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Best Treatment for Necrotic Areolas, Nipples and Attached Scar?

6 wks ago full breast reduct. w/ liposuc of 500cc+ each side and had hematoma on right breast 9 hrs later fixed w/ suction of area, drain cleaned;... READ MORE

Have a Seroma Following Breast Reduction 6 Weeks Post Op Do I Need Treatment? 5 1/2 Cm

Have a Seroma Following Breast Reduction 6 Weeks Post Op Do I Need Treatment? 5 1/2 Cm READ MORE

Can You Clarify "3 Months Conservative Treatment" for Breast Reduction Insurance Coverage?

To qualify does the treatment have to be 3 months of ongoing PT or chiropractic care, etc? Or can it be 3 months of a combination, such as seeing a... READ MORE

Is Betadine an appropriate treatment for a chronic wound that is finally closed and scabbed over?

I had a separation after reduction in April and infection/healing issues ever since. The first of July I was hospitalized. my surgeon referred me to... READ MORE

How often do Breast Reduction Patients get Fat Necrosis?

One of the Risk's and Complication's to having a Breast Reduction is Fat Necrosis. How Rare does it occur Away from the Incision lines on Other Parts... READ MORE

Do I qualify for breast reduction surgery? Ins provider United Healthcare (Photos)

Hello! I am 21 years old, 103 pounds, and I am hoping for a breast reduction. I have been desperate for this procedure for several years due to many... READ MORE

Best scar treatment post-breast reduction?

I recently had a breast deduction. Everything has healed and now I am wondering what Are my options for treating the scars. Thank you. READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a breast reduction or lift? Size is between a B-C, would like to be smaller B 135-140lbs, 5'11" (Photos)

My breasts used to be larger, and after struggling with anorexia, dropping weight 150 to 95 , hospitalized, losing /gaining while going through... READ MORE

How can I fix these scars from a Breast Lift? (photo)

They're not raised just red and I hate them. What are my best options? Scar revision? Lasers? Skin color tattoo? READ MORE

Open wound 4 weeks after breast reduction. (photo)

I had a black scab-like thing on my left breast which fell off about 5 days ago. I'm now left with this open wound. Is this normal? How do I treat it?... READ MORE

Can I get to 34B? And am I good candidate? Think insurance will cover?

I'm a 34 DDD 5'8 158 lbs 27.5 cm from collar bone to nipple I have wanted smaller breasts since I was 16. I have all the same problems/symptoms as all... READ MORE

How long after my breast reduction can I get my nipples pierced? (Photo)

How long after surgery can I get my nipples pierced? I am just over 8 weeks post op now. I started scar treatment at 4.5 weeks and have healed with no... READ MORE

Best scar treatments?

I am 5 weeks post op from a breast reduction today. I saw my PS last week and he said I could apply a silicone scar gel. Just wondering if there are... READ MORE

I am 24 days post op of Bilateral Breast Reduction with the vertical scar (lollipop) technique. (photos)

I'm concerned about the shape.They seem to be tight on the bottom, more so on the outter side than the inside, pulling inward and causing a "dip" in... READ MORE

Wound split 16 days post breast reduction. What can I use to treat it? (Photo)

I changed my dressing and found my gauze sticking to my bottom incision. It seens there is a split or the scab came off too soon. It is currently... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction on one of my breast about 10 years ago I never liked how uneven they are. (photo)

Wondering if there's a way I can get them to look even or if I should just leave it alone. READ MORE

I have stopped breast feeding a week ago, can I go for a breast reduction?

I have very heavy breasts.i breastfeeded by child for 2 years.i lost around 25 kgs.i am 33 yrs old and my breast drooped n skin wrinkled.can i go for... READ MORE

What are complications of and success rates of breast reduction/lift surgeries post lumpectomy/radiation?

I had stage 1 ductal carcinoma in my right breast treated with lumpectomy and 20 radiation treatments 8 years ago. My right breast is at least 1 cup... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and no pigmentation left after large complication from breast reduction. Treatment options? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction on July 1st last year. I had tissue necrosis under each breast that didn't close up until last September. Since then, the... READ MORE

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