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Do You Think Tricare Prime Will Cover a Breast Reduction for Me?

I am 4 "10. I weigh about 118 lbs. my bra size is 34 DD. only because my right one is DD and left one is D.I've been 108 lbs with these boobs before.... READ MORE

Will Tricare Cover Me for a Breast Reduction? (photo) (photo)

I am 5'3 or 5'4, 176 pounds and I ware a 38ddd and 36G (depending on the brand of the bra). I am always having issues with my health because of my... READ MORE

Im 170 and 5'5 , Will Tricare Cover my Breast Reduction?

Im 170 and 5'5 and I wear a 36ddd. I have severe headaches and back and neck pain, my doctor prescribed me some meds to take everyday and I see a... READ MORE

Can I Go from 38D to a B with 100 Grams Being Takin Out?

I am currently a 38D and I want to go down to atleast a B cup. My doctor said he will take out 100 grams. Will that bring me to my desired size?... READ MORE

Will Tricare Cover a Breast Reduction for Me?

I have appointment for back pain with my primary care provider. I plan to ask for a breast reduction referral. I am 22, have an 18 month old child and... READ MORE

Breast Reduction candidate? (photos)

I am scheduled to see the surgeon next month and I am a little nervous. Not just because of the surgeries that I have seen go bad, but I have wanted... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Reduction? Tricare Insurance Coverage?

I'm a 38L and weigh 230 pounds. I have lost 50 pounds since having my child a few years ago, and my breasts are the same size. I have been to the... READ MORE

I'm 5'4, 125 lbs, and 32dd. Would Breast Reduction benefit me?

My question is they said tricare wil pay for the reduction but possibly I will have to pay for the lift? Does it include both? I'm 5'4 125 lbs and I'm... READ MORE

I had breast reduction in January and I'm unhappy with the results. What are my options?

I had a breast reduction in January. I am not happy with the results. One breast is smaller than the other. On the side it looks like i have a tiny... READ MORE

Is it difficult to get approval for breast reduction from Tricare? Is it normal for Tricare to require a date before approving?

I had my consult for a breast reduction. The doctors office submitted my request for a breast reduction. Tricare came back and said they required a... READ MORE

Can I get a "donut" breast reduction? I am 5'2, 158lbs wearing a 40D. And also Am I eligible to be approved with Tricare?

I've researched and saw that the 3 main procedures used is the "anchor", "lollipop", and "donut". How do I know which one is best for me? I've... READ MORE

Will Tricare cover a breast reduction and will I be able to nurse another child?

I am currently active duty in the military and I have always been quite busty my whole life I'm 20 with a 2 month old baby my pre pregnancy bra size... READ MORE

Questions about tricare and breast reductions?

I am a 23 year old female with no children. I have always had large breast starting at the age 13. I am currently a 36 ddd. I recently seen my primary... READ MORE

How likely would my insurance (tricare) cover my breast reduction?

I am 5'7 I weigh 130lbs. I am currently breastfeeding. Before pregnancy I was a 32DDD now I am a 32i . READ MORE

Tricare Breast reduction?

If Tricare approved the referral from my PCM for a consultation does it mean if I am a candidate for the surgery they will pay for it? READ MORE

Breast reduction surgeon with good reviews in Lancaster area covered by tri-care prime?

I'm having trouble finding a surgeon that has really good work that is covered by tri-care prime that is near me if anybody knows of any that be... READ MORE

66 years old with large, sagging breasts. Would I be a candidate for reduction & lift and would Medicare pay some of the costs?

I have gone from a 36DD bra to a 36F. I keep an angry, red, raised rash under my breasts. I have seen a dermatologist. Would I be a candidate for... READ MORE

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