Regrowth + Breast Reduction

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Do Your Breasts Become Big Again After BR?

Hello and thank you for you're time.... I had a BR last August taking me from a 30GG to a 30DD although they were tiny on the day.I now feel like im... READ MORE

How Likely is It for Breasts to Grow Back After a Reduction?

Hello! I am 21 years old about 115 lbs and healthy. I just had my breast reduction done in May and went from a 32 DD to about a 32 C/B. I am wondering... READ MORE

Is it normal for breasts to grow into your twenties? (photo)

Having a breast reduction in early 2014 and my worst fear is that they will grow back. At 16, I was a C, at 18 a DD at 20 i was DD and now at almost... READ MORE

Regrowth After Breast Reduction. Am I a Candidate for a Revision?

Hello. I had a breast reduction in December 2010 (T Incision). I went from a DD to B. I am 19,107 lbs, 5' 2".I study dance in school and... READ MORE

How Soon After my First Breast Reduction Can I Have a Second?

I had my first reduction about a year ago when I was 20. My chest had been at a 34 DDD for 3 years at that point with no variation, so I thought they... READ MORE

Breast reductions, birth control, and breast growing back. What are your opinion on this matter? (Photo)

I am undergoing a breast reduction in 2 weeks. I am currently on the patch and have been for 2 years now. I have my pre opt apt next week & I'm sure... READ MORE

Once You Have Had a Reduction Can Your Breast Increase Back to Larger Size over Time ?

Once You Have Had a Reduction Can Your Breast Increase Back to Larger Size over Time ? READ MORE

Should I Get a Second Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 2 years ago and went from a 38F to a 38DD. I had a child and am now a 38DDD. My breasts are saggy, and I've always been... READ MORE

What are the chances my breasts will grow back after a reduction? (Photo)

I am 21yrs old and have no kids. I'm 150lbs and 5'1" I'm being sent to see a plastic surgeon because I am a 38DD and have really bad back pain and... READ MORE

Can you please tell me how common it is for breasts to regrow following a breast reduction?

I’m a 27 year old female (5.4, 127 lbs, eat healthy and exercise). I had a minor reduction 2 weeks ago - 1.1 lbs total removed from both breasts and I... READ MORE

How much weight would I have to gain for breasts to grow following reduction surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery in october, going from a 34 F to a 34 B and was so happy with the results. A month on, I think they might be growing... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction about 15 years ago and the tissue grew back.

I had a breast reduction about 15 years ago and the tissue grew back. My breast are heavier than before. My shoulders are dented and there is pain. I... READ MORE

Should I wait to get another reduction? (Photo)

I had a reduction 3years ago I was 36g and was reduced to a C 38 now three years have passed And I am now double D 38 I've been measured in a few... READ MORE

Am I likely to require a breast reduction in the future? If I get one now, am I likely to experience regrowth?

I'm 18, underweight with 28J breasts. I'm concerned about the probability of future growth after pregnancy/menopause, which will definitely cause me... READ MORE

regrowth after breast reduction

I had breast reduction surgery about 6/7 months ago, my breasts since have grown again near to my original size. My surgeon had told me I had very... READ MORE

What could be the cause of breasts re-growing after having a reduction in a 57 y/o female?

Weight loss isn't changing them at all. In fact, they still are getting bigger despite 20 lb weight loss. Should I have my hormones checked? READ MORE

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