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Is It Safe to Have Breast Reduction and Liposuction at the Same Time?

Is it recommended to have a breast reduction and liposuction of tummy, flanks and back at the same day? READ MORE

When Can You Fly After Breast Reduction and Lipo?

I am strongly considering having my surgery done in the States - if my doctors keep insisting on giving me a graft for my nipples! IF I were to do... READ MORE

I'm 17 and have a 32 HH cup size, Can i get a reduction?

Well, one boob is a I and the other is a HH. i dont have back pain yet but i cant run without it hurting, my bras also hurts my stomach sometimes and... READ MORE

Is it okay to use Tums or lifesavers for stomach pain during your fast before surgery?

I was trying to do a 12 hour fast with no food or water. I noticed a lot of stomach pain from this. I was curious if it's safe to use Tums or... READ MORE

4 months post op of Breast Reduction and my stomach became swollen after the surgery. Is this normal?

What can I do to reduce this swollen/puffy stomach. I'm eating healthy, wearing high-waist panty girdles and I still look swollen. My breast... READ MORE

Candidate for Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck?

I am a 32-year-old mother, 5'8", and weighing 323 lbs. I have looked into gastric bypass and have been turned down cause of insurance reasons. I... READ MORE

Wanting smaller perkier breast & flat tummy. Would a breast reduction and liposuction of the stomach help?

Just was wondering what procedure I would benefit from. I am 5' 4" 145 lb. I'm am a 36 D/DD and would like to be a small C or C. I like the look of... READ MORE

4 days post op Breast Reduction, I haven't had bowel movements. Any suggestions?

I just had a breast reduction 4 days ago. However, I haven't had a bowel movement in almost a week...I know the medicine causes constipation. When... READ MORE

Painful and unsightly scars - 11 months post-op. (photos)

My surgery was on 15 April 2016 . I am in pain and I need advise. I have tried the scar gel as advised without result. My surgeon says he will try... READ MORE

I want a breast reduction and tummy tuck. How can I achieve a good breast shape and body contour? (Photo)

I am 5'7", weigh 165lbs. My breasts and stomach have both suffered from weight loss and having children. I am keen to have a breast reduction and lift... READ MORE

Can I get help with my tummy and breast? Will insurance cover breast reduction? (Photo)

I want help with my tummy n breast. Does glencore medscheme pays for breast reduction READ MORE

Breast Reduction and stomach liposuction at the same time?

Just turned 60 and am considering having a breast reduction but only if I can have stomach liposuction at the same time. I am 5 ft tall and my breasts... READ MORE

Do I qualify for a breast reduction? (photos)

My back, shoulder and stomach pain has become unbearable. The chafing and constant sores under my breast burn like crazy. I am unable to do any... READ MORE

Breast reduction - would weight gain go to my stomach?

Im considering BR surgery and concerned that if I gain any weight from 5-10 lbs that the weight will shift to my stomach. help READ MORE

I was a 34 j before my Breast Reduction on July 29, 2014. When can I start to work on my stomach?

I was told a breast reduction was the best option for the relief of pain due to ruptured disk in my neck and back! I have to admit I was not surprised... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/lift and 'Skin Lift'?

I would like to know if it is possible to have my upper/lower tummy's skin slightly pulled while having a breast reduction & lift? I had HD Vaser... READ MORE

Do other parts of your body gain more fat if you gain weight after breast reduction surgery?

My sister had breast reduction surgery about 2 years ago. Since then, she has put on about 25 pounds. While her breasts have only gotten a little... READ MORE

I am four weeks post op breast reduction and I have very tender and soreness on my stomach. Is this normal?

I am four weeks post op breast reduction and I have very tender and sore to the touch feeling on my upper abdomen near my breast area and on my... READ MORE

After 5 months of surgery two knots appear in the other breast.

I had a breast reduction 12/23/15, last month I had a nice think lump appear following some pain. My doctor ordered it to be x-ray, then they... READ MORE

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