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How many grams are in a 32DDD? (photo)

My insurance approved a reduction for me; I am currently a 32DDD, 5"4' and 120 lbs. However, the stipulation is that the doctor will have to take 200... READ MORE

Can auxiliary breast tail be fixed and whats the down time for this procedure? (photo)

My breast were long and droopy prior to my reduction 3 weeks ago, but they were shaped regularly at the sides near my armpit upper rib area. Now I... READ MORE

What kind of breast lift/reduction procedure would be right for me? (Photo)

I am 22 yrs old & between size 32I/30J. My chest has made exercise difficult, my back hurt, and my posture is worsening due to the extra weight. I was... READ MORE

Am I able to get a breast reduction and liposuction in the same day? (photos)

I'm a 34DDD AND I would love to go down to a C cup. And I would also love to have liposuction to get a smaller waist and flatter waist(weight: 150lbs... READ MORE

Insurance and Breast Reduction With Two Consultations?

I was just wondering that if I'm going to two consultations, how will this affect the insurance will they need to send in two differrent claims? Or... READ MORE

What steps do I need to take to go through with a breast reduction?

I had already asked if I could get a breast reduction, and many doctors said that because of my syptoms with teenage macromastia or "virginal breast... READ MORE

Is it safe/normal to perform a breast reduction in a Dr. Office, not in a hospital?

I recently went for a BR consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. I specifically went to this surgeon cause she's close by & female. She's... READ MORE

I want to know what is the norm or standard when surgery goes wrong due to surgeon error?

When the outcome is not what was promised or incisions are not done equally in both sides...or during a breast reduction the amount of tissue removed... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery - Can you explain what steps happens during the procedure?

The surgery process. Do you have to be put under general anesthesia or can you be sedated? What happens after that? How long does it typically take? READ MORE

How do I get my insurance to pay for my breast reduction?

Okay I already asked a question. But I have another question about the insurance process of getting a breast reduction covered. How would I go about... READ MORE

Why am I being referred to general surgeons for my breast reduction and are patients happy with the results? (Photos)

I am 37 and have had large breast my whole life. At 38HH and recently being told all my lumbar vertebras are shortening and have bulging discs I am... READ MORE

Can I use a topical cream to numb my nipples after breast reduction surgery?

My nipples are very sensitive and although I'm happy the sensation leaves me feeling super gross and violated in front of everyone. Would it be safe... READ MORE

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