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Is It Okay to Wear a Wig During Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is a comfort item that I would rather do without... READ MORE

What's the Process for a Breast Reduction, When Would my Nipples be Grafted Back on?

I have very large pendulum breasts G cup.From what I have seen and read my nipples would have to be removed and grafted back on? Is this all done at... READ MORE

After a consultation, how long would a patient usually have to wait to get a surgery date?

I need the surgery done as soon as possible because after i get this done my husband would like for us to move back to his foreign country, therefor I... READ MORE

Muscle soreness after breast reduction 3 months

Reduction 3 mon. ago., left breast has muscle tenderness like it is pulled or strained, goes away but comes back with activity. It starts inside... READ MORE

Breast reduction - would weight gain go to my stomach?

Im considering BR surgery and concerned that if I gain any weight from 5-10 lbs that the weight will shift to my stomach. help READ MORE

9 days post-op from breast reduction! My PS didn't recommend me wearing a surgical bra; will a surgical bra be beneficial?

My breasts are really sore, painful, still having minor discharge. I've read several posts and researched the importance of a surgical bra. My PS... READ MORE

Are there any medications that should be avoided before surgery?

Are there any medications that should be avoided before surgery ? I am having breast reduction surgery later this month. READ MORE

Could previous surgeries have any effect on the Breast Reduction surgery or results?

I am scheduled to have BR in Oct. I have have 4 shoulder replacement surgeries over the last 4 yrs.caused by an accident. Each time the surgeon... READ MORE

Paying for breast reduction in Alberta?

If I was to pay for my breast reduction surgery, would I be able to claim it through Alberta Health-care for some, if not all, to be reimbursed. I am... READ MORE

Is it possible to have mucus in the breast?

I had a Breast Reduction a month ago. shortly after the wound opened up and would not stop oozing yellowish liquid. A culture showed that there was an... READ MORE

Would there be any reason for the fake underware you put on for surgery be removed during a breast reduction and lift surgery?

While in the recovery room, I began getting dressed and realized the fake sterile undies they gave me to wear, which I wore into the operating room,... READ MORE

Is additional surgery always required with post-op (breast reduc/lift) hematoma? Is it safe to "wait and see"?

I am 2wks post op today. (sutures gone) The night of surgery, I devloped a hematoma in rt breast. My surgeon assured me it would resolve itself.... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery - Can you explain what steps happens during the procedure?

I'm interested in getting a reduction and want to understand the surgery process. Do you have to be put under general anesthesia or can you be... READ MORE

What's a Breast Reduction?

Can you explain the surgery process for me? READ MORE

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