Payment Plan + Breast Reduction

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Do I Have Any Options if I Don't Have the Money to Pay For Surgery?

I don't have insurance, and I am in need of a major redution. My breast are size H, and I can't. Afford to get the reduction. I weigh 190 lbs, and I... READ MORE

Could I Pay the Portion of my Breast Reduction That my Insurance Does Not Cover?

I need a breast reduction because my breasts are weighing down my shoulder's and giving me back pains but, i wanted to know if my insurance does... READ MORE

Breast reduction? I want my breasts to be as small as possible (Photo)

I'm an 18 y/o, unsure of specific bra size. 5'6" and 125 pounds. Struggle with neck, chest, back and shoulder pains. Increasing headaches. I feel self... READ MORE

Paying for breast reduction in Alberta?

If I was to pay for my breast reduction surgery, would I be able to claim it through Alberta Health-care for some, if not all, to be reimbursed. I am... READ MORE

Need to find ways to pay reduction off & will I qualify for insurance ? (photos)

Hi , I'm a nineteen year old female , I have really huge breast that causes aches and rashes . I really hate my breast , I can't fit the clothes I... READ MORE

Is It Routine to Pay for Bilateral Breast Reduction Surgery in Full Prior to Surgery?

Am considering bilateral breast reduction which insurance won't cover as I'm just below the required cc amount. Surgeon has given me an... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Payment Options?

So I am 20 years old, 5'8 and about 145 pounds. I am average sized everywhere except I have 34DD sometimes 34DDD breasts. I have wanted breast... READ MORE

Can I get help paying for a Brest reduction? (photo)

I am 22 I weigh about 250 and have size 42 H or J Brest I have bad back and neck pains and am getting beyond my breaking point. At the age of 18 I was... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Approach Doctor with Billing Issue?

I had a breast reduction at the start of December which allowed me to meet my deductable. My tissue samples were not sent to pathology until January... READ MORE

200 lbs, 5'4", 36 j/k. how much do they weigh? What would a reduction take size to? Can I get help with paying for them? (Photo)

I measure about 48 inches at my thickest part of my bust. I have noticeable dents in my shoulders and my vertebrae are pressed together and... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Get a Breast Reduction?

Im 19 years old 160 pounds and 5'3" im a 36D and my back hurts alot and shoulders, i'm always slouching bc of it! I have MA ( blue plus) from the... READ MORE

How Can I Pay for Breast Reduction if my Mom Doesnt Have the Money Have Insurance Im 14?

It gotting worse my shoulders were my bra strapes lay or black my shoulder gotten back,shoulder,neck hurt.when I be at school I have to lay... READ MORE

How much would a breast reduction and brazillian butt lift cost?

I am planning to do a breast breast are killing me .at the same time i want to do a fat tranfer to my butt i mean like a brazillian butt... READ MORE

I need financial help with a breast reduction

I have alot ! of backpain i am a e cup im 24 and have been struggling a long time i have no insurance can a plastic surgeon set me up a payment plan... READ MORE

Any Chicago plastic surgeons offer low cost or payment plan option?

I am a 27 year old mother of one with a 38k breast size . I have always been heavy chested but not until the past couple of years has it become a... READ MORE

I'm 21 & considering Breast Reduction, Butt Lift & perhaps Liposuction, where can i find doctors that do payment installments?

Hi im 21 years old , student and single so don't have children or anything. im really depressed about my physical appearance i have huge breast , ugly... READ MORE

Are there other payments plans I could go buy to get the procedure ?

I'm5'5 o weigh 138 my bra size is 36 d , I wanna go to a b cup READ MORE

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