Tightening + Breast Reduction

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The Laser Bra Technique - Beside the Branded Name, is It in Fact a Better Way to Lift, Tighten and Reduce Breast Volume?

I've seen the pat response that the Laser Bra is marketing. I'm less interested in the application of a laser during this procedure but am... READ MORE

Can a Breast Lift/reduction Tighten Bra Rolls on Your Back?

My back isn't extremely fatty and I am going in soon for a breast reduction and I have pinched the skin under my breast how a lift would be done and... READ MORE

Would Medicare cover a breast reduction and tightening for my size 10 F/G breasts? (photo)

My breasts always hurt and my bras leave marks on my shoulders everyday. I can't pole dance properly cuz I have these massive boulders on my chest. I... READ MORE

Breast reduction I don't even know what size to a 32-34b. Is this possible with lipo or surgery? (photos)

I'm 22 yo. I like my 32-34b size breast and would like to match the larger breast to it. So I'm assuming I need only one breast adjusted. I'm very... READ MORE

34G. Stretch marks and loose skin on my breasts. Would reduction help to pull the skin tight/make them appear firmer? (Photo)

I've lost 50 pounds but only went from a 36G to a 34G and now have fairly loose skin around where my cleavage is on my breasts from fat being... READ MORE

Am I able to get a liposuction breast reduction? I am a 40C and I want to be a small/medium B (Photos)

I am aware that the liposuction will cause loose skin but I plan to do extreme workouts to tighten it. I researched that the liposuction breast... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/lift and 'Skin Lift'?

I would like to know if it is possible to have my upper/lower tummy's skin slightly pulled while having a breast reduction & lift? I had HD Vaser... READ MORE

How to tighten breasts after reduction surgery and remove scars? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction surgery when I was 17. Because of having large and saggy breasts I often used to find pain in them. After 8 years, now I... READ MORE

I am now 11-week post 3rd operation. Am I even? I feel like the left breast is sitting differently. (Photo)

I had a breast Reduction in left, lift & implants in March this year. I developed a staph infection 2 weeks’ post op in my left breast, which r... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old. What would you recommend to reduce my breast size?

Im 28yrs old female married frm last 10yrs i have 1 son his knw 8 yrs an i want to reduse my breast its size is 40 an its very loose i want make it... READ MORE

Does a breast reduction involve tightening the skin?

I got a consultation for a breast reduction. My breasts are symmetrical, BUT this surgeon says they go in and work with the tissue instead of... READ MORE

I had breast reduction surgery 13 days ago. I feel tight in my chest. Any suggestions?

I am feeling tightening in my chest on the right more than the left . It looks like it is healing good . I did have a hematoma the day I was leaving... READ MORE

Breast reduction 6 wks ago. What is the cause of this pain and pulling sensation? (Photo)

I had a small vertical incision BR six weeks ago and my right breast which was the smallest before and still is now causes me pain underneath and... READ MORE

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