Surgery + Breast Reduction

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After a consultation, how long would a patient usually have to wait to get a surgery date?

I need the surgery done as soon as possible because after i get this done my husband would like for us to move back to his foreign country, therefor I... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Wear a Wig During Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is a comfort item that I would rather do without... READ MORE

What's the Process for a Breast Reduction, When Would my Nipples be Grafted Back on?

I have very large pendulum breasts G cup.From what I have seen and read my nipples would have to be removed and grafted back on? Is this all done at... READ MORE

Paying for breast reduction in Alberta?

If I was to pay for my breast reduction surgery, would I be able to claim it through Alberta Health-care for some, if not all, to be reimbursed. I am... READ MORE

Would I be a breast reduction candidate? (Photo)

I am 24 years old, 5'5", 145 lbs, and have size 34 h breasts. I have been going to physical therapy for hand weakness and numbness/tingling in my... READ MORE

Are there any medications that should be avoided before surgery?

Are there any medications that should be avoided before surgery ? I am having breast reduction surgery later this month. READ MORE

Muscle soreness after breast reduction 3 months

Reduction 3 mon. ago., left breast has muscle tenderness like it is pulled or strained, goes away but comes back with activity. It starts inside... READ MORE

Do you think I need a breast reduction/lift from the pics provided? Do you think I'll get approved via insurance? (Photos)

23 years of age ,excruciating headaches ,back aches ,neck pain etc! Nervous about getting surgery and it possibly going wrong ,currently trying to... READ MORE

Should I get a breast reduction now or wait until I'm done having kids? (Photos)

I've been thinking about a breast reduction for years, but here lately it's been weighing on my mind a lot. I've already had one child a few months... READ MORE

9 days post-op from breast reduction! My PS didn't recommend me wearing a surgical bra; will a surgical bra be beneficial?

My breasts are really sore, painful, still having minor discharge. I've read several posts and researched the importance of a surgical bra. My PS... READ MORE

Can a larger post op bra affect shape or cause sagging? Scars where the elastic of the bra sits around my waist are sore? Photos

I'm 6 weeks post op of a lift and heart stopped during surgery and I sustained bruising on my ribs and sternum. I struggled with the... READ MORE

How many follow up appointments are required after surgery as long as everything goes as planned?

How many follow up appointments are required after surgery as long as everything goes as planned? Thanks! READ MORE

Breast reduction - would weight gain go to my stomach?

Im considering BR surgery and concerned that if I gain any weight from 5-10 lbs that the weight will shift to my stomach. help READ MORE

Wound separation; what do you recommend? (Photos)

Hello I had surgery 3 weeks ago. My stitches are open. I contact my surgeon and he says it look fine , to just keep cleaning and changing the gauze... READ MORE

Is it possible to have mucus in the breast?

I had a Breast Reduction a month ago. shortly after the wound opened up and would not stop oozing yellowish liquid. A culture showed that there was an... READ MORE

How long after my consultation will I have my breast reduction?

My consultation is July 21 , and I start school august 9 . READ MORE

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