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Can my breast reduction be covered by Obama care?

Im 5'0 and 140 pounds and i wear a DDD in bra size. I have had back problems all my life and the top of back is starting to arch and ache every day. I... READ MORE

I am 18, and would like to know if I would be eligible for breast reduction paid by medicaid? (photos)

I am 18 years old, 213lbs, 5'4" with a lot of back problems. I am curious as to if you think I'd be ellidgible for a breast reduction covered by medicaid? READ MORE

Is having a pacemaker an issue/problem with getting a breast reduction? (photos)

Is having a pacemaker an issue with getting a breast reduction ? READ MORE

My breasts are still he same size after breast reduction? (photos)

I had a breast reduction 11 days ago. I told the surgeon I wanted small breasts because of back/neck problems and headaches. He removed together... READ MORE

Breast reduction? I have size F cup boobs & due to chronic shoulder problems.

I have size F cup boobs&due to chronic shoulder problems (R SC joint wired in place post osteotomy, partial r/o R first rib &partial excision of SCM... READ MORE

Reduction 1 mo ago. Have had a lot of problems since. Think I have infection but not sure. My doctor never calls back. (photo)

I was perfectly healthy 21 year old before this. Now I cry in pain every day. I have had fevers and been throwing up on and off since. I gone to the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

I am 20 years old, no kids, dont smoke, i weigh about 120-115lbs and I am 5'2" I have 32E breasts. When I was about 14 I grew from a 32b all the way... READ MORE

I've been approved for Breast Reduction surgery and suffer with Gollactorreah. Will this be a problem for my surgeon? (photo)

I've been approved for BR surgery and suffer with Gollactorreah. Having had blood tests my hormones are all normal. GP thinks it could be a side... READ MORE

Do I need a breast reduction? I am 23 yr old with a size 32G breasts.

I am 5 foot tall. My mom suggest I get one because i could have back and neck problems later on in life. She had one done around my age as well. READ MORE

Lung "cut" during breast reduction!

My doctor deflated my lung during surgery but claims it's not punctured. I have a 23 hour stay. Where the tube is inserted in lung it is painful if I... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Incision Problems! Help! (photos)

I had a BR done on Jan 10th, with the lollipop incision. Only recently have I been worried and starting to panic about the bottom part of my incision.... READ MORE

Using small vibrator on incisions.

I had breast reduction surgery 3 days ago. I find using a small vibrator over a layer of gauge, sports bra, and shirt is very soothing to the incision... READ MORE

2nd opinion for breast reduction revision.

Similar things are happening to the same breast that fell apart in the 1st surgery. How can I find a surgeon that will even consider looking at it?... READ MORE

Will this be covered under my Magna care insurance?

I am 57 years old, 4'11" , weigh about 126 pounds. I am wearing a side 36 DD bra but never covers fully. My cleavage always spills out. I have severe... READ MORE

Obese by BMI standards - am in need of a breast reduction to start more cardio - is that still a problem?

I am obese. I am 5'3" a hunch, caused by large breasts since I was 14. I have a lot of back problems and difficulty working out due to 38 I Breasts... READ MORE

Another wound is forming! BR no implants 6 months post op - 1 wound healing but another forming. (photo)

After treating the larger wound (pictured) there is another one opening up in a different site, just below (the red "dot") I am very worried it will... READ MORE

Day 5 and 6 post op breast reduction and have been vomiting after this normal?

Breast reduction of over 3000ccs? (12 lbs of breast).... Stopped pain killers..on day 2... Vomiting just started yesterday and again tonight..... READ MORE

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