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The Laser Bra Technique - Beside the Branded Name, is It in Fact a Better Way to Lift, Tighten and Reduce Breast Volume?

I've seen the pat response that the Laser Bra is marketing. I'm less interested in the application of a laser during this procedure but am... READ MORE

Breast Reduction- Pouch/ Fold underneath- surgical error or will it disappear?

Just had breast reduction a month ago. I dont like the pouch or extra fold underneath my right breast. Will this disappear and should I be worried. It... READ MORE

Skin around nipple dark and falling off after breast reduction. Will I lose the entire nipple? (Photo)

I am 1 week post op from breast reduction. The doctor noticed at my second post op dark colored skin on the areola. After doing multiple dressing... READ MORE

I Understand That Skin is Removed During a Breast Reduction. How is the Amount of Skin Removed Determined?

I am a 38DD with breast ptosis, looking to be reduced to a large B/small C cup. I am interested to know how this is determined in a general sense. Thanks! READ MORE

Is there such a thing as a Breast Reduction without removal of skin? (Photo)

Having a Breast Reduction done on Jan 8, 2015. My plastic Surgeon explained to me that he wouldn't remove any skin, but simply pull my skin together... READ MORE

Nipple necrosis? (photo)

10 days post op from a reduction. the skin has started peeling off my it necrotic? READ MORE

Can I get my chest revised so the breasts are symmetrical and I could wear a low cut top without the scars showing?(photos)

I had a breast reduction done 7 years ago and a scar revision surgery done 5 years ago, however I'm still very unhappy with the appearance of my... READ MORE

My wound won't heal after Breast Reduction, what do I do? (Photos)

Wound that won't heal. My surgeon said because I was so huge that she had to pull it tight and that skin died. That part got infected and she cut that... READ MORE

Should one have skin removed when Liposuction is done in a Breast Reduction if one is older, 56?

I so appreciate having this forum  to read about similar experiences.  i am scheduled for breast reduction in one week.  while doing my... READ MORE

Skin peeling off after breast reduction - 2 weeks post-op. (photo)

I had a breast reduction done about 2 weeks ago. I was checking my breast today and noticed the skin around the incision is peeling off and showing... READ MORE

After my breast reduction (1000 grams removed 2 weeks ago) I've noticed a few things. (Photos)

Itchy breast flaky skin on breast Surgical tape unraveling (I can see the incision) Yellow discharge from exposed incision (not smelly or hot) Are... READ MORE

Black woman 15 years post op breast reduction surgery - what can i use for non-surgery scarring? (photos)

My doctor suggestions use mederma scarring gel which did nothing, then we tried steroid injection it did flatten the raised skin from aeorla thats it,... READ MORE

Where do I go from here? One breasts is much smaller, less full all around after reduction. (Photos)

I had a breast reduction on both breasts, but one turned out much smaller, less full all around, and has a weird double skin flap. My surgeon suggests... READ MORE

Does the skin removal count in overall grams removed?

I have extremely saggy breasts after breastfeeding 3 children. I tried to get my insurance to qualify me,the Dr. explained that based on the chart... READ MORE

I have stopped breast feeding a week ago, can I go for a breast reduction?

I have very heavy breasts.i breastfeeded by child for 2 years.i lost around 25 kgs.i am 33 yrs old and my breast drooped n skin wrinkled.can i go for... READ MORE

What's exactly happening to my skin? I am 15 days post breast reduction. (Photos)

After I took the surgical tape off maybe a week after I noticed this gapping hole leaking thick green discharge. As you can tell it's deep. What's... READ MORE

Does poor skin quality always mean results won't last? (photos)

I had a reduction in Feb. Not enough mass or skin were removed. After speaking to my surgeon he was able to go back and relift/reduce and take off... READ MORE

Breast Lift 1 week ago, all of the skin /tissue has come off, now cold. What should I do? (photos)

It was about day 3 all the areola and the nipple first layer of skin came off. Went to the dr. She said it was ok we see in the next few days. Well... READ MORE

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