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How Long Do I Need to Wait Between Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck Surgeries?

I am having breast reduction surgery on June 1st and would like to know how soon I can go back for a tummy tuck? And after my breast reduction surgery... READ MORE

How long after Breast Reduction surgery (average) is it ok to go swimming, in a pool, in the ocean?

I am in the process of scheduling my procedure. We have a trip to HI planned in 9 weeks. Is it realistic to think I'd be able to swim (splashing... READ MORE

How Soon After my First Breast Reduction Can I Have a Second?

I had my first reduction about a year ago when I was 20. My chest had been at a 34 DDD for 3 years at that point with no variation, so I thought they... READ MORE

How soon after Breast reduction surgery can I begin using scar creams? (Photo)

I had my surgery on December 12th and Ive been healing very well. I no longer have any pain, just a semi large lump in my left breast which my surgeon... READ MORE

Can I Get a Breast Reduction then Get BBL Surgery 3 Weeks Later?

I'm schedule for a breast reduction on 2/27 and BBL surgery on 3/20 is that an acceptable amount of time between surgeries? Or how long should I wait... READ MORE

How long should I wait between Abdominal Liposuction & Breast Reduction surgery?

Hi..is it okay to have breast reduction surgery 6 weeks after having ab/back liposuction? READ MORE

How soon after abortion can I undergo breast reduction?

I have a breast reduction scheduled for this Monday 22nd but I had the in clinic abortion on Friday with minimal sedation (pills). I was 4-5 weeks... READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction must I wait before getting implants? (photo)

I had a breast reduction that I feel left me not as full as I would like to be. My right breast has very little protrusion. The type of reduction I... READ MORE

Which of these surgeries I should I have 1st, 2nd, etc? How long should I wait between each procedure to do the next? (photo)

Age 40, type 2 diabetic but well managed. Married/ 4 children. Hgt 5'2, wgt 170 pounds. Would like to have Breast reduction(40DD breast are loose and... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago. Is it to soon to have smartlipo on my abdomen?

I know I'm still healing from my BR. I still feel sharp pains here and there where my incisions are under my breast. I tried wearing a spanx 2 days... READ MORE

What is the recovery period for basic day to day things after Breast Reduction?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows the recovery period for basic daily stuff… I know you can't do any physical activity for at least 2/3 weeks b... READ MORE

Advice on getting breast reduction now and tummy tuck later.

Iwent in for a consultation for a BR & TT Insurance approved me BR. I have the funds in my HSA to cover the out of pocket expenses but not enough to... READ MORE

What is the absolute soonest I would be able to run after my breast reduction surgery?

I am a collegiate cross country and track runner and I am planning on getting a breast reduction at the beginning of this coming summer. My training... READ MORE

How long is the healing process? (Photo)

How long does it normal take for a wound like this to heal? It's about 1-2inches deep I'm on antibiotics and I have been packing and flushing it twice... READ MORE

How long before I can have a revision surgery?

My doctor took out too little... I went from a 34ddd only to a 34dd. Surgery was three months ago. Please don't say they will get smaller with time.... READ MORE

How quickly can I get a 2nd surgery? I'm getting breast reduction late Nov. Can I get a BBL in Dec?

I want to get my Breast reduction & lift in November 2015 right before thanksgiving. However I want to get a BBL (possibly TT) in December because I... READ MORE

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