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Will Getting a Breast Reduction Make Me Look Larger Around The Middle?

I'm 5'4 and 172 pounds. I carry most of my weight in my chest, arms, and my middle area. However, having large breasts has always given the... READ MORE

Will Taking 800grams off Each Breast Make Me Too Small? (photo)

I am 5'6", weight 200lbs Wear a size 36JJ bra. I have worn the same bra size even when I weighed 20 pounds less. My insurance has approved my... READ MORE

I'm 17 and I Want a Breast Reduction.

I am a small person, I am about 5'1 and I feel that my breasts are extremely out of proportion to my body, and it makes me uncomfortable and upset... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from DDD to C, Would This Keep Me Proportionate?

I am 5' 1/2'' (dead in the middle can't round it) and my back is constantly pressured and hurting. I weigh about 148-153. Varies on... READ MORE

Is 32HH to 32DD A Good Change For My Frame?

I'm 20 and currently a 32HH, i've been on the waiting list for an NHS breast reduction since i was 16. I thought i was getting my reduction... READ MORE

How Should I Feel About Breast Reduction? Will the Doctor Cut off More Fat from my Side, Back, and Stomach if Needed?

Im planning a breast reduction but i am a big girl also i dont want to get my breast reduced and still have a big body so what i want to know is will... READ MORE

What Would Be the Right Size for Me?

Right now i am a size H cup and i want to get a breast reduction, but i don't know what the right size for me would be.. can you help me? I am 18,... READ MORE

Will I look appropriately proportioned after surgery? 44DDD to 44D.

I am 5'5 at 247lbs. I wear a 44DDD. My reduction surgery will bring me to a 44D. Do you feel from your experiences that at 247lbs 44D would be well... READ MORE

Get a breast reduction, lift, then implants? (photo)

My breasts are a droopy DD and point outwards. They look out of proportion with my body. My idea is get a breast reduction so I have about an A with a... READ MORE

I'm confused! Please help! Have I been reduced enough? Breast reduction, almost 8 months post-op. (Photo)

I am 5'2," 120 lbs, band size 30. Post op, I was a 32F cup with dense tissue. Approximately 1 1/2 pounds were removed from both breasts, with more... READ MORE

What size should I go down to? (Photo)

I guess you guys didn't understand my question, I figured since I have had a couple pervious questions that you guys would know what I'm talking about... READ MORE

Had a reduction and could PS have taken too much out? (Photo)

Hi, I had a reduction a month ago and prior to surgery I was a 36ddd to 38dd. I am 5ft 150 lbs. Asked ps to make them proportioned to my body.... like... READ MORE

WHY is it so common for surgeons to ignore our request for SMALL breasts after reduction??

I had my breast reduction surgery 5 days ago and although I can see a big improvement already, like SO many women, I'm afraid my surgeon did not... READ MORE

My breast size is a DD. Do you think this is proportionate to my body size to go to A+ or B-?

I have had neck and back problems and my chiropractor suggested I look into getting a reduction. The insurance approved the surgery but my surgeon... READ MORE

I had breast reduction in January and I'm unhappy with the results. What are my options?

I had a breast reduction in January. I am not happy with the results. One breast is smaller than the other. On the side it looks like i have a tiny... READ MORE

38DDD/E and 5'4: What size would be proportionate to my body? (Photo)

Hello, I am 20 and have had no children. I weigh 200 pounds, and I have a bust of 47in, waist of 35in, and hips 45in. I am looking to possibly go down... READ MORE

How do I specify to my plastic surgeon how small I'd like my boobs to be?

My doctor told me she can't use cup sizes as they vary from company to company. I'm currently a 36J at Lane Bryant and specialty shops. I want to be a... READ MORE

Breast reduction on 9/11. My concern is PS won't liposuction enough. How can I make sure he doesn't leave me un-proportioned?

I'm 51 and have Medicare insurance. I want the PS to lipo enough so i dont look pregnant. He may not because of insurance. How can i make sure he... READ MORE

From a DDD to a C, at the recommendation of my surgeon. Which size would be best for me?

I am 5 ft 7in, 115-120 pounds, and I just got a consultation from a surgeon who had told me my insurance will need to remove 500 grams in order to... READ MORE

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