Swollen + Breast Reduction

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How Long Does It Take for Breast Reduction to Completely Heal?

Had a BR 4 months ago. in recovery room had 2 hematomas develop on right breast. doctor went back in at that time to evacuate area. It took about 6... READ MORE

Prior to surgery I was 36 FF. Breast Reduction Complications? (photo)

Prior to the surgery I was a 36FF My PS removed 700 grams / 800 grams. During the 1st week I was swollen my right breast got blisters. 1 week post my... READ MORE

Is my left breast swollen beyond what is considered normal? (photo)

I am 5 days post-op...reduction w new Silicone and lift. From 36J to approx 34D-DD. PS also did some lipo of my sides. My right breast feels fine..but... READ MORE

I am 3 months post op from breast reduction, and only measuring one cup size smaller (32G to 32F). Will my size change? (Photo)

I am 13 weeks post op from breast reduction. I was a 32G, and I got measured today at 2 stores and am 32F. I was not wearing the wrong size before, as... READ MORE

Doctor says "she doesn't know why it's happening". Do I need to see a different doctor? (photo)

My doctor just tells me "she doesn't know why it's happening" I've had a breast reduction and had to have drains. I think they took the drains out to... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction and Brown Nipple Discharge?

Hello, I'm 12 weeks breast reduction post op, and my right breast still has a few hard swollen spots. Today they started to ache and then I noticed... READ MORE

I had breast reduction 5 months ago. I'm still sore and too big. Does this sound correct?

I was a 34/DDD, I wanted and was suppose to be a C. After surgery I was wearing a 38DD bra, but am now at a 34D, full D large side. It has been 5... READ MORE

18 days out from Breast Reduction and Lift. Should they look this way? (Photo)

I've been to 3 exams since my procedure and the PS says the scarring(pinkish part) around and under my left nipple are not a problem and will heal. Is... READ MORE

12 days post op Breast Reduction, could I have a hematoma? (photos)

Day12 post BR surgery. See my surgeon for 1st time since surgery in 5 days. My right breast is swollen, hard & painful & this morning I noticed a... READ MORE

Is it normal to still be exhausted 8 weeks post op breast reduction/lift? No complications but still zero energy. 47 yrs old

42 DD to 42 C Total of 1100 grams removed. Anchor incision. Pleased with results but anxious to start working out and dieting seriously but dead tired... READ MORE

Is this bra supportive enough for 2 weeks post breast reduction? (Photo)

It's been 2 weeks since my breast reductions and my breast a really swollen. The sports bra I have seem to put a lot of pressure on my breast. The... READ MORE

Could my Breast Still Have Possibly Swelling?

Hi, I had a breast reduction 33 days ago ro reduce my breast from a 36DD to a full B/Small C. I was measured about 3 1/2 weeks after my procedure and... READ MORE

4 Weeks PO Following BR - Taking Keflex but Open Wound Appears Larger; Infection Symptons Not Resolved, Solution? (photo)

4 wks post op following a BR; began experiencing shooting pains, and pain under left breast and up outer side of the breast. Breast is swollen and... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast Reduction w/ lift, my right breast is still much bigger than the left one. Any suggestions? (photo)

I didn't want any implant/s, so the only way how to fix the asymmetry was to reduce and lift the bigger one and to make a lift on the smaller one.... READ MORE

11 weeks post op of Breast Reduction, I feel pain, faint, feverish, and tenderness in both breasts. What could cause this?

Hi, I have been suffering from extreme tenderness in both of my breasts for the past 3 weeks/firmer, I have a swollen lymph node in my armpit which is... READ MORE

4 months post op of Breast Reduction and my stomach became swollen after the surgery. Is this normal?

What can I do to reduce this swollen/puffy stomach. I'm eating healthy, wearing high-waist panty girdles and I still look swollen. My breast... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Complications?

Prior to the surgery I was a 36FF My PS removed 700 grams / 800 grams. During the 1st week I was swollen my right breast got blisters. 1 week post my... READ MORE

Not small enough after breast reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago. I asked to be reduced from a D to a B cup. I am now a C cup and do not feel swollen. I think my breasts have... READ MORE

Swollen Breast/when to Buy Bras with Underwire?

I recently had breast reduction surgery on Sept 5th. It has been almost 3 weeks since I had it done and I am curious as to when I can wear an... READ MORE

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