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My Breast Size is 36L. Can I Get to a C or Small D Cup? (photo)

I want to have a breast reduction. I want a drastic change and would like to go down to a full C or small D. Is that a realistic size? Also because of... READ MORE

Breast lift & reduction to go from 30F to 30B. Is it possible? (Photo)

My PS asked me a very good question. Would I rather reduce size OR be perkier? I said I really wouldn't be happy with just one! Right now my size is... READ MORE

I Am 5'7 150 Pounds and Want to Get a Breast Reduction from 40 Inches (30 G) to Possible a C?

I am 5'7 150 pounds and want to get a breast reduction from 40 inches (30 G) to possible a C cup. My measurements are 40-28.5-35. The size of my chest... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from a G (Maybe GG) to a E or DD?

I really want a breast reduction. My back kills, but only started after they got bigger then an E, and I enjoy bigger boobs, so I wouldn't want too go... READ MORE

Are my pictures realistic goals? (Photo)

I'm 22 years old, 5'5 and 110 lbs. My skin is thick. I wear a 32DD and want a 32B/C. Are my pictures realistic? READ MORE

Can I go from a 36J to a full 36D or C? (Photo)

Hi, I am currently wearing a size 36j and looking to get a Breast reduction done. I want to go as small as possible. Is it achievable? READ MORE

Is 3 days too soon to return to work after Breast Reduction? (Desk job)

I'm having breast reduction surgery in 2 weeks. I work at a desk, with minimal movement. My surgery is scheduled for a Friday afternoon and I would... READ MORE

Can I get my breasts as in this picture? Is it a realistic size? (Photo)

Hello. I'm in my early twenties and wear a 32DD. I'm around 5'5 and weigh 110 pounds. I have always been slim and have thick, firm skin. My breasts... READ MORE

Is it realistic to go from a 32I to a 32B or C?

Hello! I was wondering if it's realistic to want to size down so drastically. I'm 5'0, 130lb with 32I breasts. I included some pictures of myself ^^... READ MORE

Is my breast reduction size realistic and do I need a nipple graph? (photos)

I'm 5'2 and 260lbs. My back specialist gave me a referral for a reduction. Insurance (UHC) approved 1000g reduction on each side. Im currently a 38/40... READ MORE

Should I get to my goal weight before breast reduction or does it not make much difference?

I am desperately wanting a BR as I'm UK size 32-34GG. I'm 160cm (5'4) and about 155lbs. I would like to lose 20lbs and I am not sure if it's best to... READ MORE

Based on these pictures of me; are my post surgery results possible? I breast fed for one year. 22yrs old (Photo)

I was naturally a 34 full D... And when my milk came in 1/20/14 I went up to a 36HH !!! I have been done breast feeding for a year now and I am... READ MORE

My PS says after reduction my breasts will not be any higher or fuller than they are now? (photos)

I don't doubt her abilities or expertise but she says that because my nipple is already in an ideal position that it makes the surgery more difficult.... READ MORE

Could I have more than 600g removed from each breast? I'm an F cup and would like a B cup

I am a 38 F. My desire is a B cup. I know my body best. Insurance requires 600-700 grams removed from each breast. Surgeon will comfortably remove 400... READ MORE

Is a Breast Reduction from DD to an A Possible?

I am an 18 year old girl, size DD breasts (one is a D, I think, because they're disproportionate). Is it possible for me to be an A or B with a... READ MORE

I Want my Breast to Go from a DDD to an A Cup. Is This Feasible?

I don't care about losing sensation, or being able to breastfeed. As long as they are small and aren't to terrible looking READ MORE

Is it realistic to go from a DD to B or maybe C and still get a natural look? (Photos)

Hello, i am a 21 Africa American female . I am about 4'9 and 160 pounds . I am kind of over weight i use to be loke 130 . I was told i have DD breast ... READ MORE

Are my goals realistic? (Photo)

I have sifted through hundreds of before and after pictures to find examples of why I want to show my surgeon. I found a few that are exactly what I... READ MORE

Is it a realistic possibility to have a substantial breast reduction?

I was wondering if it's realistic, or even possible to have a breast reduction that removes most of the breast? I am 34h-34j (depending on the bra)... READ MORE

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