Thin Skin + Breast Reduction

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Breast Stretch Marks and Thin Skin: What's Best for Firmer Perkier Breasts?

Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Small Implant to Add Volume? What's Best for Me? I'm 22 5'5 and am a 36F. Ive had large breasts since i was... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breast deformity? Are there surgeons who specialise in this? (Photos)

I'm 20 yrs old no kids, my breast have always looked different, not perky not full but every time I get measured my breast have gotten larger. From... READ MORE

Problems have developed from a past Breast Reduction. What should I do next?

I've had my breast reduction over 6 years ago, but I developed sharp pulling pains in my breast and it started to look droopy. The skin was... READ MORE

Is it ethical for a surgeon to perform a lipo breast reduction without telling the patient he intends to utilize it?

I was a 34DDD and wanted to be reduced to a 34D and lifted signicantly higher. I am 5'8" and a size 6 with extremely thin skin. I had anchor scars... READ MORE

Are these skin ties typical for thin skin on reductions and lifts? How long do they stay on? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction lift with fat grafting on Jan 18. After they took my drains out they put this odd plastic zip tie looking things down my... READ MORE

Thin skin after reduction. Is it harmful? Does it require attention from my doctor? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction in May 2014. Went from Double HH to Double DD cups. In April 2015 I had some painful scars excised from the lateral incision... READ MORE

Breast reduction scar revision recovery

I received a breast reduction in Jan. of this year. My scars were perfect 2 weeks after my surgery. I noticed that my scars were getting wider (see... READ MORE

Breast reduction question. I have lost 46 lbs. Need to lose more for best result. (photos)

I have lost 46 lbs 66 yrs old. Need to lose 35 more. 5'2.75" wt 173. My consult with ps said I have thin skin. What's the problem? See dr next month... READ MORE

I've developed a blister under my breast? (Photos)

The skin feels very thin, is it safe to pop a hole with a needle to drain it? READ MORE

Why do incisions open up?

I have a 2 nd consult with ps. In first consult she said I have thin skin. 66 yrs old not on hormones. Does thin skin cause wound healing issues ?... READ MORE

Veins around/under my areola. When the surgeon cuts around my nipple for a breast reduction, would these be removed?

Hello, I am very fair and thin skinned and have prominent veins that run under and around my areola, particularly on one breast. When the surgeon cuts... READ MORE

Breast reduction. Post surg, my doctor said I had patch of "thin skin." It's now a large blister. (Photo)

Had fever of 100.5 and then 99.5 after surgery. Also, dirty tubing that was used got onto sterilized tray & contaminated it. My dr said my case... READ MORE

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