Second Round + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction 6 Months Ago, Will the Swelling Ever Go Away? (photo)

Hi my 1st surgery in Jan of this year.I had a bad reaction to the steri strips. I was bleeding from my right breast and my left breast was blue. Feb... READ MORE

Post Surgical BR Leaves Hard Breasts?

I have 2nd breast reduction 6 months ago. Both breasts have scar tissue, however, right breast tissue consists of one large abnormal shaped hard lump.... READ MORE

I Had Bilateral Axillary Breast Tissue Surgically Excised About One Year Ago but It Has Now Grown Back; Seeking Advice?

I am wondering if a second surgery is an option, or if it would just grow back again. The consistency of the tissue if different due to the formation... READ MORE

Is it True That If You Get A Second Breast Reduction, Your Nipples Turn Black and Fall Off?

I live in Canada and the jugs r so big I hate a braw the straps dif in ... I have dents in my shoulders ... I had my first one like 23 yrs ago and and... READ MORE

I'm Really Depressed with my 2nd Outcome of Breast Reduction. I'm Not What I Expected to Look Like?

I'm 25 years old now and I have had 2 Breast Reductions... I'm up at night crying some nights because every time I see pictures of other woman who... READ MORE

I Have Had Two Breast Reductions and Have Gone Back to Double D's. Is a Third Reduction Possible?

I had a reduction at 15 to go from a 32 eee to a c. After I had my daughter I went to a 34f, so I had a second reduction down to a c. Well in the past... READ MORE

Breast Lift Always Fails for Me?

I've had 2 breast reductions (one which was in conjunction with a reconstruction) and one breast lift. EVERY time, i have drooping and my nipples end... READ MORE

Have Ongoing Bilateral Bluish/red Discoloration. Has Anyone Ever Seen This?

I'm scheduled for 2nd reduction Sept/27. My problem. Breasts are bluish/red discoloration bilaterally. My PS doesn't think discoloration is related to... READ MORE

How Soon After my First Breast Reduction Can I Have a Second?

I had my first reduction about a year ago when I was 20. My chest had been at a 34 DDD for 3 years at that point with no variation, so I thought they... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 2 years ago. I had very heavy breasts before and was a size34 ff. my breasts are defiantly not as heavy now but they a still... READ MORE

How Risky is Second Reduction? (photo)

I had reduction in 1978. Already approved for 2nd reduction but concerned about increased risks. One doc says she can take more than 500g off each... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 10 Years Ago and Want it Again?

My breasts grew after my first BR surgery - I suspect it's due to menopause (not weight gain). , I'm 5'5" 130 with size 36DD. I would like my breasts... READ MORE

Hard Breast 9 Weeks After 2nd Breast Reduction?

Had repeat breast reduction 9 weeks ago. Right breast is firm mound - nipple is concave and breast looks sort of like a volcano with top blown off.... READ MORE

Is Second Breast Reduction Necessary? (photos)

I am 19, 5'2 and weigh between 117-122 pounds. My boobs are size 32 DD, maybe even an E. I had a breast reduction when I was 17, so about 2 years ago.... READ MORE

Second Reduction After FNG/lose Breast?

4 years ago I had a free nipple graft reduction.(no sensation or projection) Then followed weight gain and breast enlargement again, particularly... READ MORE

My DR Did Not Remove Enough Breast Tissue, Should He Provide Another BR?

My surgeon took out so little breast tissue, it hardly looks like I had anything done and am still wearing my old bra's....I am so disappointed and it... READ MORE

Surgeon Recommends Re-reduction Using Inverted T Incision?

I am currently 40DD & having repeat reduction. Surgeon does not want to risk cutting nipple area. He plans to remove 200g tissue per breast but... READ MORE

Doctors in Ontario, Canada, would I be covered by OHIP again for a second breast reduction? (photo)

Hello, I was wondering if I would have any chances of being covered by OHIP for a second time if my breasts were to get bigger and start causing pain/... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Second Breast Reduction with a Family History of Cancer?

I had a breast reduction at 18. I went from a 34FF to a 34C,big C. Ten years, two kids later my breast are now at 38DD. I'm 5'1 and weigh about 150... READ MORE

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