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Still Too Big After Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction two months ago. I wanted to be a C cup but I am a small D. My surgeon said in six months he can re-operate and take more out.... READ MORE

Large Areola and Asymmetry After breast Reduction, How Can I Make my Breasts Look Better?

I got a breast reduction about a year ago, but I'm not happy with the results.. I was wondering if there's anything I could do to reduce my... READ MORE

What Happened? 1 Year After Breast Reduction and They've Grown Back.

I had a breast reduction 1 year ago: DD to a C. I'm not a FULL D! How did this happen? I had no major weight gain at all. After surgery we had... READ MORE

Corrective Surgery for Unhappy Breast Reduction - Will I Have to Pay?

I had breast reduction surgery a few months ago & I am very unhappy with the results. I have a lot left over in my bra-line area, & I can not... READ MORE

Is reduction revision surgery what is needed for eliminating hard scar tissue inside of a breast? (photo)

I have hardened scar tissue in both breasts, where there was necrosis during the healing process, after a breast reduction. These knots make self... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction - Will It Make Scar / Sensation Worse?

Had a breast reduction 5 years ago. Believe my true cup size was a G cup, and asked to go down to a C cup. Well I ended up with a D cup size and after... READ MORE

How Long to Wait For Revision Reduction? (photo)

How long should I wait after Breast Reduction disaster before I seek correction of shape and size. Mine are very small very square and have a lump of... READ MORE

Breasts Grew Back After Reduction Surgery

I had a lollipop breast reduction app 6 yrs ago. which i was pleased.Size DD to full C. That same year i had gain weight rapidly and my breast grew... READ MORE

Breasts are 36J. Can I Have Another Reduction?

My Breasts Are Size 36 J I Have Had a Reduction Before 7 Years Ago Can I Have Another Reduction READ MORE

Should I Have a Second Breast Reduction Surgery?

I'm 19 and I just had a breast reduction surgey only 7 months ago,3 months ago I started to notice that my new bras weren't fitting right,and... READ MORE

What are the Risks in Having a Second Breast Reduction?

I'm from UK. First Breast reduction (in 2000) used the Superior Pedicle technique according to the surgeon. I would appreciate any advice or tips.... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Revision?

I had a breast reduction 2 years ago. My breast are still large 34 D or DD. It seems to me that only lift was done. Shape of breast is nice and nipple... READ MORE

Too Much Lower Pole Fullness After Lejour Breast Reduction? (photo)

Hello! I had a Lejour Breast Reduction 3 months ago and although I love the shape, I am concerned about excessive lower pole fullness. My... READ MORE

Revision for Free Nipple Graft / Areola Pulling Away?

3 years ago I had a significant reduction( L to a D) with a FNGraft. Since then the breasts have become larger and the dark areola is pulling away... READ MORE

Side boobage after reduction. Will scar revision help, or should I have a revision? (Photo)

THis is my second post I did add photos on my first one been having issues loading photos lets try again.Its for the fold that happened wasnt there... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Went Wrong: Will Insurance Cover a Revision?

I tried to have a breast reduction 14 years ago but the doctor did one side and let a resident do the other. It was a disaster and after two more... READ MORE

Play Sports And Was Wondering If Having A Second Breast Reduction Is An Option.

Hello, 14 months ago I underwent a breast reduction and went from a double DD in my right breast and DDD in my left breast down to a full C small D in... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction with Liposuction?

I had a breast reduction 25 years ago. Have the report. It doesn't state if nipple was seprated. Over the 25years, have gone from a C to DD. Original... READ MORE

Was Told there was a Risk of Losing my Nipples if I Had Second Breast Reduction, is this Likely?

I had this surgery 30 years ago and do not have any of the medical records or even remember the surgeon's name. I am considering this surgery... READ MORE

Staph or MRSA After Breast Reduction?

About 4wks ago I had a BR. Everything was fine until my left breast kept getting darker and sore. I had to have surgery again and my doctor said he... READ MORE

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