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Lower Breast Turning Reddish 3 Weeks Post Op Breast Reduction? (photo)

I just noticed within the past 24 hours that my left breast has turned very reddish from my nipple under. It's not in pain and doesn't exactly feel... READ MORE

What is Wrong my Breasts, They Have Grown from a 32 DD to a 32F in 3 Months?

18 years old, 5'4", 100 pounds, not fat - why are my breasts growing so fast and so large? What type of doctor can help me with this problem?... READ MORE

11 Days Post Breast Reduction and Breasts Are Uneven, One is Hard and Painful?

I had breast reduction 11 days ago, I noted the sizes were different straight away, the smaller one has settled down and wounds on both have been... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 3 Wks Post Op 32HH to 32DD?

I'm concerned my nipples are not even sized? Also one seems more puckered than the other, these will flatten out won't they? The left nipple seems... READ MORE

I Had a BR and Now my Nipples Are Soft and Puffy. Also I Have a Tiny Dark Spot on One. Can You Give Me Some Advice? (photo)

My Breast Reduction was performed on May 25. Everything went as planned. I had 3.8 pounds of breast tissue removed. I am extreamly happy so far. My... READ MORE

My Boobs Are Growing and When I Lay Down They Migrate to My Armpits?

There is no implant..... my boobs are getting bigger n when i lay down on the bed it comes under armpits ...... dats it only.... now plz tell me what... READ MORE

Why Do Some Breast Look So Square...will They Adjust with Time?

Referring to the square appearance of some breast...not as round in terms of their protrusion...   I'm having a bilateral breast... READ MORE

Why do nipples appear darker in colour after breast lift/reduction surgery?

I've been doing some research into mastopexy and reduction surgery lately as it's something I'm considering and in a lot of the before and after... READ MORE

Reduction on Friday One Nipple is Black Should I Be Concerned?

Reduction on Friday One Nipple is Black Should I Be Concerned? READ MORE

Does my incision look infected? Why is it purple? (Photo)

I've been having issues with my T incision. My PS doesn't seem to be concerned. He said it is probably not an infection but will put me on antibiotics... READ MORE

Complications Regarding Breast Reduction 34 Years Ago?

I had breast reduction 34 years ago and now at age 57 my breasts are large (DD) and have developed bilateral discoloration , ie; mottled bluish/purple... READ MORE

My right nipple looks inverted and smushed. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction surgery done yesterday morning at 8 AM. When I peek at my new breasts, the left nipple looks normal with stare strips around... READ MORE

Why is the Age 18 for Breast Reductions for Women?

I'm 16, 5 feet tall, weigh about 140, am a DDD cup and wish to have a breast reduction. I meet all the requirements for a bilateral breast reduction... READ MORE

Need Insight - Had A Scarless Lift, 620 Submuscular Implants, Fascia Release, Internal Bra. How Did I Develop a Diastasis Recti?

Had a "scarless lift”;620cc submuscular implants, fascia released & internal bra created. I was taped in a cast for 6wks after. After 5 years I d... READ MORE

Why are my areolas two completely different sizes? They look like they are from different people. (Photo)

I got a BR January 4, 2017. Healing has been painless. I use scar cream and followed instructions to stay in sports bra mostly 24/7. Why do my areolas... READ MORE

I'm looking for a possible reason the underside of breasts look like this. (Photo)

Hi. 2 1/2 months post-op mammaplasty reduction; down from an H cup. I just don't understand why the underside of both breasts looks like this, are... READ MORE

Breast reduction incision opening. Why is this happening? (Photo)

Help! I am so frustrated. I am 3 1/2 weeks out from breast reductions with TT and had kept it taped like I was told and then noticed yesterday that... READ MORE

Why did my PS tell me to not wear a bra after my breast reduction surgery?

I woke up from surgery expecting to be in bandages or in a surgical bra, but it was neither. I had dressings and tape over the areas that were working... READ MORE

Why is one of my breasts hard?

My right breast feel softer normal after my reduction, my left breast feels like i have a tennis ball inside of it.its been 9 weeks post. READ MORE

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