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Would A Breast Hematoma Post BR Permanently Affect The Final Result And Shape?

Six weeks ago had a breast reduction with a lift as soon as I work up in recovery I new there was something wrong with the right one when my bandages... READ MORE

Looks Like Wings Under My Arms At Drain Sites Post-Breast Reduction, Is This Permanent?

One week post op and I love the size but look like I have wings under my arms and points where the drains were. Will this go way in time? READ MORE

Permanent loss of nipple sensation after breast reduction surgery. What are the chances of getting sensitivity back?

I got breast reduction surgery almost 3 weeks ago, and one of my biggest fears was a loss of nipple sensation. The night after surgery I gave my left... READ MORE

Will Ridges Underneath Breasts Go Away After Breast Reduction?

I had BR surgery (lollipop method) on April 10 and I love the results and have had minimal discomfort. At my post-op appointment 8 days after surgery... READ MORE

Does using a permanent stitch in an areola reduction surgery increase scarring?

I'm getting an areola reduction in a couple of weeks and my doctor really wants to use a permanent stitch underneath. My concern is, will it worsen or... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 8 Months Ago and Lost Nipple Sensation in One Breast. Permanent?

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 8 Months Ago and Lost Nipple Sensation in One Breast. Permanent? READ MORE

My surgeon told me I would have permanent nipple numbness. My breast are 42H. Any suggestions? (photos)

If my plastic surgeon is talking about permanent numbness is going to perform a If nipple graft). The technique used will often times determine the... READ MORE

Are the skin folds under suture line, 1 week post op BR, normal? Are they permanent? (Photo)

1 week post op I had my bandages off but didn't get to see my new breast until I got home. Could have asked my PS if I had seen them at the... READ MORE

Can I be 'over-reduced' on purpose if that's what I want? (Photo)

The vast majority of 'after' pictures I have seen for breast reductions are still a LOT bigger than I want to be. Many women seem to request a "full... READ MORE

Am I eligible for a breast reduction? I'm 20 5'2 and I'm around a 32 J.

At age 12 I was already a C and from there my breats has been growing rapidly. Now that I'm 20 and a waitress I'm experiencing a lot of back and... READ MORE

5 weeks post op. Pain after breast reduction. Nerve damage or too much tension from internal sutures? Is this permanent? (Photo)

No drains were placed. At 2wks I had lots of tension, blisters & necrosis on 1 breast. Breast now has a painful burning sensation at the base of... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a breast reduction without using any permanent sutures?

I understand that internal sutures are needed to put all the tissue back together, and that typically permanent (polyblend or nylon or whatnot)... READ MORE

I'm 4 months post breast reduction. Will my breasts stay uneven?

It's been almost 4 months since i had my breast reduction will my breast stay uneven READ MORE

Will nipple sensation return?

I am 5 weeks post op breast reduction. Prior to the operation, I had very little nipple sensation. At this time, I have absolutely none. will it... READ MORE

Is a JP drain permanent in your breast? Are staples permanent? I would want them out

On my operative report its not clear whether or not the jp drain was left in. It says a jp drain was used on both side which was brought out through... READ MORE

i need to know if breast reduction is permanent and if so why?

Why is breast reduction permanent or can something be done to reverse it. im so desperate to get my double D back. A p.s. did a reduction and all he... READ MORE

I seen my Plastic surgeon about breast reduction and he ask if I was ok with permanent numbness in my nipples?

He will be using anchor method, anchor natural method I know there's a chance of nipple numbness I know there's a chance of nipple numbness... READ MORE

Is a Breast reduction permanent or can it be reversed?

I need to know if a breast reduction with implants is permanent and if so why can it not be reversed. i know of a new implant that can be put in and... READ MORE

Will post op breast reduction nipple hypersensitivity resolve or is it permanent?

I am 58 yrs old and had a BBR with auxillary lipo done through the surgical site on April 26. I am now 4 weeks post op. My surgeon used the anchor... READ MORE

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