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What is the Criteria for a Breast Reduction to Be Medically Necessary?

What degree of back and shoulder problems/pain are considered breast reduction reasons for medically necessary according to most insurance options?... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Areola Reduction Surgery?

Is it possible to reduce the areola size with a laser instead of cutting and surgery? im thinking of getting liposuction to get my breast smaller and... READ MORE

What Massage Techniques Are Useful After Having Breast Reduction Surgery?

How soon after breast reduction surgery would massage for the breasts be ok? Does this help with boold-flow and the overall healing? READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to reduce breast growth?

I am 5'7 weigh 145 lbs and am 20 years old. My boobs stopped growing for a while but recently have grown in random bursts. Like every few months. I... READ MORE

Information About Areola Reduction

Just want to no how its done, how much it costs and whats the recovery like.I would only like it done to one of my areolas.also where do i find... READ MORE

I Am 22 Years Old. 36DD 176 Pounds Back & Neck, Shoulder Pain & They Keep Growing. I Want a 34C Cup. What Can I Do? (photo)

Ive tried 36H and that bra doesnt fit either my breast keep growing I need help I live in Maryland and have had history of tumors in my breast that... READ MORE

I Had A Breast Reduction And Hate It, Will They Ever Look Normal Again?

Just had breast reduction 3 days ago, 38 G down to 38 D they look awful will they get there natural shape back READ MORE

About How Much Would It Cost to Reduce One Breast to Match the Other Because of a Cup Size in Breast Asymmetry?

One of my breasts is a small D cup size and the other is a small C cup. I weigh around 135 pounds and am 5' 8". I am looking for the minimum cost and... READ MORE

What Body Type is a Good Candidate for Liposuction Rather Than Just a Traditional Breast Reduction?

Are younger patients more ideal for liposuction to reduce breast size without a breast lift? What other factors are considered? READ MORE

What is reducing a breast size 34DDD by half in terms of cup size?

I am 61 yr old woman and having a breast reduction next month. My doctor said that my breast (34DDD) are going to be reduced by half. What is half... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Size too Small?

I have a large 34 H breast size. Does it matter how much smaller I want my end result. If I go down to a C cup, is it going to look too small? READ MORE

How Often Does Scarring Result After a Tripple D to C Breast Reduction?

Does the amount of reduction relate to scaring on the breast at all? READ MORE

very sore at incision site 2 weeks after breast reduction. Relief?

I had a breast reduction on 4/26/14 it is now 2 weeks post 5/7/14. I am VERY sore/ tender where my incisions are. It hurts with sports bra on and off.... READ MORE

What Should I Do? A Breast Reduction Question....

I'm getting a breast reduction on 8/21 and I only have a bathtub, no shower. I see a lot people talking about when the doctors say its ok to shower... READ MORE

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