Sports Bra + Breast Reduction

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Is It Ok to Not Wear a Surgical Bra or a Sports Bra After a Breast Reduction?

I just had a breast reduction (from a h to a c) four days ago. I went for an Appointment today and he took the drains out and the bandages off and... READ MORE

Can't Get Enough Support for 38DD Breasts

Age 30, mother of 3, 5'6, 200 lbs, wear a size 38DD bra. wear a regular bra and a sports bra on top. never feels like i have enough support. my... READ MORE

3 weeks post-breast reduction - noticed small hole at T junction with white/yellow discharge. Should I be concerned? (photo)

Since about 5 days ago when I take my sports bra off to shower, there is a bit of yellowish dried discharge where the bra sits under my right breast... READ MORE

I Have Breast Reducion 10 Days Ago and Today I Have a New Sport Bra and It Feel Really Tight is OK to Wear This Bra?

I have breast reducion 10 days ago and today i have a new sport bra and it feel really tight is OK to wear this bra? READ MORE

18 Days and Wanting to Take a Break from Sports Bra?

My doctor wants me to wear a sports bra for 4 weeks post op breast reduction. I just want a few hours a day to break from the bra. Would it be ok or... READ MORE

Will the cost of a breast reduction from a C to an A cup be covered for athletic purposes? (photos)

I'm 18, 130 lbs, 5'3, and I'm very athletic. I find myself wearing two sports bras when I run (I'm a competitive runner) to limit uncomfortable... READ MORE

Why such disparity in what type of bras to wear postop breast reduction? (photo)

Why such disparity in what type of bras to wear post-op breast reduction. Some of the PS say wear an underwire so you don't get flat breasts and... READ MORE

very sore at incision site 2 weeks after breast reduction. Relief?

I had a breast reduction on 4/26/14 it is now 2 weeks post 5/7/14. I am VERY sore/ tender where my incisions are. It hurts with sports bra on and off.... READ MORE

Please help me understand how this works? (photos)

What size Sports bra I get ? I have size M that's comfy but hope it's not too fitted ? I have stitches that go away on there on didn't have to stay in... READ MORE

I'm 15 yrs old, 34G, 5'4, and 150 lbs. Is breast reduction a possible choice for me?

I am 15, I currently wear a 34G. I'm 5'4 and around 150 lbs. I've recently had to quit playing soccer which I've played since I was 6, due to back... READ MORE

Post op bras?

I am 2 days post op and was told to wear a sports bra. However, i find it irritates my bottom incisions. I was wondering if i could wear a very tight... READ MORE

Is it safe to go back to horseback riding after BR with implants? (Photo)

Hey I am 6 weeks after my BR/Lift with small implants. My PS did give me his ok to go back to my horseback riding. I ride at least 5 times a week. I... READ MORE

Can my breast reduction be covered by Obama care?

Im 5'0 and 140 pounds and i wear a DDD in bra size. I have had back problems all my life and the top of back is starting to arch and ache every day. I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 24 years old with no children and I do not plan to have any. Lately, my left breast had been giving me troubles with pain. Would I qualify for a... READ MORE

I'm 15 with size 30EE breasts in England, can I get a breast reduction?

I love to run but had to give up due to the pain caused even whilst wearing a heavy duty sports bra. They have given me dents in my shoulders, regular... READ MORE

Can I use something over the counter on incision to help it to close? I'm 3 weeks post op breast reduction surgery. (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post op breast reduction surgery, and one of my wounds is troublesome at the T point. My doctor removed all dressings, and I wear a... READ MORE

Breast reduction scar widening. Any suggestions? (photos)

I received a breast reduction Jan 14, 2016, anchor style. My wounds closed up nicely about 2 weeks after my procedure. I am now 3 monts post-op. The... READ MORE

What garments you recommend for patients that have had breast reduction by liposuction? And for how long? (photos)

Tried the Veronique - feels weird & isn't compressive. Sports bra - the seams were bothering my bruising. My PS's office is at a loss as well - I... READ MORE

I am 19 and around 170 lbs . My chest is maybe a DD possibly bigger. (photo)

I am 19 and around 170 lbs . My chest is maybe a DD possibly bigger I wear 2 sports bras to keep my chest lighter and make them easier to manage. I... READ MORE

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