Seroma + Breast Reduction

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How Long Do Seromas Last?

I had breast reduction surgery 8 weeks ago and little has changed. I have complained to my PS that this is not the size I wanted to be. He said that... READ MORE

Seroma Under the Armpit, What Treatment is Best when Draining is Not Work? Who Are the Best Doctors for Treatment? (photo)

My daughter just had her baby. While pregant she developed fat tiss.Two weeks after giving birth my daughter had surgery to remove excess breast... READ MORE

Cellulitis and Seromas After Large Breast Reduction. Ct with Contrast or Sonogram or Both?

My wound care clinic wanted to do a ct with contrast to see whats going on inside by breast. Found for seromas/pockets and the one breast that still... READ MORE

Still in Pain After Seromas Were drained, Do I Have Other Options?

I developed post surgical seromas in bilateral breasts about 2 weeks post reduction. I did have them drained about 15ml removed. I saw my plastic... READ MORE

Have a Seroma Following Breast Reduction 6 Weeks Post Op Do I Need Treatment? 5 1/2 Cm

Have a Seroma Following Breast Reduction 6 Weeks Post Op Do I Need Treatment? 5 1/2 Cm READ MORE

4 months post-op breast reduction. Seroma and flat spot on left breast. Also small. How can this be fixed? (photos)

I had breast reduction in January I developed a seroma now I have a flat spot on my left breast and it is considerably smaller. How can this be... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction and lift 8 1/2 weeks ago. Should my breast be swollen, hard, & tender?

I had a breast reduction and lift (lollipop procedure) on July 30th. After 5 weeks I felt pressure in my right breast. That Monday 9/8 morning I awoke... READ MORE

Breast reduction - have I done something (incredibly) stupid?

My right breast was incredibly hard. THe op was in June. And I used my fingers to break up the tissue. My breast is now very soft but the tissue is... READ MORE

I developed seromas in both breasts after a reduction. Is this normal?

They left indentations by my armpits and I was having pain. He said the skin had adhered to my breast bone. He said he was going to fix this for me.... READ MORE

Will I need to get a second surgery to fix a "pouch" formed by a seroma, or will it go away on it's own?

I am 6 weeks post-op for a bilateral breast reduction. At my 4 week follow-up, my doctor saw a "pouch" forming under my left breast. He removed some... READ MORE

3 months post op today and want to know if my recovery is typical?

I have lumps on both breasts at the end of the incision lines and they often catch on clothing, limiting what type of bra I can wear. I also still... READ MORE

I have fluid draining 6 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I have an opening under my breast. I was told it was 9 cm deep and they are packing it with gauze soaked in betadine I believe it's called. however... READ MORE

Is fast swelling one week after surgery normal?

I did my breast reduction surgery about 8 days ago. Everything went well for the first week. But since yesterday I started having swelling on my left... READ MORE

I have a 5cm seroma in my right breast. Any suggestions?

I have a 5cm seroma in my right breast (ultrasound showed me today). I've had this problem in the past but this time, I would be happy to let it heal... READ MORE

Seroma 5 months after breast reduction.

I had a breast reduction 5 months ago, and have developed very painful breasts about 1 month ago (4 months post op). I had an ultrasound done, which... READ MORE

How likely is it that my seromas will go away on their own after breast reduction? (Photos)

I am 4 weeks post-op and I still have 2 seromas underneath each breast. They have been drained several times. The first time 35cc was aspirated from... READ MORE

Is it Seroma, a boil or a cyst? I'm worried. 11 months post op. (photos)

After 11 months after breast reduction. A boil like blister formed on my left breast on my lower t incision site below my nipple. It's been over a... READ MORE

My breasts look deformed after Breast Reduction. What are my options? (photos)

I've been struggling with large breast since high school. I was told I have macromastia. Since diagnosis I developed degenerative disk disease and... READ MORE

What is this large hard mass on my left breast after having a Breast Reduction? (photos)

Help...I had a breast reduction on 4-17-15. I developed a large seroma. I had no drains and my surgeon wouldnt drain it. Now I am left with this... READ MORE

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