is finished? I'm currently 141 lbs,... READ MORE

10 days post breast reduction - could swelling account for this degree of asymmetry? (Photo)

I am 10 days out of a BR from 30/32E to what the Dr. said should be a C or D cup. There has been a very noticeable asymmetry from day 2 (1st day I got... READ MORE

My breast still wide and got lot of volume on them after breast reduction surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had my surgery 10 days ago down from E to c after bandage were removed i could fit in a c cup sports bras but I realise that my breast still look... READ MORE

Botched breast reduction. Can you kindly let me know how I fix this? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction 2 years ago. I have very little volume in the upper pole, my nipples are pointing upwards and my breasts are 'bottoming out'... READ MORE

How do se convert grams on breast tissus into cc (or ml)?

How do se convert grams on breast tissus into cc (or ml)? Exemple; 160g of breast tissus = ? Is il comparable to implants' volume? Thank you for your... READ MORE

Breast reduction in one breast due to asymmetry, not happy with results (breast and areola size), would like opinions? (photos)

It has been over six months since my surgery and I was told my breast wouldn't change much more. My situation has flip flopped in that the new breast... READ MORE

Breast lift reduction with implant and lift - Revision Rate? (Photo)

I'm ok with the size of my breasts not the location. I'm set for a MM but my question relates to breast only. The plan is a BL with reduction in... READ MORE

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible? Nipples too High and No Volume and Shape?

At my last post op with the dr I was still unhappy. My nipples were still too high and I still had no volume and shape up top. He told me that it can... READ MORE

Possible to get flat/skinny looking above breasts in my case? (Photo)

I have fullness in the axillary tail of spence region. When i touch it i can feel a small amount of fat, it seemes as most of the volume are coming... READ MORE

Should my surgeon be able to tell me exactly what volume is feasible to remove?

I am a 20 year old female. 5'0" and 103lbs. I wear a size 30 E/F. I am trying to get a breast reduction to reduce rib pain due to my large bust. I... READ MORE

Breast reduction after lift? (photos)

Hi i got a breast lift about six montjs ago. Doctor said no need to reduce volume. Now i think my breasts look too big and bulky. Am i a candidate for... READ MORE

Breasts positioned low on the chest & reduction challenges.

Considering reduction. Surgeon says breasts are positioned low on my chest. Despite the large size, she said my nipples are in the correct location in... READ MORE

Is it possible to use your own breast tissue (auto-augmentation) for a lift during a breast reduction?

I've seen photos of women who have had breast reductions done, but look like they are "flat" on the top of the breasts even though volume on the... READ MORE

Should the volume in each breast be the same after a reduction?

I mean originally I know no 2 breast are same shape/ size but knowing this shouldn't breast after reduction be almost close to same even volume size/... READ MORE

Is insurance likely to cover a breast reduction if implants are also added?

My mother underwent a reduction which was covered by insurance and I think I have a good chance of doing the same. However, if I also wish to add... READ MORE

Will fat transfer work for breast volume in upper pole after breast reduction?

Two years ago I had a breast lift and small reduction. After surgery I noticed my nipples were really high, my breast dropped within the last two... READ MORE

Are there any Plastic surgeons in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that use non-vertical breast reduction techniques?

I want my breast reduced however I still want volume at the top of my breast. I want my breast to look similar to woman with implants with out... READ MORE

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