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Is It Possible To Decrease Breast Size Post Surgery, Without Another Surgery? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 5 months ago to go from a large C to a small B. Where before my breasts were heavy and sagged, they are now a little lighter,... READ MORE

Had Breast Reduction, but Am Still the Same Size As Before. Unhappy and Disappointed, What Can I Do?

I had surgery about 5 weeks ago.Before surgery I was a 28/30 J-cup.I tried on the same size and it fit with no room to spare.Even if they are swollen... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Practically Fit in my Old Bras After BR Surgery Last Week?

I had BR surgery last week, Oct 11 and had my drains out on Oct 16. I'm still swollen and sore which I expected but I still fit into my old bras (well... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: Very Upset. 6 Weeks, Two Infections, Virtually the Same Size As Before? (photo)

I had a breast reduction six weeks ago, yet I can still fit into my old bras perfectly. I am half a cup smaller at best. Has my breast tissue grown... READ MORE

Six Months PO To See A Difference?

I had my BR on March 25th and very unhappy with my size. I was a very full DD, I am now a mid DD. I told him I wanted to be a mid C. He keeps telling... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - How Will It Be After?

I was a 36C/34D. I am 5'6 and I weigh 125pd. I asked for a breast reduction to minimize the pains I have been having on my neck/back but I did ask for... READ MORE

Breast reduction Final size?

Two weeks ago I underwent a breast reduction surgery, I was a 34DD before the surgery, I'm a small girl and my breasts were much to large for my frame... READ MORE

I had a scarless breast reduction on the 20th of december, should I be able to see a difference yet?

To minimize a breast asymmetry (left breast bigger)! My breast still hurt a bit and it is still bruised, but I feel like I can't really see much of a... READ MORE

What are the risk factors of having my breast size further reduced? I am the same size post op.

I am unhappy with my results- as Post op my breasts are no smaller. I was hoping to go from a G cup to at least a D cup. Also, my left breasts is... READ MORE

I got a breast reduction in '09. In '14 I got "corrective" surgery by same doctor (my mistake) and there is NO change. (photo)

Right breast was significantly bigger than left breast and the nipples were oddly shaped. So, in 2014 I got "corrective" surgery by the same doctor... READ MORE

Should I have another breast reduction? 3 years post-reduction, I am still in the same bras.

I had a reduction to reduce my 36DDD to a C cup. Immediately after surgery I felt they were too large. The doc said it could take a year to "settle... READ MORE

Still too large after breast reduction - exact same size before/after 32DD! Should I go in for a redo?(photos)

Hi everyone, I had breast reduction surgery 6 weeks ago. 27y, 5´4, 112 pounds, post.op bra size 32DD. Wanted a small 32B. Actual reduction weight ... READ MORE

Is it normal to not change in cup size at all after a Breast reduction?

It's been 6 weeks and I've been cleared to shop for new bras. My size did not change at all. I'm so upset. I was a 34DDD supposed to go to a B cup. My... READ MORE

Had a breast reduction and lipo done but it doesn't look like anything was removed with the lipo? (photo)

I just had a breast reduction and lateral liposuction of the sides of my breasts. However, even though the surgeon said he did lipo it doesn't look... READ MORE

Follow up: No change in size after Breast Reduction.

This is a follow up to my first question to clarify and fill in some information gaps. When I went in, and on the day of surgery the surgeon told me... READ MORE

Delayed wound healing post BR 6 months ago, no implants. (photo)

It started as a "pimple" which then popped and now it won't heal. I've had it cultured and saw an ID doc, nothing there. Now I've been instructed to... READ MORE

My breasts are the same size 6+ months after a breast reduction. Why?

In June or July of 2016 I had a breast reduction (I forgot the exact date) and it's not February if 2017 and my boobs are the same size. I went into... READ MORE

Will most insurance pay for a secondary breast reduction surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery 2 yrs ago and my breast are almost the size it was before the surgery. I am having the almost all the same problems I... READ MORE

Three months post breast reduction and see no difference. Could this still be swelling or should I go see another surgeon?

I am three months past breast reduction surgery. I started out as a large F cup and my surgeon told me I would be best at a small C cup. It's three... READ MORE

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