Rash + Breast Reduction

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Will Insurance Cover Breast Reduction for D Cup Breasts?

I'm 5'9" with size 32D breasts. I am very athletic and small framed. I would love to get rid of back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction of 38I to 38D Possible?

I have had a great deal of neck and back pain for years (I was a DD as a 10-year-old and I am now an I cup as a 41-year-old). I also have rashes under... READ MORE

Stingy, Red Rash AFTER Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery 4 weeks ago. I developed a red, warm-to-touch, smooth rash on the entire bottom half of both of my breasts about 3... READ MORE

Is it normal to get blisters and rash after breast reduction?

I am now almost four months past my breast reduction surgery and I still am having problems. I have a rash...or at least it looks like a rash....rough... READ MORE

Red rash after Breast Reduction? (photo)

I have had a dry red rash for sometime now. I have used vasoline when it first started. At first I thought it was raw from the tape. I used paper tape... READ MORE

Will Blue Shield of California cover my breast reduction? What are their requirements?

I am currently considering a breast reduction. I am 5'9", roughly 215 pounds, wearing a 38DDD bra. In the last couple of years, I've lost 40 lbs and... READ MORE

Still have irritation. Have not put anything on because Nurse said I'm sensitive and just to keep it clean. (Photo)

I've already put Polysporin and Aquaphor.. But I'm still having itchiness and burning sensation. What other ointment can I use to help with the rash... READ MORE

I Am Having Breast Reduction Surgery. I Have a Typical Rash, Will my Surgery Take Place?

I'm having breast reduction surgery tomorrow. I have a rash typical for women with huge breasts.will my surgery still take place? READ MORE

Where to resume on my breast reduction appointments? (photos)

I am a 16 year old girl from New York, I have a size G breasts and am in my avg weight area. I have consulted with my plastic surgeon, my gyno, my... READ MORE

Petechial Rash on belly and neck 4 days post surgery. (photo)

I took 1/2 of my regular norco prescription (10/325) last night to help get to sleep. It was the only pain med I took all day. Shortly after, I... READ MORE

Should I be worried about skin rash, 8 days post op breast reduction? (Photo)

8 days post op. Yesterday I started getting an itchy rash - which is spreading & becoming worse. In some areas I see small blisters. A PS today... READ MORE

5 days post op Breast Reduction, I started getting terrible rash. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am five days post op for BR. I started getting the rash two days post op. I saw PS 3 days post op to have drains removed but he said I was still... READ MORE

Looking at my pictures, how much should I remove? (Photo)

I am 24 have 2 kids an well truely don't know my bra size because I have never had a bra that truely fit. Im just looking for a guess I know no one... READ MORE

I have very large breasts and I was told I can have reduction on NHS but got to lose weight first. I've tried everything (Photo)

Its causing me problems i gets rashes, extreme back pain,struggle everyday tasks, skin breaks and dont heal. Loses balance and falls alot. I suffer... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery? 32F, 20yo (photos)

I am looking to get a breast reduction. I suffer from constant neck and back pain, rashes, and scars from my underwire. Even though I am 20 years old,... READ MORE

Is There a Chance my I.C Won't Cover a Reduction? I'm 5"7, 38 DDD with Rashes and Pain.

I dont have really severe grooves in my shoulder because I use shea butter and I wrap my straps up. However, I do have the back pain, rashes and... READ MORE

My bra size is a 44G. I would like to know if I would be a good candidate for a breast reduction?

I have indentations in my shoulders. I also have discolorations, rashes, and broken skin underneath my breast. No matter what I try it continues. I... READ MORE

I'm Almost 4 Months Out, and my Areolas Have Rashes on Them (Few Days' Old) - Ideas? Advice?

A few months back, I was using neosporin heavily, so I gave myself contact dermatitis from over-use... but this time, the rash is ONLY on the areolas.... READ MORE

I am still too large and too heavy 5 wks after my breast reduction. What can I do? (photos)

I had breast reduction surgery 5 wks ago and I'm still too large and too heavy. I am having to wear two sports bras(very supportive ones) and the... READ MORE

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