Repair + Breast Reduction

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Is there any way to get rid of the indentations from bra straps after breast reduction?

I have deep troughs in my shoulders from bra straps. After a breast reduction, is there anyway to repair these? Do they self-correct to a certain... READ MORE

Is it common to have underling sutures come to the surface for Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery last year and required scar reduction surgery to repair where the underlying white suture erupted through the skin... READ MORE

Can breast reduction be repaired? (photo)

I am 10 weeks post op and have poor results. The swelling has gone down and I have 2 very different breasts. The scarring is more significant than I... READ MORE

How to repair uneven sizing after a reduction? (Photo)

11 years ago i had a reduction but my breasts are 2 different sizes not one breast from the other but each breast itself. The outer portion of my... READ MORE

What can be done to repair the scars between the areola and breast tissue? Does steristrips prevent incision separation? (photo)

Steristrips were not used after my surgery as my surgeon does not recommend them. After a shower a few days after surgery, my incisions separated when... READ MORE

Would a reduction help? (photos)

I would like to know how much a reduction with lift would help me. Also, can the nipple repair be done at the same time? I am currently a 42 f and... READ MORE

Can 5 FU mixed with kenalog be safe on thin breast skin? (photo)

My cosmetic doctor never told me he was using the 5 FU, I would NOT have agreed to it and now I have a hole in the bottom of my breast. I have been... READ MORE

Can nipple necrosis on both sides & severe scarring after pseudanomas infection be repaired? Will insurance cover this? (Photo)

Ten months ago I had a breast reduction with free nipple grafts. I developed nipple necrosis on both sides, and I had a pseudanomas infection that... READ MORE

Is this ischemia? I'm 4 days post op a breast reduction. (photos)

My surgeon did a great job. My nipple is dark around edges and nipple but will refill after I press on it. I have an app tomorrow. He gave nitrobid 2x... READ MORE

Is there a repair option after botched reduction?

In 2010 I had a lumpectomy, chemo & radiation. 4/13/2016 I had breast reduction due to my breast being uneven & a constant burning underneath.... READ MORE

Fall after breast reduction surgery, hematoma drained on its own and now possible seroma.

Surgery three weeks ago tomorrow...the following day I fell directly on my breasts and had to have one breast repaired in a 2nd surgery 3 days later.... READ MORE

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