Vertical Incision + Breast Reduction

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I have a yellow scab over my open wound after breast reduction surgery. Is this something I should worry about?

I'm 6 weeks post op and have an open wound in my right breast vertical next to the aereola.. It now has a yellow crust over the wound. I try scrubbing... READ MORE

I'm about 3 months post op. vertical breast reduction. Will this extra skin go away?

So im a few days shy of 3 months post. Ive been taking photos since beginning. I have what seems to be extra skin under each breast I just had a... READ MORE

Hole in left vertical & also around nipple, right breast 5 wk post vertical reduction. Is there something I need to do? (photo)

Is this normal? Is this infected? My surgeon is away for a week and im freaking out. The breast with the nipple wound has definitely gotten bigger.... READ MORE

Is a Breast Reduction Using Vertical Pattern and L Incision in Fold Good for my Breasts? (photo)

I have had a few different opinions here and I just wish there was once text book answer. Should it be a question of debate based on degree of sagging... READ MORE

I would like to know If the vertical technique will work well for a woman with large, heavy breasts? (Photo)

I have been researching breast reduction techniques and saw that many doctors prefer to use the anchor technique (or weiss pattern) for larger breast.... READ MORE

After a breast reduction over a year ago, I have dark colored skin down my incision. What can I do about it besides surgery?

After having a breast reduction in 2014 (F to D), I am left with skin the same color as my areola around my vertical incision. The scars are... READ MORE

Necrosis after breast reduction and then skin graft wouldn't take, what to do? (Photo)

I had a vertical breast reduction for my 30 bday- by top rated doctor 1 month agoi. Atlanta. necrosis on left nipple and Areola. Skin graft performed... READ MORE

Vertical incision vs anchor: is there a difference in healing time and shape?

Does the lollipop technique for breast reduction leave more tension on the incision than the inverted T, therfore needing a longer time or more... READ MORE

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