Vertical Scar + Breast Reduction

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Am I a good candidate for the short scar vertical technique lollipop scar? I am a 36DD and want to be a 36 full C

My plastic surgeon wants to make a short, small incision underneath my breasts and I wanted to eliminate this extra scar and just do the short scar... READ MORE

Vertical Breast Reduction?

Im 20 years old, im 5'8" and i weigh about 150lbs. i have size 36 G breasts. i have constant back and neck pain that makes my daily life (college... READ MORE

Wound Dehiscence at 68 Days - is This Possible? How?

I have a small, circular opening along my vertical suture line of a breast reduction I had over 8 weeks ago. I'm young, in good health, and have... READ MORE

Passot or No Vertical Scar Breast Reduction. What is your opinion? (photo)

My surgeon is wanting to use the Passot aka No Vertical Scar Technique on my breast reduction. From the studies I've read, the general impression is... READ MORE

Small open wound in incision at the junction of the vertical scar and areola. (photo)

I am 7 weeks post op and still have a small open wound at the junction of the vertical scar and areola. My PS says that it was a stitch that was... READ MORE

Scar Revision or Micropigmentation? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 15 years ago and have smooth, flat, white scars that completely blend into my skin. The surgeon left behind some areolar... READ MORE

My Breast Changes Shape when I Raise my Arm is This Normal with the Vertical Scar Technique?

I had my breast reduction last week, I know that its very early days but I noticed a day or so after that when I raise my arm my right breast has a... READ MORE

Always had large breast even as a pre-teen. Now a Mom of 2 I would like to get a reduction. Any hope for great results? (Photo)

I've always had large breast for as long as i can remember. Now a mother a 2 my breast are dropping, sagging and i want the natural perkiness and... READ MORE

Numb after breast reduction? 1 week post-op.

I had a breast reduction over a week ago and am thrilled with them! I have just got back sensitivity in both my nipples however the area under neath... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for the short scar vertical technique lollipop scar? (Photo)

Hi. I have been considering a breast reduction for some time now. I have been looking up a lot of different techniques that are used and I was... READ MORE

What do I need to do in my case for a breast reduction? (photo)

Was looking for a ps in Toronto Canada area that does a great job with breast reductions. I was wondering if the Vertical scar technique lollipop... READ MORE

Anyone have experience with a reduction without the vertical scar? (Photo)

My breasts look boxy and are so swollen under the arms, I'm now scared that not having the vertical incision is going to leave my Girls flat and square READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for the vertical scar breast reduction? (photos)

I really want to avoid anchor scar and get a nice small breast at the same time. Is it possible? READ MORE

I am 24 days post op of Bilateral Breast Reduction with the vertical scar (lollipop) technique. (photos)

I'm concerned about the shape.They seem to be tight on the bottom, more so on the outter side than the inside, pulling inward and causing a "dip" in... READ MORE

What is the best treatmemt to lighten the vertical scar and soften the under breast scar? (photo)

I had a breast reduction when I was 15 years old. I am now 32 years old. I had it done at such a young age because the weight of mu breasts at the... READ MORE

Vertical short scar or anchor technique for AU 10DD/E petite 21 year old?

I am 21, 156cm , 55kg and wear a 10DD/E bra. My breasts have probably a moderate degree of ptosis and skin stretching has occurred. What are the... READ MORE

I had a bilateral breast reduction - curved scar.

Its inverted t way...but the vertical scar that is supposed to come directly down from your nipple doesnt... its goes kind of curved in towards middle... READ MORE

I have a rash on both breasts, under the nipple and on both sides of the vertical scar, over the horizontal scar. Why?

I'm 18 and had breast Reduction surgery 11 days ago. I had no drains and did not take any antibiotics. No rashes or anything until I woke up today.... READ MORE

Why would a plastic surgeon choose a breast reduction method with no vertical scar?

I was anticipating the anchor/wise method and wasn't concerned about scarring at all. I wear a 38L and asked that we aim for a D. I was so surprised... READ MORE

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