Pregnancy + Breast Reduction

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Medicaid Coverage for Breast Reduction of a C and Dd Cup Breasts?

My right breast is DD and my left a C. I've struggled with this for 8 years. Doctors said they would catch up around when I turned 18 but they didn't... READ MORE

Wondering if I Should Get a Breast Reduction. I'm Pregnant but Plan to Workout After? (photo)

I am 19 years old and currently 8 months pregnant, I know pregnancy changes your body alot but it hasnt been very much for me. A year before pregnancy... READ MORE

How Soon After Breast Reduction Can One Become Pregnant?

I am scheduled for breast reduction in a few weeks. I am now considering having another child, since I am of older maternal age I do would not want to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Best Before or After a Pregnancy?

I want a breast reduction, but my biggest concern is I'm only 25 & will have a child within the next few years. Will getting a reduction &... READ MORE

Can I Get my Breast Reduction Before I Get Pregnant?

Pregnant women get their breast bigger.. if i get my breast reduction then i get pregnant.. will my breast grow back bigger again then have to do... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction Safe While Pregnant?

Should I have the surgery while I am pregnant? Just found out I am six weeks pregnant, should I still have Breast reduction surgery next week? READ MORE

Safe Pregnancy After Breast Reduction?

I'm 26 and I don't have kids yet. I would like to know, can I have a pregnancy without complications after a breast reduction? Please help. Thank you... READ MORE

If I Get A Breast Reduction, Will They Grow Back if I Were To Have Kids?

I am a 24 with a Bra cup size 36G. The breasts are heavy and frustrating. Bra shopping is always a nightmare. I don't have kids yet, I have been... READ MORE

Pregnant 2 Months After Breast Reduction

How much will the pregnancy ruin the results of my breast reduction and lift. I am concerned this will interfere with healing, make my scars wider... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from 34K to 34C?

I am a 34K and would really love to be a 34C. Is that possible? I was told that they might grow bigger again after the surgery - true? I am... READ MORE

Will Illinois Medicaid Cover Breast Reduction of G Cup Breasts?

I'm 5'1", 28 years old and have always had large breasts. My bra size right out of high school was 36DDD. That was 10 years and 2 children ago... READ MORE

How Long After a Brest Reduction Should I Wait to Get Pregnant?

My breast reduction was 2/10/11. I didn't think i wanted to have kids so soon but for some reason i want kids now well i wanted TTC in novemeber... READ MORE

Waiting to Get Pregnant After Breast Reduction Surgery?

How long should I wait to get pregnant after breast reduction surgery? READ MORE

What Can I Expect from my Breast Reduction?

I'm 17 and I have always been overweight and had a bigger chest. Well I'm already a triple D even though my waist and pants size is a 12. (I know not... READ MORE

Will Breasts Grow Back to Pre-surgery Size if I Have Children?

I'm 27, 5'8" and 150 lbs (no kids). I'm a 32G. My doctor & chiropractor have recommended reduction to help with my back problems.... READ MORE

Will Pregnancy After a Reduction Cause Breasts to Return to Original Size?

I have 1 child from which my pregnancy took me from an f cup to a j cup i am considering a reduction this year but i would like more children what are... READ MORE

Can I Have Kids After Breast Reduction?

Can I have kids after breast reduction? READ MORE

How Much Will Pregnancy Alter Results of Breast Reduction?

I was approved by insurance for Breast Reduction. I may consider another pregnancy in the future. Ultimately I know it would be wise to wait till... READ MORE

Burning In Breast 1 Year After Breast Reduction Normal?

I am one year post op from my breast reduction surgery. I experienced some shooting pain the first 6months after surgery, I assumed the pain was my... READ MORE

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