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Breast Reduction Complications

What risks and complications could I be facing from having breast reduction surgery? READ MORE

What Are the Stats on Loss of Nipple Sensitivity After Breast Reduction Surgery?

I am 5ft 3" and a 32G cup and 43 years old. I am considering breast reduction surgery to relieve back, neck and shoulder pains but am very... READ MORE

How Safe is Breast Reduction?

I would like to get breast reduction but im so nervous about the whole surgery because there has been so many deaths or complications during or after... READ MORE

Bathing 6 Weeks After Breast Reduction

I Am 6 Weeks Post Breast Reduction,and Incisions Are Without Scabs Etc,is It Safe to Bathe? READ MORE

Can I Have my Breasts Reduced Completely? Like to Be Flat Chested

Hi I am 18 years old and I was wondering if a surgeon would do this? I am currently about a C cup and I want to have them reduced to almost appear... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Through Liposuction with Breast Lift

I plan to get a breast reduction done through liposuction along with a breast lift. How safe is this procedure and what are the risks involved? READ MORE

Will Smoking Hookah Negatively Effect my Nipples During Surgery?

During breast reduction surgery will my nipples die if I have smoked hookah during 3 times during the past six months. I know the nurse said if I... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Developing Pain from Scar Tissue with a Breast Reduction?

I am thinking about getting a breast reduction. I'm worried about the likelihood or chance of having pain later in life from scar tissue. ive been... READ MORE

What is Breast Reduction Risk and Cost?

I have 40 DDD breast. I am 140 lbs. How much would it cost to get my breast reduced to a full C cup and what are some of the cons of this procedure? READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Cancer?

I am doing the breast reduction surgery this November... going from G to C.. Is it true what a person told that simple mistake can cause a cancer?... READ MORE

Vertical Breast Reduction?

Im 20 years old, im 5'8" and i weigh about 150lbs. i have size 36 G breasts. i have constant back and neck pain that makes my daily life (college... READ MORE

32H Extremely Dense (>75%), Risks of Reducing from H to B? (photo)

I am a lean, athletic, large breasted 5'8" woman with size 32H breasts. The density is level IV, per BI RADS. I would like to reduce them to... READ MORE

Diabetes and Breast Reduction

Hi Im a 42 yr old ,and use insulin for my diabetes. I was wondering how my diabetes will affect surgery/ results? I have 48 DD/ E breast. I have been... READ MORE

Should I Have a Second Breast Reduction Surgery?

I'm 19 and I just had a breast reduction surgey only 7 months ago,3 months ago I started to notice that my new bras weren't fitting right,and... READ MORE

What are the Risks in Having a Second Breast Reduction?

I'm from UK. First Breast reduction (in 2000) used the Superior Pedicle technique according to the surgeon. I would appreciate any advice or tips.... READ MORE

Would Being Anemic Cause Severe Complications with Breast Reduction?

I am 24, 5'5", 150lbs, and have 34H breasts. I have desired to have them reduced since I was in high school. The thing I am worried about is my anemia... READ MORE

I am 16 years old, 206lbs and my bra size is 40DD almost 40DDD. Would it be safe for a breast reduction?

I have been having lots of back pain to the point where I cannot physically get up out of bed or it will give me severe pain. This has been going on... READ MORE

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