Silicone Implant + Breast Reduction

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Is my left breast swollen beyond what is considered normal? (photo)

I am 5 days post-op...reduction w new Silicone and lift. From 36J to approx 34D-DD. PS also did some lipo of my sides. My right breast feels fine..but... READ MORE

Gel Silicone Sheets & Breast Reduction?

Should you use vertical/anchor incision scar treatment gel silicone sheets after the sutures have been taken out as preventive treatment for scars... READ MORE

Can I Reduce my Implants From 325CC to 250CC if the Pocket is not Made Smaller?

6 Mos. Ago I Had 325 Hi Profile Smooth Mentor Sil. Implants Put in Behind the Muscle. I'd like to reduce the implants to 250cc. My Dr. recommends... READ MORE

Blister like area popped under areola stitching? (photo)

Had a donut lift with with silicone implant unders via under breast 8 weeks ago. A blister like spot appeared under my areola stitching. Upon slight... READ MORE

I'm 6 week po breast reduction (anchor technique). What is this "extra fold or crease"? (photos)

Healing is going well but I have a weird "crease or fold" in my right breast. It's been like this since I came out of surgery. I'm wearing silicone... READ MORE

Breast Reduction + Implants and Capsular Contracture - What Should I Do?

Had breast reduction w/silicone impl same time ~ 1yr ago,D to B. Wanted breast that look full& my surgeon said can't achieve with reduct.... READ MORE

I now have an open wound 6 months post op. What is it? What caused it? How do I fix it? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op breast reduction with silicone textured implants. I've had a couple spitting sutures that came and went but suddenly this spot... READ MORE

Do I have Symmastia? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post op from breast reduction, lift and 375cc silicone implants under muscles. My skin is lifted off my sternum, causing a "bridge"... READ MORE

Will I need to do a Lift after explanting to avoid sagging on sides and volume loss? (photos)

Age 27 negative A (4 kids) never breast fed. I was always small and never gained any tissue after kids. I went to a large C/D with original surgery... READ MORE

Saggy breast reduction happens. When and what to do? (photos)

I have just had a very successful and beautiful breast reduction!!! My Dr. said they'll eventually get saggy in age. My question is how long after a... READ MORE

Will I be able to get a breast reduction & implant removal covered by insurance (Blue Cross of CA)? (Photos)

I am 56 yo and have had 2 previous breast reductions, 1 at about 20 & 30 yrs. About 10 yrs ago I went to a plastic surgeon requesting a lift and... READ MORE

Breast has developed a sore 5 months post breast reduction / silicone implant / lift surgery. (photos)

I just got home from vacation & noticed an open sore underneath my left nipple. Seeping a little blood mixed with other clear liquid. I have never... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a breast reduction and keep prior implants?

Two years ago I underwent a breast lift with low profile silicone implants placed behind the muscle to provide upper breast fullness. Prior to the... READ MORE

Can I have a breast reduction after breast augmentation?

I had recently did a breast augmentation but it seem like my breast is too big I want to know can I get a breast reduction done right after or do I... READ MORE

Why the huge difference in length of surgery for revision? Which surgeon should I choose?

Had BR with implants in Jan.Implants for upperpole and shape.Wanted B from DD PS recom. C to small D. Agreed to C. Breast size same after BR but... READ MORE

Would a breast reduction, possibly with a lift be a good choice for me?

June 2015 I got a lift with implants. I was already a full D, sometimes DD but now I'm full DDD. I have silicone, under the muscle implants. (I think... READ MORE

Should I be worried about general anesthesia for a breast reduction after getting one silicone buttock shot 9 yrs ago?

9 years ago, I tried black market buttock silicone injections. After one injection I had the person stop. I had anxiety afterwards, and went to the... READ MORE

Will OHIP cover Breast reduction after having implants removed?

I had my 350cc saline implants removed 18 months ago and since then they have 'fluffed up' to about the same size as pre removal. I had them removed... READ MORE

How much would a reduction cost?

Have encapsulated breast and got DDD saline when I asked for full C, just hate them, want silicone, reduction and lift READ MORE

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