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How Long Do I Need to Wait Between Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck Surgeries?

I am having breast reduction surgery on June 1st and would like to know how soon I can go back for a tummy tuck? And after my breast reduction surgery... READ MORE

How long after Breast Reduction surgery (average) is it ok to go swimming, in a pool, in the ocean?

I am in the process of scheduling my procedure. We have a trip to HI planned in 9 weeks. Is it realistic to think I'd be able to swim (splashing... READ MORE

How Soon After my First Breast Reduction Can I Have a Second?

I had my first reduction about a year ago when I was 20. My chest had been at a 34 DDD for 3 years at that point with no variation, so I thought they... READ MORE

How soon after Breast reduction surgery can I begin using scar creams? (Photo)

I had my surgery on December 12th and Ive been healing very well. I no longer have any pain, just a semi large lump in my left breast which my surgeon... READ MORE

Can I Get a Breast Reduction then Get BBL Surgery 3 Weeks Later?

I'm schedule for a breast reduction on 2/27 and BBL surgery on 3/20 is that an acceptable amount of time between surgeries? Or how long should I wait... READ MORE

How soon after abortion can I undergo breast reduction?

I have a breast reduction scheduled for this Monday 22nd but I had the in clinic abortion on Friday with minimal sedation (pills). I was 4-5 weeks... READ MORE

How long should I wait between Abdominal Liposuction & Breast Reduction surgery?

Hi..is it okay to have breast reduction surgery 6 weeks after having ab/back liposuction? READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction must I wait before getting implants? (photo)

I had a breast reduction that I feel left me not as full as I would like to be. My right breast has very little protrusion. The type of reduction I... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago. Is it to soon to have smartlipo on my abdomen?

I know I'm still healing from my BR. I still feel sharp pains here and there where my incisions are under my breast. I tried wearing a spanx 2 days... READ MORE

Should I wait to get another reduction? (Photo)

I had a reduction 3years ago I was 36g and was reduced to a C 38 now three years have passed And I am now double D 38 I've been measured in a few... READ MORE

Which of these surgeries I should I have 1st, 2nd, etc? How long should I wait between each procedure to do the next? (photo)

Age 40, type 2 diabetic but well managed. Married/ 4 children. Hgt 5'2, wgt 170 pounds. Would like to have Breast reduction(40DD breast are loose and... READ MORE

What is the recovery period for basic day to day things after Breast Reduction?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows the recovery period for basic daily stuff… I know you can't do any physical activity for at least 2/3 weeks b... READ MORE

How long is the healing process? (Photo)

How long does it normal take for a wound like this to heal? It's about 1-2inches deep I'm on antibiotics and I have been packing and flushing it twice... READ MORE

Advice on getting breast reduction now and tummy tuck later.

Iwent in for a consultation for a BR & TT Insurance approved me BR. I have the funds in my HSA to cover the out of pocket expenses but not enough to... READ MORE

What is the absolute soonest I would be able to run after my breast reduction surgery?

I am a collegiate cross country and track runner and I am planning on getting a breast reduction at the beginning of this coming summer. My training... READ MORE

Breast reduction recovery time?

How long should be the recovery in the case that i am a dental student (implying i have to bent forward regularly to treat patients) ? Would one or... READ MORE

When should I go in? Breast reduction after breast feeding.

Hi I am 22 I have two children boy breastfed I am a 34k and would like to go down to a 34d if not a 34c. Who long should I wait after breastfeeding to... READ MORE

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